Oh Knee

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With my evil knee swelling, yet again, I sought yet another second or maybe 3rd opinion.  The new Dr drained the knee and told me to come back in if it swelled again.  With in 12 hours we were back where we started and prepping to schedule a scope (arthroscopy).  They bumped up theV__6962 surgery to ensure that there was still swelling on the knee to help track down the issue.  I for one hate being put under, I inevitably get so nauseated from the pain killers or the remnants of anesthesia.  But we knew it was the best option in solving this ongoing problem, this was the next step.  So we arrived and went through the general check in and prep process.  My Mr. was cool as a cucumber not even worried, I was anxious due to the aforementioned results and the uncertainty of my knee’s state when I would get out.  But he tried with all his might to keep me positive and distracted.  The Dr. would go in and take a look, clean out the fluid V__363Fand anything else that may come along and biopsy the tissue an another fail safe to figuring out my condition.  Eventually the nurse came, like the grim reaper, she was very nice actually, but her presence meant that I would make the walk down the hall to my fate under my own will power, and consent.  And  I thought, “your crazy, why are you doing this.”  They were prepping the room for my little nap as I walked in.  Laid me down and I believe the last words I said were, “oh it’s getting a little fuzzy.”  Next thing I know I’m in recovery.  I did pretty well while at the clinic then as I left and My Mr drove me home the nausea commenced, and increased as I made the short walk to our bedroom.  The next hours were not the most pleasant so I will spare you the play by play.   The weeks that have followed have been hard, and nothing I was at all prepared for.  The pain and lack or mobility, having to crawl my toes across the floor as I slid to the restroom, the pain surged up my thigh and down to my ankle.  My sweet nurse of a husband took great care of me and the boy.  PaxtonWP_20141024_005 cuddled by my side, as I elevated and iced.  And sweet ward member brought food or stopped by with treats to help my spirits, my love and appreciation goes out to them.  The recovery has been slow, the bruising has been really colorful and spotted from upper thigh to my ankle, don’t worry I won’t post photos of those, even I think they’re disturbing!  Each day I spend at least 30 minutes on a bike trainer trying to get my knee strength back, and each day when I get WP_20141112_002up I hope that the swelling will be gone, not quite the case . . . . yet, but I’m trying to remain positive I’m making great strides and the mobility and bend is much better.  So I’m on my way, however slowly, my patience is surly being tested and I’m persevering.  I’m optimistic that I’m on the mend!

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The Evil Knee, Return of the Unexplained Swelling

WP_20140318_13_53_38_ProSo you may all, or may not remember my lovely bouts with my knee (see here and here).  Yes this is the 4th time it has decided to make an unexpected appearance.  Now let me just preface this with there is no injury that causes this, it literally just happens.  Crazy I know but my knee for some reason just cried out for attention though this time it waited a few years.  I found that if I exercise regularly it is better on my knee, though running seems to be the hardest on it.  So with my knee swollen large enough to make fitting into jeans impossible I headed to the Dr for a draining.  The Drs and staff always love my case and every time this happicFramepens 2 or 3 Drs come in and a few PA’s to see how this short gal has a knee so swollen.  They pulled the liquid off and sent it off for testing.  An MRI was scheduled and the following morning.  I laid stone still for 45 minutes in that machine, which gets pretty uncomfortable for the last 20.  Everything was sent off to the lab for evaluation, and again everything comes back clean and healthy.  So there’s the boring and uneventful tale of my evil knee.

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Down Home Duck

130209960870985226Now don’t get me wrong I’m as intrigued as everyone else about “Duck Dynasty”. Its redneck appeal seams to speak to all people.  But while shopping at the local WalMart I came upon this sight. Really Duck Dynasty school supplies?  I just didn’t see little kids being able to sit through that entire show, but maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe there are kids out there that want nothing more than a duck dynasty notebook with matching folder and binder.  Or for those teenage fans they have a cameo clad Gnome your can proud fully perch in your locker.  Or to further130209961381412919 show  your pride, a bandana with the whole family on it and a lanyard for your keys.  I mean WOW!  They really thought of everything a kid going back to school would need.  Except there is one thing I found to be a little out of place among the merchandise.  A canned drink cozy, or sleeve, sweat guard thingy . . . whatever.   Kinda weird for the clientele they are going for.  Now who can blame Duck Dynasty fans from indulging in these lovely items, and so reasonably priced, how great that they have been so price conscious when bringing their wares to their adoring public.  Though I can’t say that I will be sporting a bandana with Si’s face on it of a dynasty can cozy.  I may on occasion indulge in an episode or two and I may just regret passing up on some of these fantastically odd finds!

