Glass Sky’s

WP_20130626_005I love the glass ceiling of one of the buildings I work in.  The view of the sky that it gives is fantastic.  I have seen it with clear blue skies, cloudy, rain filled and partly as the clouds come in and out.  Clouds are my favorite weather feature as they enhance a scene so much by creating dimension in the sky  It is an amazing display piece of nature and with the weather here being a little on the unpredictable side this is a perfect way to see the displays of nature while being protecting from their sudden outbursts.  Another day as the rain pounded down the ceiling became our own private water show as it hit and then and ran down the pains of glass creating a dancing, colorful effect!  I can’t help but marvel at this incredible architecture design, a perfect fit for Washington.  It’s become my favorite place to retreat to while I take my breaks.

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It’s Magnetic

IMG_6232Over the Christmas break I was talking to a friend and she mentioned that her mother in law had magnetic measuring spoons.  This was a revelation to me!  I hate how my measuring spoons are always making a mess in my drawers, even with the little ring thing which is just another item to have to keep track of!  My quest began and I hopped online to investigate. With a few differentIMG_6228 options I settled on these!  With the magnet in the middle and the varying spoon shapes on each end; one with the traditional circle and the other with oval.  We have now used them for a couple weeks and have not been disappointed.  They stay together really well and could be stuck to the side of any metal surface for storage if you prefer that.  Best of all  No more scattered measuring spoons.  The neat freak in me is rejoicing!

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Sunny D’s


I saw these at the store and these being one of my favorite flowers, and hard to get except for this time of year I treated myself to a little bouquet.  Also interesting tidbit I learn today that Puyallup, WA is a large exporter of daffodils and we can get them here locally in abundance because they are grown just a few miles south.  The soil in the area is great for growing the bulbs due the glacial soil.  Yep, I actually knew that from reading a 7th graders social studies book!  I’m getting more Washington State history education in Nannying than I expected.  But back to the flowers, they sure brightened my day!

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Sometime Surprises

On Friday My Mr walked into the house after a long day at work, and an exceptionally trying one, with a bouquet of yellow tulips.  I happened to stop by one of those fancy cupcake places and get 4 delish cupcakes to have for dessert.  (sorry no photo those were devoured before I even thought to shoot them!)  You know it’s nice to know that even after you have been married for a little while that sometimes you both have ESP for what the other person needs, a little love on a tough day.  It’s nice that we can still surprise each other.

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Washington un-Offical State Bird

So the actual state bird is actually this lovely bird.  But if you were to come to Washington and look around your going to think that the Crow is the state bird.  These things are everywhere!  Here they are they adorning the temple grounds.  They seem to come in packs.  Like the seagull is to Utah the Crow is to Washington, though I’m not sure if these feathered rats, as I have heard them called here, ever leave.  I don’t tend to think they migrate so they are probably a contant fixture of the landscape.

Did you all get to watch General Conference this weekend, I’m filling completely rejuvenated and more motivated to give all that I have to the Gospel and my Savior.  Here’s to another 6 months to see if I can improve!  If you missed any, or just want a reminder you can see if all here.

Last side note, my Halloween house is finally up!  Found some one new idea I had to do this year!  Photos to come soon, if I ever can get a good time to take some!

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Guilty Sweet Treat

Ok guys I have been indulging my sweet tooth this summer an ice cream treat.  This S’mores ice cream is oh my goodness good, with swirls of caramelized graham cracker swilled throughout.  With chocolate chips and of course ice cream.  Now for those who aren’t marshmallow fans don’t let this detract you.  The ice cream is lightly flavored with marshmallow but it’s a more vanilla’ish than marshmellow.  So if you want to try something new, this little treat is a new favorite of mine!

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Quick (side) Trip

While down in the area for the Cousin-Cation we couldn’t help staying away.  We made a quick day trip to Yellowstone.  Above we are getting a traditional photo of us at the Tetons!  (it was really windy!)  We hit Good Ole’ Faithful and then headed out to my favorite spot, You can see more photos another post about it here.  This is one of my favorite places in the world, The Grand Prismatic Spring.   The colors of this place and the sheer amazement of the size I don’t know it’s literally spectacular to me.  I love it from every angle and I have seen it from most, though I have yet to see it from the sky wish list I guess!  We went out on a particularly windy day, with the warm almost suffocating steam catching the air and warming us, and then a quick change of the wind and it was chilly again.  My Mr turned and asked “So is this what menopause feels like?” I laughed and said “how am I suppose to know?!”  I shot some video of the steam blowing off the gigantic spring, to give you an idea of what I am talking about, it was incredible how it clouded our vision.  It was so cool!  I took some black and white shots from a new angle, the seam and clouds on that day were perfect!  2 of the things I love most about Yellowstone, warm (smelly) steam, and clouds!  Back on the road and I worried that due to the time of year we had missed all the wildlife, since they tend to be out more in the spring early summer.  I was particularly concerned that I wouldn’t see any bison, they’re my favorite.  But just as we were reaching the edge of the park one literally crossed our path and I got to see it up close, and snap a few shots.  For a little mini trip is was great and gave me my Yellowstone fix for the year.

