Fair People

5We aren’t the kind of people who typically go to fairs, I mean after watching the old movie “State Fair” growing up I figured people might be singing “it’s a grand night for singing the stars are bright above.”  Not one person, yep not one.  I mean that’s kinda disappointing after you watch that show :).  But that aside we thought it still would be pretty fun to take little Mr. to see all the animals and have a little treat!  We saw fowls of all kinds; these amazing pheasants were full of color, and since I love to3 wear color these were the birds for me.  Then we checked out the bunnies, a sweet little gal even opened up her cage and let little Mr. pet her hare. He had the longest ears I’d ever seen. (sorry no photos I just wanted to make sure that little Mr didn’t love the bunny too much.)  Then we went and saw cows, and sheep, sweet little piggies only 7 days old, so sweet.  I can now do a very realistic sheep baaaa, My Mr. was really impressed by my impression.  Ahh that’s love, if you can still love your wife after about 5+ minutes of her baaing like a sheep and complimenting her on it, you know this is the real deal ladies and gents.  Anyway I’m sure the skill will come in handy one 2day.  

Oh on to these goats I just fell for.  I call them bunny goats (Nubian Goats) because they have long bunny like ears, one even let me pet him, he kept eyeing me over the rail and I just had to give him a love.  I’m a sucker for animals, yes this video sent me into fits of desire to hug a cow, My Mr. says, having grown up with cows, that they are not real huggers.  But this gosh it looks so lovely!  Speaking of cows we then we went over and had our first ever purple cow.  And what luck the bell chimed and the lovely gentlemen with the cow, comfortably on his head announced that our purple cow (grape soda and huckleberry ice cream) was on the house!  What luck!  We4 had to take a photo with him.  Little Mr. indulged in an ice cream cone, face first!  He loved it and I loved cleaning him up after :(.   We popped into a few more places, there was soooo much to do and see we couldn’t get to it all before we had to head home.  Something to look forward too for next year!  Hmmmm, maybe we are fair people!  So I leave you with another lyric from one of my favorite “state fair” songs.  I love old movies;

1“I’m as restless as a willow in a windstorm. I’m as jumpy as a puppet on a string.  I’d say that I have spring fever, but I know it isn’t spring.  I’m starry eyed and vaguely discontented like a nightingale without a song to sing.  Oh why should I have spring fever, when it isn’t even spring.”

Watch it for a fun, old fashioned time.

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Collage_FotorNow many a folk has asked us if we had been to the legendary, and majestic Mt. Rainer, just an easy 2 hours south.  To this we would in shame reply  “no, not yet.”  Well with the summer drawing quickly to an end we made plans with the Cline Crew to visit this craggy site.IMG_3560  We loved the back roads trip south from our home town.  It was like we were creeping up on the mountain from behind (though I’m not sure if this place has a front or a back per say, any Rainer regulars that can correct me on this?).  But we made our 20160826_103619way winding through the small towns that border this incredible site.  We caught a quick distance glimpse through a farmer’s field and the excitement intensified.  It disappeared behind it’s forerunner hill sides, staying out of sight.  We shot through its forest fully engulfed in the tree lugeCollage-17 created by the surrounding forests.  Then as we climbed the mountain side there it was, shooting out from between the trees.  I was in awe and stopped to take a rare selfie, yep just me, I’m the shooter not the subject.  A quick stop turned into a fun meeting of another adoptive family whose children were grown.  It’s such a blessing to IMG_3686commiserate with these people, and I really appreciated their insights and recommendations andIMG_3676 support, what am amazing community we are a part of.  Then in was off to meet with the rest of the crew and set up a little camp.  Our first stop was ‘Groove of the Ancients.”  This gave us an up close view of some of the oldest and largest trees in the area.  It was amazing to see the roots and trunks of these massive trees.  The littles sat inside the roots of a fallen giant, and there was even plenty of room for us adults to join them.  We moved along the board walk path, to show the sheer height and size of these behemoths, the littles struck a pose at the base, giving some Collage_Fotor 1perspective on the enormity   A trip across a fun bridge only added to the adventure, with the promise of a quick dip in the creek below, which turned into a full scale swim for little Mr.  We traipse around the trees taking in the sheer size of these literal giants.  Then back to camp for relaxed fun and some tradition fire cooked hot dogs , and you know SMORES were a must.  Bedtime eventually came, only after a few hours of adult chat time, which is always apart of our get togethers.

