Veggie Bounty

collageSo thanks to the amazing watering system and the amazing grow boxes (you remember here).  This is the first year that we have really had a fantastic bounty from our garden since moving to the NW.  We were pretty selective in what we planted knowing that we would be away for a little while and didn’t want to kill off the plants.  And even though I mistakenly pulled out my pumpkin plant, mistaking it for a weed (Oopppps), everything else survived.  Our pea plants exploded and our little Mr. affectionately called them “beby peas.”  Our cucumber plant has gone nuts producing 20+ cucumbers.  And we kinda went crazy with the tomato plants, we kinda love tomatos.  It does my heart proud to see my little Mr sitting calmly on the edge of the grow box chomping down on all the cherry & grape tomatoes he picks right off the vine.  We go out and pick from the 5 different tomato plants we tried this year, eating as we go, ohhh thosecollage (2) sweet 100’s are divine, special thanks to Cedarcrest High school for that plant.  That is my favorite cherry variety and thankfully they were the only place I found that sold it, and now we are enjoying its fruits.  Amazing!  You know there is something awesome about planting something and watching it grow.  We hope to get enough off a few of the plants to make some tomato juice.  Now I know what you are thinking, why didn’t you plant zucchini?  Well the truth of that is, everyone else plants zucchini’s and they end up giving them away, so I’ll save my garden space for other things and enjoy the free zucchini that others grow, I mean I’ve given away my cucumbers so I feel like that’s a fair trade, right?  It’s been a fun summer watching our garden grow, now we’re making plans for what to try planting next year!  

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To You

This Man, My Mr.  It’s difficult to convey the depthsIMG_0329 of my feelings for him.  His spirit, his tenacity, steadfastness.  He is a jack of all trades and willing to try anything, live life to the max and take me a long for the incredible ride.  A causal t-shirt wearing, outdoorsmen, who can’t stand being indoors no matter the weather.   Though I think he finds this a fault he is sensitive, thoughtful, not what is most often used as a characteristic of manliness but to me this is the great distinction of his character as a man, what sets him apart and makes him the greatest friend and companion.  I have been the great beneficiary of his tender heart and intuitive spirit.  He brings joy, passion and zeal to our home.  He’s an incredible father, and Priesthood example, I hope our son can learn to emulate it.  He loves the Lord, and unquestionably serves him.

IMG_9826To say that I love him isn’t enough, and I know that cheesy line will embarrass him enough.  But I am grateful for him.  I am blessed that he decided to link his life to mine.  Happy Birthday Babe, you make my life complete.  I love you.

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Phantom with My Man


WP_20150507_010My Mr is amazing!  He has kept a secret for a couple months that he got us tickets to see Phantom of the opera at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.  This was the WP_20150507_007first time for me to go into this beautiful historic building.  The amazing ceiling captured our attention and entertained us as we pointed out the intricate details and pondered how this was structurally possible.  The play began and we enjoyed the memory filled music and beautiful stage design.  We would whisper, ” Oh that was a cool effect.”  we splurged and during intermission bought an overpriced Twix bar to share.  It was a great evening with  this amazing man i get to call mine. 

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A Life Back in A little Life


So a little life is a little empty as of late.  Can I just tell you that from the minute we got back from our Christmas vacation, which actually ended up being a Christmas of illness, so really no vacation.  We have been in hyperdrive.  Things haven’t stopped.  We’ve come and gone, we’ve packed and unpacked, little Mr. has grown and then grown again.  It all seems like a flash and it’s 6 months later.  Wow!  And poor little life blog has sat here waiting and thinking if it would ever get to be used again.  But I didn’t forget and I’m going to try my best to post some current and past events that I have recorded.  I know I have forgotten many, but that’s the beauty of our memories right?  Something will spark a memory and we get to remember and relive it for a second even if it’s not documented we at least lived it.  So here’s a little of our life. Me, My Mr, and my little Mr and never forgetting our sweet companion and .5 member Pax.  Who makes us an even better family by giving us that 3.5 to make us feel a little bigger!  So be prepared for a little more life back on our blog!

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A Year, doesn’t it go by in a blink


It’s been a year: one year since the birth of our amazing miracle baby.  His birth, weighing in at a huge 3lb 13oz, was miraculous and I use that word with real thought and depth of feeling.  It wasn’tWP_20131220_005 happenstance that he came to us, and the people who were part of that amazing process were surely guided by the hand of a loving thoughtful Heavenly Father.  As I look back and remember the steps along the road to his adoption, and the steps since, I know that they testify of the divinity of our loving God who watches over all.  Even in our times of loss or pain, of which there were many, even those testify of His grace.  He molded us into the people we are now to help us to truly appreciate the miracle of our Little Mr.  The past year has taught me about love: the kind that looks beyond this life and into the next.  Without this little angel that I am so lucky to call mine, I would not have had the blessing of feeling that, of experiencing that.  So while yesterday marked a year of his life, that day also signifies so much more, as it continues to remind me and stand as yet another example of my Savior’s love.  What a wonderful reminder I will have for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday, My Little Mr, you have given us such immeasurable joy.


