Green rings

In a hiking trip My Mr. and I were enjoying nature and dodging the low lying spider webs!  We love the green moss that us do abundant in our new area.  These fun moss rings that we saw on these tree logs were a really cool sight.  I kinda wanted to take them home with me to use as decoration, but I was not going to try hauling those huge logs back down the trail.  So I satisfied myself with a few photos to share the view with you.

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All Webbed Up

Spiders are a bit of an unwelcome staple here in Washington.  I think I have killed more here in the few months we have been here than I ever killed at our old place!  I am trying to learn to except there constant presence in every single size imaginable and the many, many colors but I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m still really creeped out and can’t help but check under the bed sheets each night!  I was pruning the roses in the front yard when I caught the glimmer of this spider’s intricate web between the limbs of a bush. It was beautiful and for the first time I marveled at those creepy crawly things.  Went inside and got my camera to capture the beautiful evenings rainbow like sunset captured through the web.  Keeping a safe distance mind you!  I had never seen, or honestly wanted to see a web this size up close.  The spider sat perched in the center waiting for his next meal!  I don’t like to think about that part and I didn’t want to stick around to watch.  But it was a beautiful creation.  I decided I was fine with him keeping his web as long as he stayed out of my house.



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Wintery Weekend Away

My Mr. planned a fun weekend away this past week in the mountains!  First up was some local dining in a near by restaurant.  My Mr. and I like to sample local restaurants, which might be called whole in the wall places, but we find that they tend to have the most delicious food!  So we stopped into the little Side Track Café for some dinner!  Located in an old home in downtown Midway.  You walk in and you have 2 choices, left or right, straight you run right into a wall.  The place is run by one lady!  She takes your order, makes your order and delivers it, she does it all.  She soon told us she was Italian and so she could cook anything!  She handed us the menu and then told us what specials she had cooked up for the day that she just felt like trying.  She was great and upfront, you gotta love that!  She took our order and was off.  We sat in the empty place, 5pm is a little early for the dinner crowd, but it was nice admiring the old home with no distractions.  The deep window wells and hard wood floors added to the authenticity of the place as the smells from the kitchen got stronger and stronger.  She brought us the nachos, which were amazing; her salsa was to die for and the hand made chips were wonderful we couldn’t stop eating them!  Then our soups arrived, I got the chili which was perfect for the cold winter weather that was on it’s way.  It came with melted cheese allover the top and a dollop of sour cream!  My Mr. got the chili Verde.  Both meals were fantastic and we ate til we hurt and needed some bowls to go.

Then in was off to our hotel at the Lodge at Still Water!  We checked in and without waiting hurried to get into our swimming suits for some well-needed hot tub time.  The Hot tubs were outside and it was really fun as we got the occasional rain sprinkling from the incoming storm, it was heaven.

Morning came to fresh light snow.  And we checked out and headed to Park City for some grub!  We found ourselves a Kneaders and got a couple of yummy croissant breakfast sandwiches and hot cocoa!  Another delish food fest.  After that we did a little looking around and shopping.

Tired and happy we headed home, stopping one more time in Midway at a little local boutique that I had seen multiple times in previous drives up there.  I found this cute pair of hounds tooth slip-ons and had to have em!  Cute right!

We ended our trip driving down the beautiful winterized canyon; it was like out of a movie so lovely!  It was a perfect weekend with My Mr. A nice short getaway!

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Animal Encounters of the Yellowstone Kind

I can’t help but share our Animal pics from our trip. 

This is the second time we got the chance to see a bear in Yellowstone!  Which can be a feat.  But we just got so lucky!  It was incredible to watch him stumble through the flower field.  Honestly one of the most amazing sights of the area.  I often thing that it is the animals that attract us tourist and not just the geothermal feature (yes I just said geothermal, geeky to the core).  The bear was a rare sight and one I was stoked to get to see a second time, and this time much closer.

Not to to be without the ever present elk, but to see one, all bedded down, resting with that huge rack of felted antlers is quite another thing.  No wonder he needs a rest, my head gets tired with a headband on for a day and can you imagine lugging those things around.  His poor neck is probably really tired!  He looked to me as though he were just laying down to sunbathe on a warm summer day and work on that tan, and that this was the perfect spot.  Again I marvelled in awe at his pure awesomeness.

