Splish Splash


IMG_9468With My Mr. And myself not being the strongest swimmers we made the commitment that when we had kids swim lessons from a young age would be required, we don’t want pass on our water deficiencies.  So little Mr. began his first swimming lessons and some lovely photo of me in a required swim cap which I think really captures the full beauty of my noggin.   But enough with my vanity.  He learned the first rule of swimming class.  Sitting patient at the edge of the pool until mom says he can get in, he did it flawlessly!  Once in the water he was a little tentative but eventually he treated it like a massive bath tub! (which he loves)  He would even try to get me to release him to be on his own, quicklyIMG_9460 learning that it was much deeper than his tub and letting mom help him was probably for the best.  Now we are a few weeks in and little Mr is a complete pro!  He loves the water and can go under water with ease.  He’s so tough!  He’s now our little fish and I’m sure he will be wanting to continue his swimming lessons from here on, I’m going to be a very tired, and happy Mommy with my busy little Mr!

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Happy Half Birthday!

2015_cheryl and spence -4811

Little Mr. decided to make an early appearance giving him a December birthday instead of the February one he was suppose to be.  But this only makes him all the more special to me as I love parties as much as anyone!  Now as I don’t want his birthday to get lost in the hub-bub of Christmas we will be celebrating his half birthday.  And a sunny warm summer party is pretty much perfect!  I think this was his plan all along, come early and get 2 birthdays, what a smarty pants.  I love you little Mr.  We’re so glad your ours!

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It’s a Sign

WP_20150312_001As December came to a close My Mr and I felt an urgency to begin looking for a home.  We had tried to find a place close to where we currently live, we loved our ward family there.  It became evident that it was going to be impossible to stay.  So we expanded our view and looked elsewhere, or everywhere!  Then on a trip back home after ANOTHER house tour we drove through a small town that caught our attention.  We both immediately felt impressed to look in that town. Several offers made and we were constantly outbid, we were getting a little discouraged.  While our search continued I had overlooked a house due to its foreclosure  status, those tend to be messy.  But My Mr encouraged me that we should go take a a look. So on a cold February day we pulled up to “the cottage” as I call it.  We were seeing it on the day it was listed at 9 am and there were already 15 realtor cards on theWP_20150312_007 table, a sure bet that this was bound to be a war.  We decided to go for it anyway and put in our best offer.  Then the wait began as the foreclosure process is often lengthy.  But on a Friday we got the news, it was going to be ours!  More paperwork ensued over the next month, we went on our cruise to get away from the crazy we had willingly embroiled ourselves in.  When we returned from our trip all was in order and we walked into the title company to sign.  It was hard on little Mr too, playing with toys, while we signed away our lives.  And then it was done.  It amazes me that in all the homes we have ever lived our decisions are made specifically on impressions, promptings.  And with no research into the areas or people, schools or wards.  We launch head first into them, with complete faith that we will end up where we are meant to be and in this we have gained a great testimony of our Heavenly Father’s time and way for each of us.  He has and continues to lead us where we are meant to be and we have been the recipients on his loving, guiding hand.


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Modern Cuckoo


I fell in love with modern cuckoo clocks for Little Mr’s room.  I grew up with a German cuckoo clock in our house, the only down side being the annoying bird!  I’m not a fan of working cuckoo clocks because honestly I find them noisy and after the second time that cooing bird makes his appearance the charm of him popping out is OVER and I’mWP_20140910_22_23_44_Pro ready to rip it off the wall.  Which is why in my house growing up we eventually stopped the ticking all together and it just became decorative.  So a modern clock with a decorative, and entirely UNFUNCTIONAL cuckoo would work for us.  After a little research I came to the realization that they are pricy!!  And $200+ for a clock was just not in the budget.  I asked My Mr. if he thought it would be possible to make our own?  (he’s just so handy he is always up for a picFrame (16)challenge)  The lines were simple and we could probably jig saw it if needs be.  After showing My Mr some examples and his driving force being the ridiculous costs of such simple clocks he was in!  We began a cad design deciding to use a laser cutter to make the cuts more precise.   So we designed it and set about making our little clock.  In no time we had the pieces stained to enhance the natural wood and use white to accent the roof and number lines on the face.  The pendulum is made with cut acrylic as to not distract from the clock itself but in cooperating the natural wood at the bottom circle.  That really turned out lovely!   The little, happy, blue decorative bird sits quietly perched in his hole keeping a peaceful watch over our little Mr.  The perfect cuckoo clock for us, without the cuckoo!

