I’m Picky or is it Particular

20160321_120841I wanted a new console table for my front room.  I searched and craiglisted, and antiqued.  I tried to find something that didn’t cost a fortune but everything I liked seemed to only have multiple dollar signs attached, more than I was willing to spend.  When I showed My Mr. an example of what I liked he took one look and said “I’ll make it.”  What?  Really?  And really he did ladies and gents he made this beautiful solid wood table.  I think the fact that he got to go to the fancy kiln dried wood store in Seattle for some reason made it worth it.  Ok it was a cool store and our son didn’t burn it down so a successful trip! 🙂  I’m really happy with it.  My Mr. was meticulous, measuring, cutting,20160718_190242 sanding, fitting, drilling, gluing, puttying and painting.  The only thing he wouldn’t do was paint the legs, I wanted them intricate, so he said I got to paint them, and I don’t blame him they were a pain!  But hey it worked out!  And I love that he made it, Oh I love it.  He’s amazing, can I gush for just a second about him and then continue to gush about my table which yeah is beautiful!  Love the handcrafted memory, it’s really incredible to create something people.

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Annual Mancation

My Mr. returned from his highly anticipated MANCATION (like this one last year) with his adoptive bother Ben Carney, or maybe it’s more like Ben’s family adopted My Mr, either way he was off, leaving me home to slug out the work week, yes I was jealous!  But every man needs to have a MANCATION! (Jessica and I are thinking of instituting a Wocation, I mean it’s only fair!)
He headed to beautiful Colorado to begin the week of fun with a short backpacking trip to Goose Creek in the Lost Creek Wilderness, doesn’t that sound so mystical?  They enjoyed the great out doors, hiking, climbing, fishing and doing all things MAN!  Then it was back to Ben’s house for a slight recuperation, thanks Jessica for housing all these men, before heading out on the second half of the MANCATION.

The second half My Mr joined the rest of his adoptive family for there annual river rafting trip.  The group boarded their boats and headed down the Gunnison river for the 3 day rafting trip, which I like to think of as their “A river runs through it trip” since they are all amazing dry fly fishermen (watch the movie if you want the distinction between fishermen).  The first day Ben and My Mr. moved up stream on the Gunnison and started fishing, before they knew it they were catching brown trout left and right!  With the stone fly hatch on (check the flies out here) it was perfect conditions, My Mr said that the flies looks like humming birds they were so big (I would have had a hard time with those flying around me).  Within a few hours there arms were exhausted from the reeling and as night began to fall they headed back to the camp for some grub and well needed rest!  The rest of trip went just as smooth and though they did have to help there partner boat on a particularly hard rapid but other than that no major problems occurred!  By the end of the trip I think they were ready for a nice warm bed.  My Mr. boarded his plane and returned home to me; beard and all (I have to admit I like him with scruff, it’s hot!).   I survived without him with some help from Jessica (thanks for all the updates) and my parents (who insisted on keeping me soooo busy all week).  So it was a successful and fulfilling week for both of us, but were both glad to be back to normal!  My Mr is ready for next year, Thanks Carney’s for adopting him, and taking him along!

(photos by My Mr & Friends)

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Our Day


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Ping Pong Success


I got this for My Mr for Christmas, and I hoped that he would like it.  He opened it and thought it was cool.  It wasn’t until My Mr. took it to his office that this lovely little gift proved it’s weight in gold.  He had a blast and it gave him a needed recharge, getting away from the computer screen.  My goal was achieved and I gave My Mr. a gift he loved, oh yes, Success!

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King of My World


Most people for their birthdays prefer to celebrate by doing something relaxing, you know dinner, maybe a massage.  But not my Mr., “Oh No” He want’s to beat the crap out of himself and climb Utah county’s highest mountain.  I having done this before committed, earlier this year, to do it with him.  However with the Evil knee in retreat and having had no problems for a little while I was hesitant to provoke another attack.  So not wanting him to loose his dream of hiking this insane mountain range he got two friends to accompany him on his trek.  They began hiking at 5 AM (CRAZY) and reached the top by Noon, they made good time!  Reaching the top they were exhausted and but phoned home to share in the victory.  Then it was only logical to slide down the glacier, that way the wouldn’t have to use their exhausted legs, instead there butts would take a beating.  They made it home by 4PM ready to be nursed by waiting spouses, blisters, raw patches, and dirt & grime.  But they did it.  My Mr. laid down and I wasn’t sure he would be able to get back up.  He was completely exhausted but completely Happy!  That’s my man, Enjoying a total body beating, the best way to celebrate your birthday!