Then of course it wouldn’t be a trip without my favorite animal, the Buffalo.  This animal is by far my most favorite in the park, and this trip is the one time that I have seen him the fewest.  They sadly moved to cooler climates and I didn’t get a change to find them in their herds this year as I usually do.  But none the less I did get to marvel at a few of them who seemed to be happily isolated from their larger groupings.  Oh how I love these monstrous beasts. 

So it was a pretty fantastic animal viewing trip all in all and yes, I can’t wait til next time!

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We have just returned from one of our most favorite places in the world!  My Mr and I are already figuring out when we can go back!  Sadly it is over and we are heading back to reality!  But we had a great time with family and friends.


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Sping is here . . . . At least by the calendar

Yesterday was the official

First Day of Spring!

Though the chilly weather we have been experiencing doesn’t exactly say Spring, I have hope that we will get through this week and get back to the warmer temps we had been having a week ago.  Here are the little signs that continue to sprout regardless of this non-springy weather, they are some of my favorite flowers!  So here’s to the first day of Spring, and a Monday to go along with it!

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Sprouting Spring

The signs of Spring and popping up and I say about time!  I can’t wait to have warmer weather and longer days.  Day light saving is scheduled for March 13 and we are officially 19 day’s away from the first official day of spring, March 1st being the Meteorological 1st day of Spring.  On way or another when March 1st appears to me it’s a sign of spring, though were sure to get at least a few snow flurries in the week to come.  None the less I’m going to hold on to all these small signs and get through the cold days in hopes of some warmer ones on the way!

Oh and Edgar Update, he reappeared today to torment the building for a couple hours yesterday before giving up the fight.  Hopefully he will give it up all together!  Read about my experience with Edgar here.

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Laser Pointer Play

I thought it was only cat’s that got into the whole laser pointer thing.  Well we found out otherwise.  This little clip of our puppy Paxton and his lady friend Reagan proves that dogs are crazy for the pointers too.  And yes this is in real time I didn’t speed it up at all, their just that CRAZY fast!  Enjoy a piece of the madness!

The song was selected for Ben.

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Labor Day Long Weekend

What a weekend we had, I loved every minute of it.  This is just a small taste of all the fun we had, I could have stayed in Denver with the Carney’s forever, I have to say I miss them already.  We left and on our way out we thought, so when are we coming back?  Thanks Carney’s for a great weekend away!

Full update of the fun tomorrow!

photo by: me

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Reflections on Last Labor Day

What a great day!

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Week in the Wilderness

My return to Mia Shalom was wondrous, and with no accidents, Yes, Whitney I’m talking to you and the loss of your front tooth! It was magnificent and left me with the same fond memories from my girlhood!  The week away in the wood, surrounded by a dozen hormone driven, emotional, FANTASTIC GIRLS was and eye opening experience.  Having not had the experience of any female siblings I was a bit worried that I may not survive.  To my total and complete surprise it was great!  No fights, no mean words, no critical accusations.  We became a sisterhood, bonded together in our love for the Gospel and Our Savior.

We excelled in all our areas, even with our small group, and in the final water races & relay (leaders included) we toasted the competition, place in every heat if not winning it, Yes Ms. Legas and I took out the leaders heat competition no questions asked!  It was truly amazing to be away and had I not missed My Mr. and a hot shower I probably could have stayed another week or two.  We returned to reality with our spirits renewed and new friendships acquired.  And yes I find myself wishing I was back there!  Thanks Mia Shalom for letting me relive my youth!

Photos by; Me & Michelle I.

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Wedded Weekend

I spent part of my weekend with this lovely couple who are getting ready to be wedded!  We had a fun time with balloons, couches, long boards and burgers, ok not really but a milk shake or two.  We chased the last bits of sun and then said farewell to the weekend.  Girls camp photos tomorrow!

Be sure to check out the The Post below, it will give you a great laugh!

Photos by; Me

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