Tulip Festival Year 2


With My parent in town picFrame (2)and the weather perfect for spring we bundled up and headed north to enjoy the visual color explosions that only the Skagit Tulip festival and give!
I think they had even a few new varieties of tulips that I just fell in love with.  Someday I want at least a whole flower bed full of tulips.  My parents were in complete awe of all the varieties and
they have even been to Holland to see the fields in bloom there.  So it was nice that our little slice of Deutschland here was giving us the WP_20140423_163same enjoyment as over seas.  After a couple hours of tulip after tulip my father said he was OVERLOADED and sat down to people watch on a bench nestled in the tulip display garden.  We finished up with MY Mr. helping me to get the perfect shot by holding my bag to keep me balanced.  Then all of a sudden I realized I was becoming the spectacle with people taking photos of us.  I was embarrassed and hurried up my shots.  But regardless of that it was A totally colorful day!

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9 Years . . . . Goes by in a blink

“I know it’s a cornball thing, but love is passion.  Obsession.  Someone you can’t live without.  I say fall head over heels.  Find someone who you can love like crazy and who will love you the same way back. . . . . Because the truth is there is no sense in living your life without this.  To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well you haven’t lived a life at all.  But you have to try because if you haven’t tried you haven’t lived.” – William Perish

RRM_27989 years ago My Mr. and I were married for  all eternity.
Our lives path has been strewn with struggles and adventure.  Moments of pure joy and utter sorrow.  He can finish my sentences.  He still washes the dishes every night, folds the laundry with demon speed, and comes home from work asking how he can help.  He’s still the one that every love song sing s about.  The ever amazing handyman who makes my harebrained ideas a reality.  And who “knows the worst things about me and its ok.” (quote)  We have grown up together and learned what true love, dedication, and friendship are.
Our life together has been made up of the big things, but is defined by the small acts of everyday charity and love My Mr shows me.
I couldn’t be more grateful to celebrate the best years of my life with this man.  Truly he is My Mr.

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Coasting Through


This weekend went by in a blur!  And without detailing out every second of our truly incredible weekend I will say how grateful I am.  In this season ofIMG_3063_Fotor_Collage2 thanks I had so many moments that made me truly reflect on my blessings.  Between safety in travels, meeting inspiring people, reconnecting with family, experiencing the amazing unending love of sweet children, and so much more I can hardly believe that all this happened in one weekend.  It all seems to indescribable.
We ended it with a quick trip to the coast.  The feelings I experienced here returned!  Compiled by the fact that we had our family/dear friends came with us.  We really IMG_3063_Fotor_Collagemarveled at the amazing site.  The fog that draped everything diffused the light so perfectly that we could stand and watch the last minutes of the suns light disappear behind the clouded horizon.  The kids laughed and ran, dug and well. . . . . . got totally covered in sand, as all kids should when they go to the beach.  It was the perfect way to end our weekend, to see the miraculous wonders our Heavenly Father created.  I was left feeling renewed and with confidence that if he could create all this, then I know he has a plan for me.  A Wonderful weekend to say the least!!


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IMG_1548_Fotor_CollageOur crabbing trip was a total success and so fulfilling in pretty much every way.  I just love living near water, the access to the Puget sound and the coast is so fantastic there is something so fresh about it, I can’t seem to get enough.  Anyway we have a growing list of equipment we want to buy to better enjoy the outdoors in our new home and a canoe came to the top of the list as my love of sea food can be satiated by a couple of crab pots!  So we took to investigating and saving a up a little money.  Then came the pouring over craigslist postingsIMG_1548_Fotor_Collage3  until we found a great deal and great canoe.  Settling on our lovely vintage orange canoe, which came with everything we needed to hit the water right away, which is just what we did.  We bought our canoe from a really nice guy and then hit lake Washington for a quick test run.  We loaded the boat with our gear and the pup of course and launched.  The pup was so nervous, quickly grabbing on to my legs and hoisting himself onto a side position on my seat and lap.  We headed out to the calm lily filled bay, the early morning sun to so beautiful on the lily pads and flowers.  Ducks swam right up to the boat making Pax crazy.  We paddled out a bit further and with each stroke Pax got more and more comfortable.  Eventually he was patrolling the boat with ease front to back by himself, spending most of his time positioned at the front like the look out in the crows nest.  We glided around under IMG_1548_Fotor_Collage2the 520 bridge and arboretum area bridges paddling through some small waterways leading out to the great expanse of the lake.  It was amazing, and a upper body workout as my arms and shoulders ached the next day.  It was so worth it though!  We had a quick picnic out on the water and headed back to load up the boat.  My Mr.’s engineering skills were put to use again to create hanging storage for it in our carport, by the evening it was carefully stored away, he’s kind of amazing like that!  We can’t wait to use it in the coming weeks!