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Christmas Card time


Its that time of year and the cards are in!  I love creating our card each year.  I’m weird and start thinking about the design and info in July, yes I know CRAZY!  If I don’t start that early, at least thinking about it, it won’t happen!  I know that an actual card can be a little old fashioned with all this email high tech’ery.  But isn’t there something nice about getting something other than adverts and bills in the mail?  Something fun and from a friend/family?  Though each card is the same each address is reviewed and thought about and each person on the list is someone our family cares for and it may be silly but it’s thoughtful in a way.  To know that someone is thinking of you want wants to share their tid-bit of life with you.  Christmas is in the air and our greeting will be on its way soon!

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December 1st 2014


It’s that time of year where we cuddle down, grab a blanket and a cup of Cocoa and watch White Christmas!  I love that show!  Bing Crosby was my favorite Christmas artist as a child and still to this day.  His voice brings back memories and smells to my mind of the season.   The deep and un-auto tuned sound of his voice is really lovely and I could listen to his version of White Christmas, with the whistle section forever, that song is Christmas to me.  Happy December lovelies, I hope your all excited for the season!  We were challenged by our home teacher to reflect on and take time to study the life and Atonement of our Savior during this season.   I really appreciated that challenge as much as we may try to have a Christ centered holiday it is often difficult with all that goes a long with the season.  So while I will enjoy my Bing, I will also make time to focus on something infinitely more important, my personal relationship with my Savior.  And this is the Season for that!

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Too Soon for Sushi

WP_20140822_16_56_20_ProWith our goal of trying to help Colin to enjoy diverse ethnic foods from a young age we took him to our favorite sushi place.  He loved to look around and watch the spinning conveyer belt.  He even nibbled/choked on bits of rice, still working on the chunky foods and swallowing.  I hope that taking him to restaurants from a young age will also teach him proper restaurant behavior, that my parents taught us.  In a recent relief society lesson about raising children the sisters from older generations commented on how unruly and misbehaved so many children are at restaurants, and how they never let their children behave that way.  It made my desire for proper restaurant behavior strengthened as I don’t want to cause other diners unpleasantness and makes it easier for everyone, Including us to enjoy the meal. So with our fun evening hopefully we are beginning some basic enjoyment and manners, and we get to eat the amazing foods we love too!

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My Seattle

rainOur lovely, cool and rainy Seattle returned over the past few days.  I was delighted!  Most people look for the sunny days in the forecast, but not me, I look for the rain!  We have had so many HOT, CRAZY HOT days as of late and it makes me crazy!  I lived in the desert for most of my life, I got my fill of hot, heat sucking days with no end.  The lovely cloud filled skies of the Northwest were created for me I think!  As a girl I would pray for rain on my birthday, I so belong here right?!  Those grey skies create the most amazing sunsets with their purple and blue hues it brightens the soul.  As the rain poured down I giggled with giddiness to My Mr.  “It’s back, It’s back!”  I cheered!  I even stepped out in it to take some photos and enjoy the cool drops as it drenched the brown lawn, it really needs the rain!  The forecast has sadly said that the incessant heat will return though in the coming days and my lonely rain with abate.   Makes me sad, I’m ready for my rain to return and the Fantastic Fall to begin.  Let’s hope the rain will return and we can enjoy the cool crisp air that is accompanied by these lovely fall days.  Rain, Rain come and stay, Seattle loves it anyway!  

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Meet the Mormons

I heard about the upcoming release of a full length feature film that our Church is releasing called “Meet the Mormons.”  I am excited after the success of the Easter release of “Because of Him” that this will also explode out to the world and show real life examples of those who live and love our faith.  Elder Bednar announced that the release will coincide with our October general conference so this is just another thing to look forward to.  I hope that seeing real life examples of members of our faith will help dispell the rumors and falsehoods that circulate about us, our leaders, and our beliefs at large.  It is an incredible time to be alive and sharing the good news about this incredible Gospel that brings me so much joy and meaning in my life.

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Hanging Around

ShoppingThis is Little Mr’s preferred method of travel!  He tired of his stroller, and carrying him on our hip is just so hindering.  But in the bjorn he is a free and happy little man, holding to the cart and seeing everything from a better vantage point.  Can’t disagree with his reasoning.  But eventually he just is going to get too heavy for this, but for now we’ll let him enjoy the view!

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Snoqualmie falls 

IMG_5619We have been wanting to get out to see this local site for the past couple years but heard the walk ways were under construction so we held off.  But with family in town we hit up the sights on a hot summers day to try and beat the heat.  It was lovely and I couldn’t help but think of myIMG_5647 beloved Yellowstone and the falls there that inspire me so much!  There was a height perspective and a lower board walk view that really gave the fall this amazing perspective with the light hitting the mist at the perfect angle to create that amazing rainbow.  Washington has rainbow even without the rain clouds.  An beautiful local sight.

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