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The Peanut Butter Aisle Incident


Now I have posted in previously about my cart watching experiences in Costco.  And so when I recently popped into Costco for a quick trip I was a little started by what happened.  I was nonchalantly checking my grocery list on the end cap of an aisle with a pallet of peanut butter beside me, the peanut butter is an essential part of my story.  When a older lady and her older husband walked by, I saw them briefly out of the corner of my eye.  Now people here in Washington tend to be pretty friendly, at least from what I have experienced.  But this time it was a little too friendly.  I stood there looking at my phone when the older man came up to the side of me.  He looked at me and said “would you steal some of the penis butter for me?”  Yes, I thought for a second that he was kidding, I just stared at him trying to see if I had misunderstood him due to his age.  But then he confirmed his startling comment with a follow up of “I’m a dirty old man aren’t I?”  He then walked away after his wife.  I was shocked, I stood there trying to process what had just happened.  A minute later when my Mother returned to the cart she she could see from my face that I was confused.  I related the story and she was shocked to.  I laughed out of sheer amazement as I told her, I could hardly believe what happened.  Is that considered Sexual Harassment?  I have never had anything like this happen to me before, granted he was old but it was really startling to me to hear an older guy say that!  So that was a total first for me at Costco, I will be sure to stay away from that old guy if we happen to be there at the same time again.  Weird, and Creepy right?

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Addicted to Bears


If you want to get addicted to watching something go to this website.  Its the Brooks Falls Alaska Bear and Salmon cam I took a screen shot last night for you to see!  You can view the Bears going after the fish all day and get absolutely nothing done.  My Mr and I are addicted, thanks to Mr. Carney.  Take a look here!

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Back with Bugs!

Well I have taken a bit of a blogging break.  The past few weeks have been busy with everyday live endeavors that just fell the time and don’t allow for writing, or really thinking any clear thought.  My mind recently has felt 1like it was in a blender, but in the back of my mind my little cyberspace was quietly calling to me to get back on the wagon.  So here I am again with some more thoughts, event and little life moments to share. 

With our Seattle weather finally heating up and providing us with some of the most amazing weather.  When it gets warm here it’s not typically like the dry heat, the sun comes out and long with it a nice cool breeze keeping it perfect for out door events.  So of course we headed up the road to local hiking area.  Cell reception is spotty and we took the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with 2each other and our spirits.  We came to a bridge and as we walked across I went to set my hand down on the rail and something orange caught my eye.  There were a ton of these little caterpillars crawling around.  As I started shooting them and my flash would go off they all of a sudden switched directions and headed towards me, leaning over the edge and and reaching out.  Which I have to admit gave me the creeps, I like looking that them, not having them crawl all over me.  It was a cool and creepy sight to see.  With the sun retreating we headed home.  Another weekend gone, really where do all the days go?

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Peeping Dog

One day while driving the congestedlabme roads home from work I was sitting at a light watching the traffic build up in front of me.  In my peripheral vision I felt like I could see my neighboring car passenger staring at me.  I was getting a little creeped out; you know you want to look but at the same time you don’t because well it’s creepy!  Finally my inner debate ended and I gave in and  I turned . . . . this was my sight.  A big yellow lab totally relaxed and completely ignoring me.  I was shocked and let out a laugh.  Couldn’t help but snap a photo of this odd event for me to remember.

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IMG_2174Yeah my friends this pretty bad photo is of a DeLorean!  Yes the same kind of car from Back to the Future!  I had such a crush on Marty McFly!  And yes I was only a year old when this movie came out but is was a family favorite at my house.  I saw this car at a local high school picking one of the kids up, and it wasn’t until I saw the car door raise to the side that I realized what that car was!!!  I hurried to get my dang camera phone up to get a photo with the door opening but no luck my friends.  It is as good as is gets.  I hurried and texted My Mr. informing him of the sighting.  He texted back,back-to-the-future-e1356206845765 “I bet it had a flux capacitor and everything!”  I of course laughed about that, and texted back, “1.21 gigawatts”  It was a very cool sighting, I have been watching for it again, but no such luck.  I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date if I spot it again!

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Playing with Dolls

While shopping with my mom I noticed on a shelf a bunch of these fabric dolls.  Very simple I thought, ok those look like VooDoo dolls which is a random thing to find in a pink walled boutique.  So I picked it up and read the label below, to my surprise;
Well that pretty much explains it!  Guess if you need to get some anger out here’s the tool for you.  Just don’t think of it as anyone in particular.

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Proper Puppy


Do most dogs cross their legs?  I find that this is a common position for the pup, yes even in sleep.  I woke him from his rest when the flash went off.  He is always so proper, crossing his paws every time he sits or sleeps or sunbathes in the window.  It’s kinda a weird and fancy trait our dog has developed.

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Smashed Up

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My Car got back from the shop after repairs from being rear ended, yet again in my brand new car by the way.  Anyway the mechanic described to me what they had to do commenting that they rarely have to replace the whole steel bumper.  I asked him confused “and you had to on mine?”   He told an employee to so get the metal bumper so I could see it.  It’s crazy that someone ran into me hard enough to smash a piece of solid steel like that, I’m truly amazed.  I took some photos to share with My Mr, and all of you.  It didn’t look that bad, the car hid the real damage well under it’s plastic exterior, but underneath the poor car was pretty banged up.  I hate dealing with all this insurance stuff, it’s such a pain, please driving Gods, don’t let this happen again!

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I Succumed

The flu is no respecter of persons.  It nailed me.  I’m hot and sweaty, even with my flu shot after a week of poor sleep and stress I guess immune system said enough!  And gave in.  Another one bites the dust.

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