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My Mr’s River

WP_20130820_007_Fotor_CollageSo incase you missed My Mr’s posting on facebook here’s my photos of my surprise for him on his birthday.  I wanted him to walk into his office with decorations but not your average streamers.  I wanted to bring the river he loves so much to him!  So I took strips of paper.  Which I cut and cut my thumb pretty bad using the paper cutter atWP_20130815_004 work, you really have to watch your thumbs when using that giant slicer, I should have learned from my Dads loss of half his thumb but I was a little careless at points.  So with the help of a little superglue on the cut I was back to work!  Blood, sweat and a few tears from the thumb pain went into this project, literally!  Anyway I read up on the DIY’s for the mobiles, you can get multiple online.  And then sewed them together in different color sequences.  I spent the past few WP_20130820_007_Fotor_Collage2weeks learning to fold origami trout, added some eyes and speckles to complete the effect and strung up some of those to hang amongst the mobiles.  It took me a little over an hour to get it all up and spinning, thanks to the AC vent in his office.  And it looked great!  Sprinkled the remaining trout around the office and DONE!  I brought the river to My Mr.  Pretty fun birthday project! 


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To My Mr. on Your Day


I love this Man in my life and today is his birthday.  Happy Birthday My Mr!  Each year with you is a blessing.  Thanks for being an amazing man in so many ways.

I surprised him with a little office decoration, photos tomorrow as I want it to be a surprise!  Fishing and water themed!! 

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Mom and Me; for a week

 Yep, I’m a grown woman and I WP_20130727_009_Fotor_Collage2still love to get a visit from my Mom!  She came up to stay with me while Mr Mr. took off for the whiles of Alaska for a fishing trip.  We dined out at some favorite places I had to have her try, her first sushi bar was a really fun experience; she was fearless and was willing to try anything!  The a play in the park, Mom has always been a fan of Shakespeare, introducing me to it at a young age and often quoting lines from his plays to me.  WP_20130727_009_Fotor_CollageShe really wanted to see this place, that we journeyed to a few weeks ago.  She loved the photos from the ridge and wanted to see it for herself.  So we took Pax and headed for the lookout.  I worried I totally exhausted her with all the hiking but she did it with no problem and took in the amazing view from both the bottom and the top!  And of course she and Pax had to have some snuggle time.  She helpedWP_20130725_001 me with some sewing projects and just weeding the yard while I toiled away at work.  What can I say my Mother is amazing and on top of that an incredible friend.  It was a wonderful week with her round!  I was sad to drop her at the airport, with only the comfort that it wouldn’t be long before I get to see her again!

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A Little Nutty

Well the past week we had a visitor WP_20130606_002come stay with us, which made life a little crazier than usual. The little 5 month old pup is named Peanut and she is a strong willed golden retriever.  It took Pax sometime getting use to sharing his space but eventually the two came to enjoy each other and at some points just tolerate.  Pax gives a little growl and Nut Nut (as I have affectionately begun to call her) and she backs off and gives Pax a little space.  Though having 2 dog full time is a little crazy as they tend to WP_20130606_008attack me at the same time.  But all in all the puppy sitting hasn’t been bad at all.  And today we say Goodbye to Nutter Butter (yes another nick name) as her Dad is coming to get her.  Maybe I should hide her and say she ran away. . . . Umm probably not.  Sorry apparently Peanut is a little camera shy, so no face photos in this post, actually she is just hard to get a shot of! 

