It’s Wonderful

You know there are times in life where we forget how wonderful life is.  Well I’m tired of that.  I’m tired of not remembering how wonderful things can be.  And with this being the season of gratitude I think it is pertinent that I Photo_2016-11-10_01-28-13_PMremember and be grateful for how Wonderful my life is.  So I decided to create a reminder, as you know I tend to do, here.  I have had an open space in my family room that has been driving me bonkers!  For a OCD person like myself and a picky person, like myself, I have to find something perfect or at least the perfect idea.  I went through several different ideas and nothing felt quite right.  Finally I figured it out!  A wonderful reminder.  I designed the layout of the letters not wanting to make this your typically individual letter layout.  Nooooo, that would be far to easy, the letters needed to be overlapped, and skewed, an air of imperfection because while life is wonderful it is imperfect.  After the design was made comes the engineering to make my dream come to life, which means I put my Mr. to work.  Heaven bless this man on mine.  He has a lovely friend who has connections and that’s all I will say.  My Mr. and hisPhoto_2016-11-10_01-30-04_PM friend went about figuring out how to make this light enough to hang but still sturdy.  They are geniuses so they figured out how to hollow the letters out.  Then we carefully glued and clamped the layers together.  The rest of the prep was on me, yes you guessed it.  Painting!  As if painting this, wasn’t enough this year to swear me off of painting anything ever again, why do I do this to myself?  Anyway . . . I painted each letter, or letter sections separately, multiple times, layers and layers of paint, because I apparently love to paint.  Finally it was ready to hang, which is where My Mr and Myself really shine, we are a fantastic team!  In no time we made a plan, measured, drilled and mounted the crazy project on my empty walls pace.  Oh it looks lovely, or really WONDERFUL!  I know cheesy, deal.  My Little Mr. and I even Thanksgiving’ed it up by adding the pumpkins on some of the letters, he sure loved putting them up there :).  

PSX_20161110_130636Along with the special reminder to us as a family I can’t help but think of the religious reminder, “and they shall call Him Wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”  All in my life is wonderful due to the blessings He gives me, or that He kindly helps me to recognize.  

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Hollow House

Ok so I love to decorate for Halloween.  I don’t know why this really got started, Oh wait maybe itWP_20150928_18_43_03_Pro was because I loved how our house always had plastic pumpkin lights strung across the eves for Halloween every year, not creepy just cute orange light up pumpkins.  (Mom and Dad do you still have those?)  Anyway maybe it stems from there.  But Halloween is a challenge, you see I don’t like gore.  Nope no bloody yuckiness or haunted house chainsaws for me, NO THANK YOU.  No all that is the easy way out of Halloween, the JPEG_20161005_145055_649573338hard way to decorate for Halloween is fun, classy and family friendly.  Last year was a little more colorful, I mean how cute are those topiary pumpkins and paper lanterns, adorable!  But this year I really loved the black against the gray and blues of our house.  So on we go with the Hollow house!  I draped the porch in black cloth this year, like a back curtain being pulled back from the window.  The  wreath is a new addition I created this year thanks to some lovely black spray paint and a few cheap artificial leaves, and the crow watching over all..  Stacked black cauldrons placed in one corner, as if a busy witch has left them out for brewing. 🙂  A wide variety of pumpkins greet you, a few with smiling faces, as cut out spiders dangle in the side windows. Ooohhhhh, you scared yet, I hope not it’s really not meant to be scary so much as fun to look at.JPEG_20161005_132753_2704620