Next we headed up the mountain to Paradise Inn,Collage_Fotor4 taking our time and enjoying the many pull offs to different sights of the scenic views.  The second day the mountain was engulfed in cloud cover, hiding its summit but still revealing the skirted crags making the base, it was a beautiful perspective, shrouded in mystery.  The visitor center at Paradise was fun, and we had to say our goodbyes and head back down, taking a few of the fun tunnels that little Mr. loves so much.  I kept thinking of this talk as we looked to the light at each tunnel’s end.  We stopped in the little town of Greenwater for a couple ice cream cones just to enjoy on the rest of the trip home, MMmmmmm, so yummy!  It was a quick trip and most certainly not our last, that place has so many amazing locations to explore, the boys are already making “MANCATION” plans. I’m sure we will be returning there for years to come!


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Balloon Festival

20160701_070642 copy

Collage_FotorI really love Provo UT for the 4th of July.  They have so many family friendly activities with that down home feel.  One of these such events is the balloon festival which spans over a few days but that’s mostly because a) there are so many balloons that enter to they need multiple days, b) you never know with wind if there will be a cancellation or delay.  Not wanting to risk to or fight the crowds on the 4th we went the Friday before this year.  I wanted to take little Mr. to experience this at a young age and he is fascinated with all things balloons, rubber fabric, whatever form.  What is particularly fun is thatIMG_1003 copy they lay out all kinds of different balloons and were talking like 20+ in one morning.  You get to see the whole process of that balloons rise right up 20160701_064942 copyclose.  You can go right up through them touching the fabric as it gets larger
and larger.  It’s like a maze of balloons rising on all sides of you!  Watching the large fans the blow so rapidly and hard that they are filled to capacity in no time flat.  I don’t know am I the only one that finds this whole process fascinating?  And then if all that wasn’t cool enough those things actually lift off the ground, ICollage_Fotor3 mean come on it is incredible!  No I don’t really have a desire to go up in one, but I think they are so beautiful rising in the air with all the colors swirling.  Growing up in Utah Valley we saw balloons all the time as it isCollage_Fotor2 apparently a great location to fly.  We would often see them land in the park across the street from our home.  I think this all contributes to my love of this fun fourth of July activity.  Watching My little Mr’s excitement at they filled them was so fun and then it only increased as they took off one by one in rapid succession.  We had to cheer “Wahoooo!”  As they rose in the sky preparing to compete in the various activities we laid down and watched.  Another lovely memory, you know those are my favorite things to collect and having them with this precious little boy and My Mr. fills me with joy.  Ok sorry for the cheese, I amCollage_Fotor5 just so grateful.  Hope you like the rainbow of color in these photos, I just couldn’t stop snapping.  I love color so much that I think I was overwhelmed and lost control.  And so here I am throwing all my colorful balloon photos up all over you!  Lovely description I know, so enjoy lovelies!


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Wickedly Good Night

WP_20150709_22_20_23_Pro 1I have to take a moment and relive last summer when WICKED came to Seattle.  My Mr. bought us tickets and surprised me.  I am an avid fan of the music from this show.  I have been known to lipsync specific number for friends (you know who you are).  Anyway I was so excited to go and finally see the play that goes along with the show and how they make the story working instead of me trying to imagine how I would do it. My Mr. got us a few treats to share and we joined the throngs of people.  More than the show which was great,WP_20150709_21_02_51_Pro for me it was practically a sing-a-long.  I knew all the words and even amazing my Mr, no I wasn’t the annoying neighbor who sang the whole time but I lightly mouthed most of it, I can’t help it.  You just have to sing a long right.  Oh what a fun memory with me and my man!