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Tulip Trail


(Picking the photos for this post was really hard, I might have to post again about these because they are so pretty!)

Image(61)We headed north back to Roosenguard to finish the flower tour we started last month with the daffodils for my b-day, remember here?   The tulips are really the main event for the area and the highways, smoke stacks and murals in the area are well . . . all about tulips.  We decided to avoid the crowds as best we could and headed up early, we learned that maybe it was a little too early but I’ll share our breakfast adventure with you later.  We arrived to the same sign I had my photo taken at last time only the entrance was now covered in rows and rows of tulips!  It was like a mini Holland!  I was blown away by the sheer amount to see, it was incredible; all the unique kinds.  I had no idea there were so many varieties.IMG_8430  From the tradition tulips to many variegated colors, thin tulips, tulips that were covered in ruffles and so many colors.  Tulips that looked almost dangerous with spikes all along the edges.  Even the original tulip shape had its differences being double or triple the size of a regular store bought tulip, here’s My Mr’s hand next to the blossom to give you the idea of how totally huge some of these are.IMG_8573  I couldn’t believe the colors and rows and rows of flowers.  In their display garden they had created elaborate designs created in tulips.  I fell in love with this white pink and green tulips mixer tulip.  They look beautiful closed and continue to look amazing as they unfold into a beautiful full flower.  I wanted to lay down in them they look so full the perfect bed.  It was a flower explosion and after 2 and a half hours of wandering through we had our fill of tulip absorption and were ready to call it a day.  My Mr purchased a bouquet for me of one of my favorite kinds and we headed home.  This is an amazing site to see, and the largest exporter of tulips on our continent.  Perfect way to ring in May!


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8 Years

Over the weekend My Mr and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.  Without going into all the cheesy details of our relationship just let me say that I couldn’t have picked a better partner to spend my life with.  He is my best friend and as we have gone through the twists and turns of life I have been glad to have him by my side.  I’m so grateful that he choose to spend his life with me.


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Weather Dog


Apparently our family is just so famous this week!  But I have to give Paxton credit he was on TV first.  I entered the photo above in a pet contest on the local Fox TV Station.  Now honestly I thought if we won that we might get you know a gift card or something dog care related.  I know that’s selfish but I mean who doesn’t love free stuff.  Well anyway the prize was that the winning dog would be on the news in the weather section.  I was pretty excited to get an email saying they picked Paxtons photo to share.  So even though I didn’t win anything at least my photo and my dog made it on the news!  Hopefully this will be the end of our TV careers!

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Before I Die . . . .


I was driving in downtown Bellevue Image (23)when I saw this black board saying, Before I Die . . . . . and what looked like places to write your own line!  So My Mr. and I made a date and headed down to the wall the next day to add ours.  We crossed the street grabbed a piece of chalk and I started writing.  But maybe I forgot to mention that our local KOMO 4 news crew was there at the same time and yes they interviewed both of us and asked what we wrote!  They were interviewing someone when we go there so I figured, “feeeww they won’t ask us.”  As soon as I finish writing they came up from behind and asked us what we wrote!  I was so Image (24)embarrassed and really felt flustered, but they put in on the news anyway! (video below)  My Mr. was so profound with his answer, to bad it didn’t make the segment, and his reason why his line was so important to him, ahhhh I just love him (sorry for the cheesiness).  It was a really cool interactive art piece to have in our downtown; it’s something you more expect to see in the downtown Seattle area.  For all you Bellevue dwellers out there head down and see it, it could be a really fun FHE activity!  We took some time and read the lines from other people, which were funny, inspiring and yeah odd for example;us 2 “Kiss Justin Bieber,”  “ Become a billionaire,” “Truly Happy,” “Stop War,” “Get Married,” “Swim with Elephants.”  It was really cool to see what other people wanted to do.  By that evening we were getting texts, saying that people had seen us on the news.  We checked the TV stations main page and there we were, right on the front, WHAT!!?  Not the best hair day for us with all the wind and chilly temperature that were against us that morning.   But all in all it was a pretty fun experience for us, adding our own wishes and helping to create some art for downtown.  Let’s hope we achieve them!

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