Jubilee for Me

This week a stumbled upon my new favorite store!  World Market!  They have all this crazy stuff from home goods and furniture to foreign foods and stationary.  It’s a really eclectic store and so fun to get lost in!  Anyway while wandering around the store I found a whole section dedicated to our friends across the pond.  Including my favorite cookie, Milk Chocolate Digestives!  Oh I’m a little ashamed to admit I already ate the whole roll, and it was so good!  This was all in celebration for the Queens Jubilee as you all know and they even had a solar powered Queen that you could buy and when the light hit her she would wave!  I restrained myself and didn’t get her, but believe me I was tempted!  Oh and the coffee mug for the celebration for the Jubilee with matching napkins.  Then I spotted these fun little wind up figures titled “Racing Royals” with what looks to be Her Majesty and Prince Phillip with Charles and Camilla also included.  I got a giggle out of those and again refrained from buying them.  Now I am completely content knowing I can get some of my favorite English treats just down the street!

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Gardening Guru

I got the gardening bug when we got here I worked my poor Mr into the ground!!  We weeded the whole front yard which filled a garbage can and a half of weeds, thanks to our nice neighbors they let us use their yard waste garbage can! And boy did we fill it!  Then it was on to the backyard the pavers on the side if the house were simply set on the ground and loose so My Mr and I got a crash course in setting pavers and I’d say we rocked it it looks so great!  I became the care taker of e lovely clematis plants. My Mother & Grandmother have some of these plants so I was well aware of what these plants needed!  I added extra wiring to give it a place to grow to and now they are flourishing!  Can’t wait to see it bloom! Along with the clematis I got a slew of rose bushes!  25 to be exact, in various colors!  Rose bushes were my Grandma Harmans favorite, she had so many at her last house that I could go over and pick 6 different colors, these lovely roses remind me so much of her and my mom!  Nice to have something so lovely to remember them by!    They are beautiful and thankfully my Mother is a rose garden genius and has helped me to learn how to maintain them!  So with the yard well on it’s way to being repaired we got our little whiskey barrel garden planted.  This is my first time planting like this so I’m excited to see how it does.  I’m loving our little outdoor space and so is the puppy when he’s not busy freezing!

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Moving Tunes

So in our moving transition my Mr needed some tunes to get us through the unpacking and setting up of house.  Fun. Has provided that needed perfectly!  With the deput of radio phenom “We Are Young” we were interested.  Then the rest of the album made us total fans.  With other favorite tracks like; “Some Nights”, “Why am I the One”, and “All Alone.”  This bands use of rhythms and autotune makes for some really neat tracks and things that both My. Mr and I listen to repeatedly.  Pretty profound stuff with full verses and chorus’s and not just a constant repeat of the same words over and over. Speaking of profound My Man Mayer is back! (Read the post here for story behind this)  Yes the man I fell in love with in high school has returned to his roots and his new song “Shadow Days” is perfect from start to finish.  Showcasing what Mr Mayer is the best at!  The vocals are perfect and the guitar; Oh yes, yes he’s back.  Listening to this album I thought “ok grown up from running down the hall of your high school;” yes but the soul is still there with lyrics like “did you know that you could be wrong and swear your right” and “it sucks to be honest, but it hurts to be real.”  I could see myself situated on a blanket at Deer Valley Resort rocking out to my first Mayer concert listening to him!  Perfect return Mr. Mayer, hopefully he come to Seattle, he is a must see.

Thanks to these to artists I have made it through the move!

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Avengers in Review

I saw this movie this weekend and honestly I went into it thinking; Too Many super Hero’s, too many story lines, too much action.  But My Mr wanted to go and the tickets were free so what did I have to loose that a couple hours of my life.  To my total surprise this was a great movie, they seemed to interject the perfect amount of comedy to the intense scenes that you didn’t feel like you were sitting though an action-dramadie, like fantastic four for example.  This movie was fun and creative and had a perfect mixing of all crucial movie elements.  And even with all the Heros it really worked!  I was surprised, and we even stayed for the after the credit scene, which hints to a sequel, so be sure if you see this movie you will stay to the end.  So there is my little movie in review.