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We got to plant in our grow boxes this year!  We were20160311_124008 so excited.  My Mr. got them tilled and ready.  Then he and my little Mr get to planting.  It’s  little trial and error here in Washington for us as we didn’t grow up in the climate to know what to grow and how to take care of it so it does actually grow.  So whats on the docket this year?  Sweet peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and pumpkins.  Little Mr. was actually really good to help put the seeds in the ground, not always in the hole mind you but luckily his mentor Daddy was there to help.  I love garden season regardless of the insane amount of work the fruits are so worth it!

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A__0B0DIt’s the season ladies and gents!  I look forward to this every year.  We kick it off with strawberries in June.  This was little Mr.s first time, and as an avid lover of all things strawberry, and yes he did break into the fridge after some and the outcome was notPhototasticCollage-2016-07-18-15-31-33 pretty.  This was going to be exciting!  He watched us, the wheels turning, as we picked
and put them in the bucket.  He was so helpful couriering the berries from us to the bucket.  Then came a moment of realization and well hold up in the berry acquisition.  As Dad popped a berry into his mouth.  Colin saw this and it came to him, “there are the same berries from the fridge!.”  Now we had to not only fill our buckets but also fill his tummy.  But soon enough he was berry’d out and back to helping, in his own way.  Yep he became my little 30lb weight for my picking squats.  Not bad a workout, beautiful location and yummy rewards! 15lbs later we were ready to head home.

The next time we headed into the fields was more recently during Raspberry season!  This time Colin was prepared having PhototasticCollage-2016-07-18-15-51-32visiting Grandma Cox and her small berry patch.  He went to picking though none ever seemed to make it into the basket.  I have to admit this are more tempting to me and I had a hard time filling my bucket, I made a deal with myself 5 in 1 for me.20160715_185957  Mmmmm, they are so good!  20lbs later we were done and so was little Mr.  He’s such a good sport and a sucker always helps!  Home we went and bottled some jam for the pantry and froze a little too.  A few days later I got a little hankering so back out to the field we went, my boys are so good to me.  This time we kept it to 4lbs for our snacking pleasure.  Ohhhh I love this season.  Now on to blueberries!  We planted 6 plants this year and already have a few handfuls yield.  The obviously won’t be enough, so I’ll be updating you with when we get that picking done!

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Corky Christmas Advent

Ok, so if you haven’t heard about this amazing Advent I just have to give it a little plug.  25 Days of Christ is a really beautiful and AdobePhotoshopExpress_ef21cfe0f6f0467e8dd36342db6834a0well put together Christ centered advent with a devotional guide and scripture references, video suggestions I mean the works!  I was lucky enough to know about this because the gal who created it is in my church congregation.  Though they are sold out for this year they will restock next year, so keep it in the back of your mind, the website is here.  I got the unfinished set and loved painting and creating the ornaments with my own style.  It was a fun craft night for Mommy!  With my ornaments done I couldn’t figure what I would hang them on.  I wanted this to hang in our family hallway to be a constant reminder.  Between a rather destructive two year old and limited hallway space constraints I came up with my cork Christmas tree.  A Walmart bought cork board, with a white molding added to make a frame.  I painted a modern type tree on the cork and voila!!  We were set, clear push pins acted as our hangers.  It is now incorporated into our bed time scripture routine and my little Mr loves pushing in the pins and hanging the ornaments every night!  Along with being a fun reminder of the reason for the season, it is a beautiful addition to our hallway.  Thanks 25 days for making another meaningful Christmas tradition!

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My Mr. is constantly surprising me.  For a fun date night he look me to see the latest traveling Cirque du Soleil show, KURIOS! After the fun time we had last time, it was fun to head back!  It was like steampunk meets the circus.  We walked into the tent and asked the usher where our seats were, she walked us straight to the front row!  Even My Mr was surprised, he said I knew I got us good seats but not this good.  We settled down and within a few minutes the show was in full swing, the crackling of antique light bulbs lit the stage.  It always takes us a minute to get fully enveloped in the show, you know you have to suspend your reality and get into it.  The show was quirky and imaginative.  The stunts and acrobatics blew out minds, I mean who hurls themselves through the air like that?!  It was a fun night, and another fantastic memory!


