Eating like the Queen of Sheba

Alright my blogging laziness is pretty apparent.  I just can’t seem to take the time with all this summer amazement and lists of todo’s to sit down and document the wonderful things that have happened, been seen, or experienced in the last few weeks.  So here I go, trying to catch up!


We are slowly discovering Seattle.  The parking and traffic in that city is a totalWP_20130716_033 nightmare so it is on occasion that we make it in.  This was on such an occasion.  With and invite to join our friends the Vemparalas for some Ethiopian cuisine at Queen Sheba.  Now yes i am a wimp in the spicy department, but I’m trying to increase my range luckily they look out for my tender taste buds.  I didn’t however make it out of this meal unscathed!  With enjoying a delish vegetarian appetizer I took a big bite of what I thought was your garden variety bell pepper.  Only to have my mouth catch fire and find out that it was a chili pepper!  I panicked and grabbed my napkin, spat it out making faces the whole time that caused My Mr. to have a pretty good laugh at my mistake.  Holy Cow that was hot and I could feel the burn on my lips, gums and tongue for half the meal.  When the meal was ordered my sweet friends again looked out for me and got a variety of heat.  And WP_20130716_035I’m proud to say that I even tried some spicy stuff and did pretty well with it!  (apparently I just have to warm up on a chili)   The meal was eaten with our hands, which really is the best way if you ask me!  It was so good and I can admit I was a little nervous.  But I knew I was in good hands and had a delish meal at the Queen of Shebas!  Yes I just wanted to say that I ate at the Queens house, who wouldn’t!

Check out there website here;

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Very berry blue


WP_20130705_001We returned to the blue berry patch, you might remember last years berry-gate here.  We didn’t intend to repeat that this year and decided to leave Pax at home.  But for some reason with the way the day feel and the hurry we found ourselves in Pax ended up having to come.  As I began to pick My Mr. and Pax  joined me a little later and I have never seen him hate a place so much.  With every step further down the row of bushes we were having to pull Pax.  It was like the vets office, like heWP_20130705_010a remembered last year.  It was the funniest thing to watch as he clung to our sides, he wouldn’t go anywhere near the big bushes.  But with the patch getting ready to close we hurriedly picked.  Even with the short time we had we ended up with 6 pounds of berries.  We got home and spread them on a cookie sheet to freeze and re-bag for delicious treats later!  We can’t wait to make some homemade blueberry muffins!

WP_20130705_011 copy

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Go Forth, and a Hike


For our 4th of July celebration we have made it a new tradition to go out and have an adventure!  You might remember last year’s day trip, here.  This

WP_20130704_017year My Mr. planned a hike.  Now when it comes to hiking I don’t like to hike for no reason if I’m going I want to see something or get somewhere.  My Mr. can hike for no reason, he’s so awesome just wanting to get out and enjoy nature.  It’s something I’m working on, hiking for no reason.  However because of this particular quirk of mine My Mr. is kind enough to plan our hikes with something to see.  He 

WP_20130704_029out did himself on this one!  Though a lot of people were out and about on the hike other than a few backups with some  inexperienced on the trail, which I am quick to remedy by picking up the pace and shooting the gaps  when the trail opened up.  It was a great hike!  After about an hour the pup, and us made it to the overlook and breathed in the magnificence!  I was breathtaking and I don’t think he photos do this place justice.  We sat and enjoyed a small picnic before finally having to pack it in and head back down.  Along with our BBQ and the other typical 4th festivities, this for me was the most memorable of the day!

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Not your average Ramen

1d512cb4-f379-43a9-a095-c1bbc099eba7_jpeg(1)This weekend we sampled some amazing Korean Ramen at KUKAI.  Now this isn’t your 99-cent ramen from the store this is the real honest to goodness stuff.  We had passed by this local eatery almost everyday and hadn’t found the time to do it.  So we beat the heat that has settled in the Seattle area, which by the way Seattle people love the sun, I’m not sure why because a rare few of them actually have airfotor_WP_20130629_004_jpg conditioning.  And every year they get so excited when the sun comes out.  I dread it as I begin to melt in the humid, hot abyss that is 1d512cb4-f379-43a9-a095-c1bbc099eba7_jpegour house, everyday I pray for the rain to return and the sun to GO AWAY!!!  Anyway so we escaped the sweat box and went to dinner.  First us with Octopus!  Little fried octopus in little dumpling balls, which was very tasty.  My Mr. indulged his spicy craving and got spicy pork while I played it safe with the chicken.  I won’t brag but yes mine was better!!  We sat in the pack restaurant again the only white people in the place, which we always take as a good sign of amazing food!  We finished up and headed out, with the whole staff saying goodbye in Korean, which I though was so lovely!  Delicious food and great environment, we will be going back!

