Most mornings in our neighborhood look a little something like this.  Covered in a layer of fog that probably won’t burn off until noon.  I have to admit, I love it!  Then with all the squirrels running along the back fence it makes me feel like I’m out in the woods, minus my backdoor neighbor.

Also see the random bush in our yard?  This really bothers me, it’s totally random with no real purpose, just there on it’s own.

Anyway, fog cool, right!?

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Typical Washington parking

People here are really bad at parking guys, I snapped a few shots to give you and idea of what we are dealing with here!  This is a pretty common sight in the parking lots.  Not to mention, they can park any direction on the streets, with traffic against traffic, it doesn’t matter and they really don’t care.  I think the street-parking thing is more common among the locals who haven’t lived anywhere else.  Yes Washingtonians you would get ticketed in Utah if you parked like that!  Anyway I had to share these oddities, at the taking up of two parking spots is incredibly common, and DRIVES ME NUTS!

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Washington un-Offical State Bird

So the actual state bird is actually this lovely bird.  But if you were to come to Washington and look around your going to think that the Crow is the state bird.  These things are everywhere!  Here they are they adorning the temple grounds.  They seem to come in packs.  Like the seagull is to Utah the Crow is to Washington, though I’m not sure if these feathered rats, as I have heard them called here, ever leave.  I don’t tend to think they migrate so they are probably a contant fixture of the landscape.

Did you all get to watch General Conference this weekend, I’m filling completely rejuvenated and more motivated to give all that I have to the Gospel and my Savior.  Here’s to another 6 months to see if I can improve!  If you missed any, or just want a reminder you can see if all here.

Last side note, my Halloween house is finally up!  Found some one new idea I had to do this year!  Photos to come soon, if I ever can get a good time to take some!

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Here I am having a lung treatment, fancy right?  No I didn’t like it at all. it made me feel light headed and tremble!  This just goes along with my lovely 4 week cold.  It has been such a pain, but I am hopeful that I am on the mend now though.  Here hoping!

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Back a bit

Sorry guys for my absence, I have been sick for the past 3 weeks and finally submitted and went to the Dr.  He proceeded to get medication and some terrible cough syrup that poisoned me and made me so nauseated and sick to my stomach.  So I am hoping that my bronchitis is on the mend, but I’m still coughing so who knows!  But sorry for my absence I have been taking some time to really relax and recover.

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Quake Lake

While on the Road we came to a lake that looked like is swallowed a mouthful of toothpicks.  We slowed down to take in the scenic look of this crazy lake.  Known as Quake Lake, (Earthquake Lake) it was created by an earthquake in the 1950’s, you can read about it here.  I couldn’t believe the contrast of the smooth lake with all these protruding dead trees.  It was a awesome view, we took it in and said goodbye to the mountains and headed out to the open plains.  Such a contrast, I love road trips!

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All Webbed Up

Spiders are a bit of an unwelcome staple here in Washington.  I think I have killed more here in the few months we have been here than I ever killed at our old place!  I am trying to learn to except there constant presence in every single size imaginable and the many, many colors but I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m still really creeped out and can’t help but check under the bed sheets each night!  I was pruning the roses in the front yard when I caught the glimmer of this spider’s intricate web between the limbs of a bush. It was beautiful and for the first time I marveled at those creepy crawly things.  Went inside and got my camera to capture the beautiful evenings rainbow like sunset captured through the web.  Keeping a safe distance mind you!  I had never seen, or honestly wanted to see a web this size up close.  The spider sat perched in the center waiting for his next meal!  I don’t like to think about that part and I didn’t want to stick around to watch.  But it was a beautiful creation.  I decided I was fine with him keeping his web as long as he stayed out of my house.



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Paxtons Secret

Our dog has gotten a lot more vocal with age from loud sighs to moans over not getting what he wants, and of course the dreaming as he barks in his sleep.  But when we first moved here he started to really show his singing abilities with his toy fish.  Paxton is in love-hate relationship with this fish and from the video below I think you’ll see what I mean.

The fish was given to Pax by my nephew Ethan, so a special Thanks to him for helping Paxton learn to sing!

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Update on MIA

You may have noticed that a little life blog has been MIA for a little while.  And that is pretty literal as you couldn’t even connect.  So to my few, but loyal, followers I will give you a brief or not to brief synopsis of why I have been away.
First off the server containing my blog crashed, and crashed bad that it could not be revived by online access.  Nope someone had to physically push the restart buttons and as luck would have it the people entrusted to take care of such problems were on vacation.  So a little life blog took a online (forced) break.
2nd’ly Washington Seattle area was hit with a heat wave and being inside of my house made me almost literally melt!  A 90 degrees house is pretty unbearable.  And when we moved here and My Mr and I asked about air conditioning the people here laughed.  “Oh you won’t need air conditioning here, and there are only a few days were it actually gets that bad and then just get a fan.”  What I learned here is that most people retreat to their cool basements or family members homes who do have air conditioning (which is rare anyway).  But as me and my Mr do not have said basement or family in the area sitting in the heat was really one of our only options.  I say these days are why you have air conditioning people!  90 degrees in any house is boarding unsafe especially for those who have kids or a puppy in our case! (which by the way Pax did great, just became a lethargic dog laying on the floor wherever it was coolest, or joining us outside in the shady grass.  We decided to MAN UP and show these Washingtonians that we Utah natives could handle the stifling heat on our own.  And we did.  It was painful and hot and the one fan in the house even got moved outside at one point so we could sit in the shade and let your house sizzle.  Ice cold showers were taken before bed too, just to get the core temp down and then sleep with the fan and windows all open.  But we made it through and the weatherman says that the temperatures should cool down now, I guess we will see.  For a minute I thought maybe we should drive down to Utah, it might be hotter, but at least everyone has air conditioning!
Alright enough of the whining, hopefully lovely Washington will return to the temperatures it promised to be and we will return to our sanity.  Happy Monday all I’m glad to be back!

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Rooster flew the coop

We found this random rooster in the Staples parking lot. It was so odd to see a random rooster in the middle of the city that I had to take a photo.  He really struck a pose when I got close, I’m not sure though if he was posing for the photo or to attack!

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Mapping Your Neighborhood

We found this interesting, or I guess I could say informational website where you can map out the crime in your neighborhood.  For those of you looking to move in the future this little site could be quite helpful as it helps to list what crime goes on in your neighborhood, or near too.  Or if you just want to check out the crime in an area your going to visit this is a great reference.  Check it out and see what comes up for you!

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Super Glue to the Rescue

I recently took a chunk out of my finger while chopping carrots.  Yes from the photo your thinking that just looks like a nasty hangnail!  Nope I just happened to slice it open right along the nail line.  This was not a pleasant experience and it bled like no other!  Luckily I have a mother who is prone to cutting herself on everything imaginable and during one of her trips to the emergency room to get sewn up the Dr gave her a little bit of money saving advice.  “Next time to cut yourself just sure some super glue to seal the cut, it’ll save you a trip to the emergency room and some money.”  We have been doing this ever sense.  So with this tip in mind and my mother on hand she glued me up!  Super glue is now an essential for the kitchen drawer!

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