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First Crabbing of the Season


IMG_5496We are lucky in the past few months to get to share some of our favorite places and experiences with our family.  This location and activity being one of My Mr. and mine favorites.  We headed North to Deception pass for the first time this year to enjoy and harvest the wonderful crab bounty.  We bought my GREENHORN parents along for the experience.  My DadIMG_5488 being an avid eater of crab wanted in on the action of our local
Dungeness crabbing.  And we all had a ball, setting out early to set pots.  The time was low and perfect!  We then quickly set to trying our hand at a new species of clam, much harder to find than the razor clams that have a specific season here in Washington.  But by the end and with all his digging, even with the picFrame (8)little Mr. on his back until I couldn’t handle his being jostled about anymore.  My Mr. became pretty proficient at finding them though through all his trial and error.  Then we enjoyed the local scenery and headed in to enjoy the traditional milk shake in Anacortes, yummy.  Then we headed back to check the bounty.  Dad going to the first 3 pots, and Mom to the final 3.  Finding a total of 7 crabs not bad for a quick soak.  Then home again, home again. to eat and sleep.  What a day on the Sea!

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Tulip Festival Year 2


With My parent in town picFrame (2)and the weather perfect for spring we bundled up and headed north to enjoy the visual color explosions that only the Skagit Tulip festival and give!
I think they had even a few new varieties of tulips that I just fell in love with.  Someday I want at least a whole flower bed full of tulips.  My parents were in complete awe of all the varieties and
they have even been to Holland to see the fields in bloom there.  So it was nice that our little slice of Deutschland here was giving us the WP_20140423_163same enjoyment as over seas.  After a couple hours of tulip after tulip my father said he was OVERLOADED and sat down to people watch on a bench nestled in the tulip display garden.  We finished up with MY Mr. helping me to get the perfect shot by holding my bag to keep me balanced.  Then all of a sudden I realized I was becoming the spectacle with people taking photos of us.  I was embarrassed and hurried up my shots.  But regardless of that it was A totally colorful day!

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Parking it


We returned to our favorite park tradition of the summer, Shakespeare in the park.  This time to see Henry V.  It was really good and I am always amazed that they get these fantastic actors to come out every year and perform for free.  We packed a delish Thai dinner and ate as we waited for it to begin.  I was really looking forward to this after last years awesome showing, which we went to twice!  I was amazed that so many people brought their kids.  I thought that was fantastic, introducing them not only the some of the greatest writing offotor_WP_20130801_004(1) all time but theater.  There is something about going to a live show that can’t be replicated on a movie screen.  Whenever I first get to a Shakespeare play I think, “why did I do this . . . again?  I can’t understand it?” But I read and article recently that says it takes your brain about 15 minutes to switch over and fully understand Shakespeare’s language.  So for those of you out there that think you won’t be able to understand the dialogue go anyway and be patient with your brain!  See how it in will unravel the language for you and before you know it you’ll be totally engrossed in the story.  Sadly, this years the plays in the park have come to an end.  But no worries in sure they’ll be back next year!!

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Eat Local


130201882159326679Now we all love organic and locally grown, yes, yes.  I will admit that can be difficult at times but that is another topic for another day.  But this fun store we came upon is all about that.  Now I wish I could say that the name of the store drew me in, but that would be a lie.  That huge topiary cow did!  I love him, I thought he was so creative and fun.  But that’s what  got me in the door to check out this fun shop.  With all local ingredients130201878089680919 they also  make frozen dinners for people on the go, also desserts desserts to top it off.  They have a jam, and preserves section that would do our Mormon Moms proud.  We sampled some yummy food from there really nice sales guy and of course I had to have a cookie.  The all natural/organic looking interior really adds to the place and makes it interesting; if anything a fun place to look around and get lost in.  I even got a few meal ideas!  Fun little discovery on the Seattle streets!

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