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Becoming a Mariner


Ok this might seem crazy considering how old I am.  But I attended my firstWP_20130621_004 Pro baseball game this weekend!  The Mariners had a “Latter-day Saint Night” sponsored by the BYU Alumni chapter of our area.  So with tickets in had we took our favorite bus route into Seattle.  The bus is so awesome here, especially since parking in the Seattle area is a pain.  Getting off with plenty of time we walked a few blocks to the Mariners stadium.  It was pretty cool as we got to the main gate, all the fans politely filing in.  The ticket takers were so helpful and kind it just kicked off the experience perfectly.  We took WP_20130621_010the escalators up to the upper bowl where the throng of Latter-day Saints were gathering.  It was interesting as we walked how easily we could pick out the LDS families there with the kiddos.  It was pretty neat.  I didn’t realize how many WP_20130621_023Alums were actually going to be there.  There were Mariners Latter-day Saint shirts out in the concourse for all Ticket holders in our section.  The line was tremendous but My Mr. bravely joined the line and got us a couple shirts (he so patient).  We walked into the stadium to find our seats and turned around to see a throng of white LDS shirts!  It was pretty neat!  We took our seats and looked out at the view!  From the field view to the Seattle skyline it was perfect!  We watched the sunset over the Seattle scrapers and cheered on our team.  Though our Mariners didn’t quite take home the win my first time ball park experience was memorable!  I think this makes me a fan now!

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Escape to Alki


Image(67)The memorial weekend was spent with a little down time and a little low tide time.  We wanted to make a day of it, getting up early and going to breakfast at a local Alki breakfast joint, Alki Cafe.  We ordered some original breakfast food.  Eggs, hasbrowns, biscuits and gravy toast.  I mean you know breakfast food.  It was yummy and relaxing as we looked out over the sound.  We wanted to make it to the beach before low tide to really getImage(70) to enjoy the sea life and explore further out as the water receded.  We made it in perfect time, hitting the beach at a perfect time to get to see the ocean life as the water got lower and lower.  I can’t tell you enough how I love the water and beaches here.  The purple sea stars, which I wasn’t even IMG_9487aware, existed were everywhere.  They clung to rock and lay amongst the seaweed.  There are also sunflower stars that seem to   These stars made the yellowish orange and have lots of tentacles protruding from there main body area.  They tend to be smaller than the giant, purple sea stars.  There were anemones aplenty, the red one would grab a hold ofImage(69) your finger and you would really have to tug to get your finger back.  Cucumbers with are the same shape as our typical cucumber, just smaller and BRIGHT orange.  They also expand to have this neon orange bush like appearance as they feed, and then suck the brush back in when done, what a clean system for eating.  There were lots of crabs and sea snails, which I have to say I find really disgusting looking.  The beautiful spiral shell they live in is their only saving grace for looks, other than that they were the Jabba the Hutt of the sea community.  It’s probably IMG_9367a good thing they bury themselves deep.  We looked over the rail, the amazing view of these homes situated on a stand alone pier, was a really amazing site, I don’t know if I would be brave enough to live there.  But the sound of the waves and looking out over the water everyday might be nice.  I just can’t get enough of days like this.