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Hunger Party

So with my birthday’ness behind me with the weekend I have to share a fun party that my office had for me.  I came into work to find my office decorated with Hunger Games signs , quotes,  even arrows scattered about the walls!  This probably has to do with the fact that I have been talking about these books and movie a little bit, or a lot!  Since I waited it out a week to see this movie on my birthday this was perfect!  There were fun treats all inspired by the books; Cupcakes made to look like the flaming embers, sugar cookies like Peeta’s Dad made, wild berry cobbler for those revolution starting berries, and sweet loaf bread because well duh!  How awesome is all that!!  I loved it and so well thought out what sweet love I got my my work family!

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Today is My Friday

Here is the wallpaper for my lock screen on my phone today!

Click on the image or here to get your own.


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Daffodil Spring

My Mr. and I recently returned from a week long holiday, updates on all that later.  We left our mountain home in frigid conditions, recent snow fall and freezing temperatures.  So after spending some time in a much warmer climate we were really unsure what we might be returning too.  To our happy surprise the weather seemed to have warmed up during our absence and as I arrived at my parents home to pick up my puppy I was greeted by this lovely daffodil in the flowerbed.  To me these are the flowers of my birth, I always have hope that they will emerge during the month of my birthday and here they are a few weeks early!  Perfect timing, it actually feels like spring is on the way!

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I’ve been pinterested people!  Not that my blog is super crafty, that is kind exhausting to document, and I simply just forget to take photos when I work on things.  But recently while pinterest’ing I saw that my little blog got pinned, check this post for it.  Not for anything really cool but for my organization, which really is an honor.

So I would like to begin my speech by thanking my Mom, who is a bit of a pack rat thanks to her Dad and really inspired the neat freak in me.   I would like to thank My Mr. who always encourages me to organize things in our house even though he can never find anything because I organized it.  My puppy who makes my need to organize essential because HE GET’S INTO EVERYTHING.  And my house for not bursting at the seems with all the plastic bins I buy!  Lastly to Bow Nan who pinned my page, this was all because of you!!

I think I have been watching way too many award shows.

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Scout Season

Here is my first Samoas this season!  Oh these delish little cookies are going to be my undoing, I can’t stop eating them!  Just a hint if you want girl scout cookies year round you can put these babies in the freezer and ration them through out the year, they freeze really well!  Hope your finding your local girl scout and getting some cookies!  Find yours here.

Happy March Guys!!  I love this month!

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Favorites From the Bowl

Here are a few of my  favorite Super Bowl commercials below, so creative!

Taking advantage of the Vampire craze, Smart!

If you want to see more check out the Ad Zone here at Hulu.

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More Hunger!

Ok , yes it’s embarrassing that I’m a little obsessed (or a lot) with this coming movie, but I can’t help it!  (check out the fancy countdown here as well as some other games and info)

Below are the seals of a sew of my favorite districts; you can see them all here.

Oh and in case the first trailer isn’t enough, it wasn’t for me, here is the second one!   A few more clips and sections, they are being really good not to show anything during the game though, crafty producers, keep us wanting more!!  It’s still more than a month away but I can hardly stand it.

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Puppy Bowl VIII

Ok so we all know about the SUPER BOWL this Sunday but do you all know about the Puppy Bowl going on during that time as well?!   This show is on Animal Planet and it’s got the cutest doges ever on it and best of all they are all up for adoption!!  Now we are rescue family, and adopting our puppy from our local shelter really made us passionate to get people to go out and look for those sweet dogs who are in need of good homes.  The Puppy Bowl is to help bring awareness of all the cute dogs (and cats) that are available at your local shelters.  When you adopt a dog from the shelter you not only save them but you save another dog as they have more space to help take in another one.  So if you looking into getting a dog, check these places out and I tell you they offer some great benefits for rescue families along with getting to add that loving animal to your family!  So check it out, it’s at least worth a laugh or two as these puppies play around!

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