Inside the console table is filled with a fun selection of various brewing paraphernalia.  All ready to cook up something spooktacular!  I decided my chandelier needed a bit of a twist so I dangled my favorite bat garland I made several years ago from it, with some fun pom poms because they just make it so cute, right?!  JPEG_20161005_131158_-783111128The mantel has the same garlands strung about, with the addition of some spidery lace.  And my favorite addition is the Halloween silhouette village and crooked fence.  I saw a similar one of these at crate and barrel and thought “ohh how fun.”  But here is the thing, it was CARDBOARD, I live in a moist climate cardboard doesn’t last very well and warps.  Second it’s cardboard, every week I pay someone to take all my cardboard away why would I pay for it?  It’s painted cardboard for an outrageous price!JPEG_20161005_131356_-1764290485  NO THANKS!  So I went to designing my own!  I designed some cute houses and then a fence to go along with it.  The problem then became how do I make these bendable to stand up and then to store for next year?  Hmmmm, Oh hinges!  But I was still riding the cheap train and didn’t want to pay for them.  Luckily I’m married to an engineer, and he owns a 3D printer!  So we made our own, I glued them together with the best glue in the world, E6000, the glue of champions!  That stuff I fixed my dance shoes with so believe me it can take a beating!  Ohh and it turned out so great!  I love it!  Perfect for my mantle!  I had a little more village so I added some fence to a family room shelf, our PSX_20161005_165959Big Hero Six figurines fit perfectly, I love combining little Mr’s toys into decor.   The remainder on the table along with another glass cauldron, and a friendly ghost popping out for a scare!  Little Mr. calls this his ghost, and I say “yep it is.”  I don’t want him to be scared so anything scary like ghosts and skulls are all his and for some reason that makes them less scary.  Then those cute, mischievous, mice running about the floorboards are kinda a tradition in our house.  So that’s it y’all!  I am adding a few little things here and there to finish up the fun.  But I’m tuckered and ready to just enjoy having the Hollow House up for the month!

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I’m Picky or is it Particular

20160321_120841I wanted a new console table for my front room.  I searched and craiglisted, and antiqued.  I tried to find something that didn’t cost a fortune but everything I liked seemed to only have multiple dollar signs attached, more than I was willing to spend.  When I showed My Mr. an example of what I liked he took one look and said “I’ll make it.”  What?  Really?  And really he did ladies and gents he made this beautiful solid wood table.  I think the fact that he got to go to the fancy kiln dried wood store in Seattle for some reason made it worth it.  Ok it was a cool store and our son didn’t burn it down so a successful trip! 🙂  I’m really happy with it.  My Mr. was meticulous, measuring, cutting,20160718_190242 sanding, fitting, drilling, gluing, puttying and painting.  The only thing he wouldn’t do was paint the legs, I wanted them intricate, so he said I got to paint them, and I don’t blame him they were a pain!  But hey it worked out!  And I love that he made it, Oh I love it.  He’s amazing, can I gush for just a second about him and then continue to gush about my table which yeah is beautiful!  Love the handcrafted memory, it’s really incredible to create something people.

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Fireplace Redo 

WP_20150321_003So along with the many projects our lovely little cottage has given us, cabinet refinishing, fans, lights, walls, mud rooms etc.  There was a big, bright, red one in the room, the family room to be exact and it was staring us right in the face. Now don’t get me wrong I like brick, but I was a little overwhelmed by the intensity and attention this fireplace was taking. So I set about figuring how we could give our fireplace a “cheap” face lift. After researching  multiple options, and going over them with My Mr, who actually hadWP_20150324_001 strong opinions on this matter, he usually leave decor and style to me  And he really wanted to keep the texture. So here’s what I came up with!  A whitewashed look to take off the intensity and not destroy the texture the brick gives the room. Boy was it a lot of work, probably round 7 hours to do the whole thing. There was sponging the grout (which was the worst!), and painting the brick, then sponging the brick so it looked natural and not like there were paint brush lines. After the first section I stepped WP_20150329_21_27_34_Proback and thought “what did I just do to my fireplace?”  But My Mr. kept my confidence up, he would say “it looks good, I like it, keep going.”  So I kept at it!  I broke every nail on my hands, and I think I bruised my finger tips sponging all the grout, they were raw and sore even with gloves on. I finished, stepped back and finally caught the vision it only took me doing pretty much the whole thing and then seeing it in the light of day to love it. Nice texture, and softening of the bricks harsh color it really looks lovely now. Something we will enjoy for years to come. Whitewashing skill acquired!  I love the details of our home, there are things about it that make it so unique and beautiful. 