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Weekend Rejuvination


Image(64)My Mr not wanting to waste our weekend inside, or weeding the yard, for another weekend, planned an outdoors adventure for us this weekend.  With this amazing weather we have been having (we tied with Pheonix AZ for warmest day last week) He forced us outdoors to explore the place we live, since the list of things to see keeps getting longer and longer.  He researched several hikes and selected one and we wereWP_20130511_017 off.  We drove, and drove which seemed like forever, it actually wasn’t all that far I was just inpatient.  I was starting to worry that he was taking me and the pup out somewhere to dump us, when I mentioned that he laughed and said ” hmmm you’ve caught on!!”  We arrived at our wooden destination, I love the moss covered trees here.  Though native Washingtonians  aren’t fans of moss I can’t help but love it!   We walked through the woods and came to a huge river with a beautiful wooden bridge extending Image(66)majestically across.  The pup cautiously walked across the bridge,  getting low a creeping close to the edge glancing down quickly and moving back to the center of the bridge.  He’s not a fan of heights.  We moved on and followed the trail next to the river then branched off into the woods.  We looked through the canopy of trees and could see the massive, craggy mountains towering it was an amazing sight.WP_20130511_040  We met up with the river again and hiked back down to it, I love anything that involves water!  We surveyed that section looking for the fishing holes for later trips and watched as Pax investigated the water.  We took some shot of him looking like a true wilderness dog!  Soon we moved on and continued up the trail.  The forests here are just so beautiful.  We are constantly amazed by the WP_20130511_063sheer size of the trees, the old stumps along hang over the trail like giants.  And again we came to a water site!  A waterfall brimming with deafening sound! (see our video of the falls here)  Stopping on the bridge that ran across it we lead on the rails and enjoyed the cools breeze kicked up by the water.  We hiked until the trail end and merged with the river again, stopping to sit on the edge of the river and had lunch.  It was a perfect moment.  We finished and started back getting to see everything again and seeing some new sites on the way back.  With our senses satisfied we felt rejuvenated and ready to head back to civilization.

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Breakfast on the Side

Image (26)

Image (25)While visiting the tulips we stopped by a little dive diner called Mr. T’s.  I walked in and instantly thought I was on a movie set for one of those down home cooking places with mismatched furniture and 1960’s look.  To top it off our waitress was sassy commenting when a regular customer who arrived after us “Oh Romeos here!”  Seriously she was so lovable!  The ambiancephoto (6) was palpable.  We ordered from our sassy waitress 2 traditional meals with eggs hash browns, bacon and toast.  Along with My Mr’s kielbasa sausage he was served a biscuit the size of a softball, no kidding!  We sipped on orange juice and listened as Saturday regulars walked in and the volume increased.  Though it was a grimly little place and the food was probably your entire caloric intake for the day it was a fun experience!  Another memory made with My Mr.

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Tulip Trail


(Picking the photos for this post was really hard, I might have to post again about these because they are so pretty!)

Image(61)We headed north back to Roosenguard to finish the flower tour we started last month with the daffodils for my b-day, remember here?   The tulips are really the main event for the area and the highways, smoke stacks and murals in the area are well . . . all about tulips.  We decided to avoid the crowds as best we could and headed up early, we learned that maybe it was a little too early but I’ll share our breakfast adventure with you later.  We arrived to the same sign I had my photo taken at last time only the entrance was now covered in rows and rows of tulips!  It was like a mini Holland!  I was blown away by the sheer amount to see, it was incredible; all the unique kinds.  I had no idea there were so many varieties.IMG_8430  From the tradition tulips to many variegated colors, thin tulips, tulips that were covered in ruffles and so many colors.  Tulips that looked almost dangerous with spikes all along the edges.  Even the original tulip shape had its differences being double or triple the size of a regular store bought tulip, here’s My Mr’s hand next to the blossom to give you the idea of how totally huge some of these are.IMG_8573  I couldn’t believe the colors and rows and rows of flowers.  In their display garden they had created elaborate designs created in tulips.  I fell in love with this white pink and green tulips mixer tulip.  They look beautiful closed and continue to look amazing as they unfold into a beautiful full flower.  I wanted to lay down in them they look so full the perfect bed.  It was a flower explosion and after 2 and a half hours of wandering through we had our fill of tulip absorption and were ready to call it a day.  My Mr purchased a bouquet for me of one of my favorite kinds and we headed home.  This is an amazing site to see, and the largest exporter of tulips on our continent.  Perfect way to ring in May!