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Sleep Training Survived 


Have you sleep trained your baby?  Well we have just recently survived this harrowing experience.  I was nervous but after all the travels of the summer and the company had headed home we knew it was time to give our little Mr. some stability and routine.  And though selfish it may seem we needed some Mr and Mrs time without having to juggle our little Mr around.  I began reading about routines and how to help my little one develop and I read about sleep training. The end result being you put your baby to bed at 8PM and he/she happily coo’s and calms themselves into slumber.  This does require a bed time routine/ritual to help them know “hey it’s time to wind down for the day.”  I read this blog from another successful survivor and was strengthened by the fact that this routine would help our little Mr and help us to get to sleep a full, dare I say it 8-12 hours depending on your baby.  I hadn’t gotten that kind of sleep in well 7 months!  The other benefit of this training is that your little one learns if they wake in the night how to sooth themselves so you aren’t needing to get up and re-rock them or sing them or walk them.  Which is really healthy I think.  With our little guy being 7 months and a sturdy healthy boy My Mr and I read up, prepped ourselves and jumped in.  

(This is something I think is essential, research.  Obviously we are a bit of a technical family I mean I am married to an engineer, and even though I am highly right brained this plan really helps curb my crazy! And give this new mom and dad a fighting chance to figure out what might work for our little guy.   Alright so there’s my little shpiel on why we are crazy parent researchers, thanks for humoring me!)   

I would like to say how grateful I was that My Mr took some time to be my rock with this and helped every step of the way, either by phone or in person in my rough moments, Thank heavens for working from home!  The first week I was biting my nails as my baby cried in the next room, my eyes fixed on our video baby monitor.  It’s hard not wanting to rush in a comfort, but I knew this was an important step.  Though painful for me!  Now a month in our little guy sleepily goes down to bed with no problems and sleeps through the night!  With the occasional wake up a couple times a week but he calms himself within a few second and back to slumber town!  Now our little Mr. goes to bed at 8PM and sleeps until 7AM!  It’s awesome!  Naps are doing pretty well too, though afternoon can be a bit harder but all around it’s amazing!

Our lives have been changed by this amazing sleep, and the little bit of quite evening time alone together.  And really above all My little Mr is getting the well needed rest his sweet little body needs to be healthy and strong, combatting any illnesses that may come his way.  Good sleep is essential to adults but even more so for little ones as there little minds are learning and developing so much during the day that they really need that time to rest.  So we survived it, and though we are still a work in progress to have the successes that we have had only makes us push forward!  So we survived and so did he!  Sleep for All in the Fowie Household!

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Another Year!

IMG_6572Celebrated My Mr.s birthday!  He asked for cheesecake, I bought him 3 different kinds, but he went with the tuxedo flavor for the sparkling candles.  Aren’t they fun!  With the Little Mr. on his lap, and a song sung we enjoyed the sparklers to the last light, Little Mr. was entranced, the stillest I have seen him in a while.  No need forIMG_6580 birthday wishes this year, he had our wish for many birthdays happily cuddling with him on his day.  A happy birthday to My Mr. an amazing man, with countless talents and an astounding ability to give.  Grateful to have you by my side this past year . . . . . . on to the next!

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Adoption Doesn’t end 



A special thanks to all who have kept us in there minds during the last few years and helped get our name out there to adopt.  We are hugely blessed to have our beautiful little boy. 

Adoption doesn’t end here!  Our little Mr. is going to need a sibling in the future and so we are still in need of your thoughts and support.  It took 4 years to find this special addition to our family.  Adoptions are at an all time low, it is getting increasingly hard to expand a family through adoption.  So your lovely references and thoughts can be a huge help to us.  Little Mr.’s incredible birthmother was referred to us by a family friend.  You may think that the agencies find adoption opportunities to create our family, but it just isn’t so anymore.  Adoptions are more often done just as ours was through referrals.  Which I really believe to be the most divine way of helping adoptive families expand.  It increases the love and helps reassure families and birth mothers that this is God’s plan for them, and your assistance can help increase that testimony.  So please don’t forget about us!  We love and appreciate all you have done, your prayers have been felt and we have shed many tears in realizing how much we are loved.  Thank you!  

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Deception Dos

picFrame (6)

Well we didn’t quite get ourpicFrame (7) crabbing fix that we went back for more.  This time with close friends the Schiels, who you may remember from this post last year.  This year was particularly poignant as it mark little Mr’s first camping trip.  It was a fantastic trip, even with the crab not being quiet as gullible as before we still made a decent haul.  But more importantly is the enjoyment of the WP_20140717_006 (2)company and the amazing ocean views.  Watching My Mr. suggest crazy log flopping to the boys and dousing us all with water in the process!  There is something so enriching here as you glide out on the water in our lovely orange canoe.  And of course a quickfotor_WP_20140717_002 pop into town for a little milkshake tradition, so lucky to get 2 of these in a short period.  The evenings spent around the fire talking, singing and yes eating!  Lovely memories that I look forward to every year.  Back to our mansion tent that Kirie referred to as the Harry Potter tent, WP_20140718_002to snuggle with little Mr and feed him by my head lamps red light, so it didn’t hurt his eyes.  I really love that shot of him and me a wonderful memory.  He was such a wonderful little camper, he seemed to be content just looking up at the tall lodge pole pines and staring in amazement at the fire!  He’s going to be a good camper just like Dad!  Before we knew it the 3 days were over and we headed home.  A bitter sweet moment as always for me.  I look forward to next year and the new memories.