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91e57ddeea2640678dc37e6fb9386841Our new house has been wonderful but also brought some challenges as we re configure how we function with our furniture in our new place.  I had been toying with the idea of building a bench for our eating area.  The space just seemed to lend itself to one rather than chairs, glad I bought my nice ones, Awhh well.  Anyway I can still use some chairs so not a total loss.  Regardless I didn’t just want a un-comfy wooden bench and there were space constraints so I really had to figure this out!  While doing my usual craigslist searches I stumbled upon a tufted headboard.  I thought gosh I like that wish I had a place to use it.  Well two months later it hit me and the head board was still posted.  I enlisted my handy mans advice on how I might turn this headboard into a bench.  Which essentially gave him another crazy project to think about, he doesn’t have enough :).  So we thought it through and made a plan,  I talked the seller down to a quarter of her asking price I mean it had been up for a while, and they wanted it gone, right?  We brought it home and promptly destroyed it!  Yep I carefully cut the fabric back and we sawed the puppy down the middle, in essence making a back and seat for our bench.  WP_20151124_08_19_22_ProThen we added the fabric staples to secure the cut fabric, not an easy task but we made it work!  Then came the wood working for My Mr.  I of course didn’t want average legs, NO I wanted custom corbels.  I mocked up a general design and wished My Mr. luck.  He researched and diagrammed, cut and cut again, then finished sanded. And he created my corbels!  Beautiful!  A little paint and My Mr’s handy wall mounting skills (my little Mr. getting into the mix and learning from Dad), we tested and bounced to ensure it was secure.  Then over the Thanksgiving holiday tested it with 4 adults and well total Success!!!!  It is awesome!WP_20151124_08_19_15_Pro  It is Beautiful, It was made with love, I know I know cheesy but it was actually a really fun project for us to do together.  Now our wall seating is perfect and comfortable, even little Mr likes it, of course another place to climb on, how could it possibly fail.  So another project under our belt in 2015!

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Decorating for Christmas

I love decorating for ChristmasWP_20131127_001 but I have for years I haven’t be able think of what to do with my tree skirt.  I have this cheap velvet skirt that well is nice but it’s just kinda boring.  So I have kinda been on the hunt this year for something new.  You won’t believe the costs of some of the tree skirts out there!  I saw one for $900 dollars, it was beautiful but really $900 dollars, it blew my mind.  picFrame (29)Undaunted I continued my search.  I came upon these at Crate and Barrel last year, their called tree collars, which is something I never heard of before.  I really liked the clean lines, no messy fabric to gather dust and it made the tree look like it was freshly cut from the forest.  But still, the price was a little high for me.  I showed My Mr and without a second glance he said, in his heroic voice, “we can make that”.  So off we went to the local hardware store!  We found a lovely,picFrame (30) large, galvanized pail for $20.  My Mr bore a hole through the center we were set, slipped the tree through the hole and TAAA DAAHH!  It looks so nice and really like we went out and cut it and plopped it in a pail of water.  I just love looking at our tree with it’s fancy new base and I can always paint it or add some fabric to it and give it a new look, Gosh it’s just amazing!  Merry Christmas to our Tree!

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Making it Modern


IMG_6485I was lucky to have a lovely cousin who kindly donated her nursery furniture to us!  Not having to spend the money on all those items has been incredibly nice!  But me being well . . . . Me I had to put my own spin on it.  Before I knew of her kind donation I fell in  love with the new style of two tones cribs.  With the head board andPainting Station foot board being a different color then middle.  My cousins crib was a perfect candidate for my crazy updates.  Now of course I kinda convinced My Mr. to do the labor on this for me while Colin and I vacationed in Utah, yes he is an amazing man!  The natural light wood was beautiful and well taken care of, even with 3 kids use, way to go Karen.  So My Mr set about to IMG_6490learning how to properly and safely refinish the crib ends and even created his own painting station in the carport to get the job done well.  And it turned out beautiful!  To surprise me he had it done and set up when we got back from our trip and I thought he had forgotten to do it.  Now we have created something new and modern for us and our little one to enjoy.  I think it goes perfectly with his nursery which has modern hints with the Star Wars poster and the Star Wars mobile My Mr. created for Little Mr.  And the forest wallpaper which I love how relaxing it makes it, I kinda like to think of it as the moon of Endor from Star Wars but really that wasn’t my intention.  I just love mixing modern with a little outdoor touch.  The galaxy inspired sheets, and Grammy’s lovely geometric crib quilt!  Now the crib is a lovely addition to the calm and fun nursery space for our little guy!