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One Year Older

Today is my Mr.’s Birthday!  We will spend it making it special and 100% his day!  Birthdays are special in our house!

Happy Birthday My Mr!


(photo by Me)

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Brown Paper Packages (you know the rest)


My Mr.’s birthday is coming up and I have been trying to prepare while he was away.  But I’ve have had problems since I am still recovering from last weekends cold.  Wrapping paper is a not exactly something the Fower’s Home is equipped with, heck it’s hard to store!  So on one of our shopping excursions we bought something that was heavily wrapped in brown paper!  (I always keep the tissue paper and packing paper from bags, I don’t know why.)  So luckily I had the brown paper and some white string, and I was all ready to go Sound of music on his presents.  I think they turned out cute and fun!  I think I might start wrapping all our gifts in brown paper while I sing;

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things!”

Cheesy, but I’m musical lover!

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(Doesn’t My Mr.. look Hot!)

Last week my Mr. abandoned me for the wild outdoors.  Going on what I call a MAN’S trip, men only doing manly things rafting, fishing, camping, and pooping in the outdoors (sorry if that’s crud but it’s true.  The Mr. was invited by The Carney Man Clan to join them on their yearly excursion.  The Mr. had a great time and caught quite a few fish; the photos just make me think of the movie A River Runs Through It, a great movie!  Fly Fishing is a true are and the most beautiful way to fish, so much more delicate than the spinner fishing.  It’s rhythmic, smooth, and gentle.  No plopping, only the occasional sound of the crank real pulling in a giant fish.  Mr.. had a wonderful time, Thank You Carney’s!

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Mr. Fowers, Nuff Said

After I was tagged on another blog to give people the DOWN LOW on the love of my life, my best friend, my one and only. . . . . My Mr. (did I use enough cliché wording in that sentence?) Forgive me for not answering all the numbered questions and allow me to give you a picture of this man who consumes my thoughts and delights me in ways unimaginable.

Our relationship was spurred on by my mother, who with all her power tried to STAY OUT OF IT, while still staying completely informed. We haunted each other for a 2 year period before succumbing to a long and lovely engagement, which culminated in April of 2005.

He is indeed to me the definition of a renaissance man. Incredibly intelligent yet humble enough he doesn’t know it. But his love for learning and striving for a better life for our family has caused many to think that he is a professional student. It goes to show that there lack of understanding for the amount of time it takes to acquire a PhD is slim to nil. But we forgive them nonetheless and push forward to our goals ahead. Though he is extremely bright he is well rounded enjoying the outdoors more than the office walls that imprison him everyday. An avid athlete and will be the first to admit he is not the best player on the team but enjoys the sweat. He is creative and often in our photo adventures he is the one to find the new angle and push me to look around and force the talent I timidly keep inside. Has a love for music and is constantly finding new artists to enjoy. Food is the next thing he brings to the table, a true Chef and puts my meager meat and potatoes to shame, adding spices and sauces to create masterful menus to masticate. One of the last gentlemen of his generation, always opening my door and surprising me with flowers or a fresh steak on any random day of the week. No, he is not perfect. Far From. But as one of my favorite quotes states, “we know the worst thing about each other and it’s ok.” And though I am sure he will not appreciate an entire entry dedicated to him I must respond to the masses, or maybe just the few who want to know. With this I give you a glimpse of Mr. Fowers, through Mrs. Fowers.

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My Mr. is Sleeping on the Couch

Well it’s not what you think; my poor hubby is Sick, Sick, Sick!  And no I didn’t give it too him, the illnesses are two very different kinds.  It’s that thing going around and My Mr has sadly caught it.   The couch sleeping is something we have to do in times of illness, not wanting to share the germs with each other all night long.  We have changed the sheets, washed pretty much every piece of fabric and quarantined the sticky to the couch for the night so the healthy one can try to maintain their health.  We don’t have the luxury of a guest bed so the couch is the only option.  Let’s hope he gets better soon, illnesses tend to bring out the grouchy sides of the patient & caregiver in our house.  But by the end of the night we are blowing kisses across the room as I walk into the bedroom and him nestling down in the couch.  Babe I love you, please get better soon!

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