(turn down you audio, the wind is really noisy!)

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Green rings

In a hiking trip My Mr. and I were enjoying nature and dodging the low lying spider webs!  We love the green moss that us do abundant in our new area.  These fun moss rings that we saw on these tree logs were a really cool sight.  I kinda wanted to take them home with me to use as decoration, but I was not going to try hauling those huge logs back down the trail.  So I satisfied myself with a few photos to share the view with you.

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Comedians in Cars . . . Oh I forgot about the Coffee part

Check this out Jerry Seinfeld is up to it again.  He got comedians to go on a ride with him to get coffee or food and he tapes it so it’s called, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  I mean these comedians are just naturally funny, so these every day conversations are hilarious just in their general banter.  So far only 3 or 4 episodes have been taped and I think it’s some of the funniest, most random car conversations ever.  I loved the episode with Ricky Gervais, so funny!  But there is one with Brian Regan for all you Regan fans  Check em’ out here for a good laugh! 


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New Favorite

Ok guys I had to share my new favorite snack and it came as a lucky surprise.  I was shopping down the snack aisle and I wanted to get some some thing chocolaty but not candy.  Getting to the end of the aisle I stumbled upon these lovely puffed rice cakes with chocolaty chunks!  I hadn’t had rice cakes in a long time, I mean I think since middle school, and I kinda remembered them to be a little . . . well . . . bland.  But I was willing to try it and get my chocolate fix.  These little lovelies are great and perfect for a little quick snack.  I had to share this little recommendation with all of you!

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Seafaring 4th

This 4th was a little bit different for 4th past, see one here, Ok REALLY different!  With the low tides the naturalist were out to help educated people at the local beaches of all the amazing sea life that was uncovered with the tides receding.  We got geared up to get out in the water, were still a little wimpy with the weather here, even a warm day still requires a jacket.  But to my surprise lots of people were wearing jackets and warm clothing while enjoying the beach!  My Mr had some lovely waders that make it possible for him to even kneel down to take some shots of the sea life.  I had my trusty Target rain boots, which did the trick perfectly!  There were so many fun things to see, at least for us inland folk who live miles and miles and miles away from any ocean views. Sea Stars, anemones that would suck water in and randomly spit it back out on you, barnacles and shells!  I got quite a collection of HUGE oyster shells.  I found 2 crab shells that were so cool, but sadly one was already inhabited by a tenant, so I returned him to his watery home.  Took some time to talk to the naturalists who shared interesting info on the sea life.   Then we dried off on the sunny beach, taking a seat on the large logs of drift wood, dining on grapes and crackers.  Then it was home for the traditional Barbecue, OK maybe not so traditional . . . .

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Gone to the Dogs

Everyone and their dog.  And by that I mean it literally a lot of people have dogs.  (exception is all the people we are friends with here none of them have dogs, odd huh?)  Just walking around the neighborhood during the day is a whole parade of Dogs, lots of people have dogs and lots of stores cater to that.  So with all the dog owners here having locations for our lovely little pups to get together is kind of essential!  Here comes the dog parks!  Washington has an abundance of local dog parks for the pups to enjoy.  We took Pax to a local Robinswood Dog park and boy was it nuts.  There were seven other dogs there in the expansive fenced in area.  They sniffed and played and sniffed and played, and drank and sniffed and you get the idea.  All the owners sit and chat about breads and products we all like for our dogs, it’s a fun social outlet!  The video below shows some of the madness!  There are a bunch of totally chewed on tennis balls about and Pax couldn’t help but go after a couple.  Word of warning to the big dog who tried to go after his ball, he growled at him!  Pax is a little territorial but were working on that, it’s why you go to a dog park!  Getting Pax use to playing with other dogs is important especially with all the dogs around.  These dog parks are just great!

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