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Thanks Plank

WP_20131107_002_Fotor_Collage3I have been wanting to use an old plank I found around the house for some fun art but hadn’t found the right idea for it yet.  So with my fall decor ideas flowing I created this fun reminder.  First using my cutter program and machine I cut the letters out.  The I placed them where I wanted them on the board.  Originally I thought I would just place the vinyl lettering onplank and be done.  But I really liked the weathered look of the plank grains so I decided to reverse it.  Laying the letters in place and then watering down my paint for a white washed look.  I peeled the lettering off and voila!  I love the natural look to it and now I will remember the plank came from our first home in Washington.  We really do have so much to give thanks for!

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Fall House

IMG_3180_Fotor_CollageI wasn’t really going to do a fall house this year, I kept thinking why deal with that when Christmas is just around the corner?  But you know the fall festive-ness just caught a hold of me and after some decor inspiration I just gave in.  I didn’t however want to decorate with a lot of orange, that’s more my accent color for Halloween.  So this year I went for YELLOW!  I love yellow it’s so warm and inviting as we head into the gray days of winter.  I also like the idea of natural elements like; itchy burlap and wood grain textures.  So now that you have an idea of what I was thinking of here is what I did.  I backed my frames with burlap and put lovely yellow wreaths hanging from each.  In the other frames is a beautiful quoteIMG_3180_Fotor_Collage2 from President Monson to help us remember the real reason for the season. (sorry guys Thanksgiving is not centered around football or soccer)  The other will a yellow simple quote “count your blessings.”  I made a wood plank with give thanks scrolled across, I’ll show you how I did this one so that I could keep some of the old wood grain showing, tomorrow.  Kept my lovely pumpkins and that was it.  A simple little fall retreat for me and My Mr. 

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Sweet October Treats

Welcome to October!  And withWP_20130925_002 it all the fun pumpkin flavored treats, I can’t wait to make our fist batch of season pumpkin seeds.  Until then I of course have been checking out the holiday sections at the store for any fun new decoration items. WP_20130925_004 These Pumpkin Spice M&M’s caught the eye of me and My Mr and well; of course we had to buy a bag and test them out.  They are pretty good!  You know those pumpkin cookies with the chocolate chips?  I think these are the same flavor except in reverse.  A fun little treat to kick off the Halloween Season!  Happy October Friends!

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New Year, New Blog Design

It was time for a little New Year Blog refresh!  Clean, crisp, and a little turquoise. (I kinda love that color right now.)  It’s a time of new beginnings where everything is possible and we are all motivated by the drive of another unknown year!  So yeah, I revamped the blog, see you tomorrow!


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Hallowed House . . . Washington Style

Here is the Halloween House!  I think I went pretty simple this year, simple touches of scary!  But I included some classics, my hear, see and speak no evil skeletons, Boo letters, mercury pumpkins & owls, and of course my crows (but I didn’t put up as many as usual), and Jars I love jars filled of stuff (thanks to Taylor and Stina for the beakers, perks to being friends with a chemist) and the silhouettes!  This year I added the green apples, kinda fun right?  Adding a little poison apple feel to it!  The word art is something new, and this fun skull print with a mustache, which I did myself!  My Mr., as I said yesterday he isn’t a huge fan of Halloween; he could take it or leave it.  But he doesn’t like skulls and creepy stuff, so this was my compromise, a funny skull!  He gave it his approval.  Lastly I finally have a place to hang this vintage-y banner my sweet sister in-law Linnell, it says Happy Hunting!  So there is our Hallow House ready for haunting season, nice to have some of the old stuff up here at our new place!  First Halloween in Washington!

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