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Making it Modern


IMG_6485I was lucky to have a lovely cousin who kindly donated her nursery furniture to us!  Not having to spend the money on all those items has been incredibly nice!  But me being well . . . . Me I had to put my own spin on it.  Before I knew of her kind donation I fell in  love with the new style of two tones cribs.  With the head board andPainting Station foot board being a different color then middle.  My cousins crib was a perfect candidate for my crazy updates.  Now of course I kinda convinced My Mr. to do the labor on this for me while Colin and I vacationed in Utah, yes he is an amazing man!  The natural light wood was beautiful and well taken care of, even with 3 kids use, way to go Karen.  So My Mr set about to IMG_6490learning how to properly and safely refinish the crib ends and even created his own painting station in the carport to get the job done well.  And it turned out beautiful!  To surprise me he had it done and set up when we got back from our trip and I thought he had forgotten to do it.  Now we have created something new and modern for us and our little one to enjoy.  I think it goes perfectly with his nursery which has modern hints with the Star Wars poster and the Star Wars mobile My Mr. created for Little Mr.  And the forest wallpaper which I love how relaxing it makes it, I kinda like to think of it as the moon of Endor from Star Wars but really that wasn’t my intention.  I just love mixing modern with a little outdoor touch.  The galaxy inspired sheets, and Grammy’s lovely geometric crib quilt!  Now the crib is a lovely addition to the calm and fun nursery space for our little guy!

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Finally Forever

IMG_5554 layers

It’s official and final.  With thepicFrame (5) finalization decree from the state it was official the our adoption of our little Mr. was official.  Which meant we got to go to the temple and participate in the sealing of our family.  We believe that families are forever and that they extend into the eternities.  And since little Mr. came to us in a different way other they by my giving birth to him we have the opportunity to go to our temple and be sealed as if he were born to us.  This was the final portion of this adoption and the poignant part for me that it was all complete.
Not many get this amazing opportunity to go to the Temple and be sealed again, it made the first time even more meaningful as we have continued to live in a way that allows us to have this sacred blessing with our son.  An IMG_5581experience that is beyond my scope of emotion to describe.  The long wait has been worth it in so many ways, someday I will share it in detail but for now I will be grateful enough to have this day forever in my memory.

He has felt like my son from the moment he was born, and now everything is official in Heaven and on Earth.  I’m so blessed.

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Alien Obsession

AlienLittle Mr. was gifted this fun little, cubby, antena’ed, alien by his Grandma Fowie.  And he has put it to good use, chewing and sucking contently on his antena, we names him ALF, after that 80’s TV show you remember?  He’s had to go through the wash a few times after being to lovingly gummed.

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First Flight 


Pic_c2350eb9-71f7-4c09-8228-aa0d622dabce_jpgWith a vacation on the horizon and family to see in Utah we hit to skies for our little Mr’s first flight!  We made it through the madness of security, and believe me with a baby and a dog we took a little while to pack all our stuff on the X-ray scanner.  I could see the people behind us look and our line and the other 2 and quickly move to one of those.  Luckily the line was minimal and we weren’t inconveniencing anyone.  The security people were really nice and didn’t even mind our little 3 ring circus, commenting on how cute our little boy was and our puppy.  We made it to the gate in plenty of time and boarded the plane.  Being the crazy plannerfotor_(4) (1) I am I researched all the mommy blog posts I could in regards to flying with infants and I felt prepared for the worst.  But the flight was practically empty and Little Mr’s car seat got it’s own position next to the window.  We took off to the screams of another baby seated further towards the back.  I felt so bad for them and the little one, it must we scary.  Little Mr. on the other hand sat happily on my lap gumming a toy then within 20 minutes he was out of the count and happily sleeping in his car seat.  We prepared for landing and gave him a couple of ounces of his bottle to help with the pressure in his ears (a mommy blog recommendation).  He slept through the landing, unloading, and baggage claim.  Only waking up on the ride to Grandma’s house.  So even with all my preparations our little Mr rocked his first flight!  Now we can fly with our family like a couple of PRO’s!

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