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Weather Dog


Apparently our family is just so famous this week!  But I have to give Paxton credit he was on TV first.  I entered the photo above in a pet contest on the local Fox TV Station.  Now honestly I thought if we won that we might get you know a gift card or something dog care related.  I know that’s selfish but I mean who doesn’t love free stuff.  Well anyway the prize was that the winning dog would be on the news in the weather section.  I was pretty excited to get an email saying they picked Paxtons photo to share.  So even though I didn’t win anything at least my photo and my dog made it on the news!  Hopefully this will be the end of our TV careers!

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Before I Die . . . .


I was driving in downtown Bellevue Image (23)when I saw this black board saying, Before I Die . . . . . and what looked like places to write your own line!  So My Mr. and I made a date and headed down to the wall the next day to add ours.  We crossed the street grabbed a piece of chalk and I started writing.  But maybe I forgot to mention that our local KOMO 4 news crew was there at the same time and yes they interviewed both of us and asked what we wrote!  They were interviewing someone when we go there so I figured, “feeeww they won’t ask us.”  As soon as I finish writing they came up from behind and asked us what we wrote!  I was so Image (24)embarrassed and really felt flustered, but they put in on the news anyway! (video below)  My Mr. was so profound with his answer, to bad it didn’t make the segment, and his reason why his line was so important to him, ahhhh I just love him (sorry for the cheesiness).  It was a really cool interactive art piece to have in our downtown; it’s something you more expect to see in the downtown Seattle area.  For all you Bellevue dwellers out there head down and see it, it could be a really fun FHE activity!  We took some time and read the lines from other people, which were funny, inspiring and yeah odd for example;us 2 “Kiss Justin Bieber,”  “ Become a billionaire,” “Truly Happy,” “Stop War,” “Get Married,” “Swim with Elephants.”  It was really cool to see what other people wanted to do.  By that evening we were getting texts, saying that people had seen us on the news.  We checked the TV stations main page and there we were, right on the front, WHAT!!?  Not the best hair day for us with all the wind and chilly temperature that were against us that morning.   But all in all it was a pretty fun experience for us, adding our own wishes and helping to create some art for downtown.  Let’s hope we achieve them!

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Golden and Glorious


Another My Mr. planned surprise WP_20130329_004was a trip north to Roozen Gaarde (pronounced rosen- gard) which sounds like a castle right out of Lord of the Rings, yes I’m a dork.  But in actuality it is the American Home of the world famous Dutch company that produces Tulips.  You can read and learn more about them here.  So off we went, now you might be thinking, “you’re a little early for tulips.”  Or may be you weren’t but go with me on this!  Yes, it is to early for the bulk of the tulips to be in bloom in their full glory.  I reminded My Mr of this as he announced our destination.  But not Image (15)being deterred he said, “we’re not going for tulips.”  I was a little baffled, as this is the big thing out there.  But as we made our way up and then out of the town to the flower fields, my boredom had set in a bit and I was relying on some digital news to keep my busy.  My Mr. calls out “look Cheryl, daffodils.”  I look up from my mind-melting device to see 2 fields full of blooming daffodils!  You remember this post and my love for these happy and odd,IMG_7989 trumpeted flowers.  I was blown away and an audible Ohhhh escaped my mouth.  We parked in the practically empty lot and walked to the entrance, pausing to take a photo at the legendary sign.  Got out tickets and then without hesitation found our way to the back gate and out to the fields of golden, glorious, flowers!  I could hardly believe that I was standing in this place!  I wanted to lay down in then and just be surrounded!  (like in the movie Big Fish)  But being realistic they are planted in rows and have packed, muddy aisles between that would make it pretty complicated to actually achieve that.  So I guess that will just have to remain a very odd dream.  We wondered the aisles, and the back roads taking it in and snapping some Image (14)photos.  It was an amazing sight and one I really never thought even truly existed.  And as if the majesty wasn’t enough a bald eagle flew over the fields, I mean really, I had to ask where am I?!  As the sun began to go down we figured our trip was done.  As we were exiting the small display garden on the main grounds, with all the un-bloomed tulips, there were these beautiful purple tulips already flush with color.  I fell in love with the full,IMG_7960 and ruffly tulips.  I added them to my someday-garden list and really headed to the car this time.  It was a birthday experience to remember.  My Mr. is amazing at creating experiences that we will have memories of forever.

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