So I have been a little MIA or MTW (moving to Washington!).  So I apologize for the lack of posting.  Above is a fun sight from the road trip up here, a field of windmills, they just look like they were planted and sprouted up out there!  Here are a few of the interesting things about Washington that I find Odd, Interesting, Neat over the past week.

Everything is located in a mall.  Most stores where I am from are in there own separate buildings or strip mall.  But here when you walk into say JoAnnes fabrics you walk into the door and into the food court! Across from the food court is the store and all the other mall like store and down the hall is Bed Bath and Beyond.  A little odd for me!  I did find a strip mall in Issaquah just like back in Provo.  But with all the rain I can understand why they did that, better than walking in the rain between storms!

Recycling & organic.  I now have 3 trash cans inside the kitchen and 3 outside on the patio.  We have to separate it into specific outlined groups!  You can see what the city gives you an outline of what to put in which can.  There are more organic store then the regular ones.  Even the doggie doo doo plastic bags that you use to . . . . well you know are recyclable.  They will decompose in the trash.

They love Reed Robin, Target and Dairy Queen out here. You can find theses stores located in almost every shopping area!  In Provo we only have one of each of these and that has to suffice for the Orem, Provo or Springville areas, however Walmarts are seriously lacking in the area!  Lucky for me I have a dairy queen just down the street from the house!! Wahoo


Everyone and their dog. And by that I mean it literally a lot of people have dogs.  Just looking out our front window during the day is a parade of Dogs, lots of people have dogs and lots of stores cater to that.


Milk jugs from costco are shaped like this, which is a little different than Utah’s.  Washington’s are harder to pour I gotta admit, causes more spillage!


So that’s it for now, I’m sure I’ll have more observations in the future!

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Being Boxed In

If you peered into my car recently, you might think that I had a bit of a drinking problem.  My car was piled to the hilt with alcohol boxes.  But this was a great recommendation from a friend who said these were great for moving your glass and delicate items and as we are in the mode of getting prepped to move these boxes are going to be great!  So not to worry if you peek into my car!

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Voicemail gone Bad

Technology has done a lot for us, but let’s admit it still has a long way to go.  For example there are all this voicemail preview options now.  You can actually read your voicemail before you listen to it.  But what if that voicemail goes bad and that preview isn’t exactly the right view?  What if you calling a mail co-worker and the voicemail comes out reading like this;

Voice Mail Preview:

Good morning it’s 10 and just wondering if you have lost it I love their men in my grass.

Anyway give me a call — 24147 if you have — and even if you haven’t.

Thanks bye.

Yes, this very much real and very, very confusing to the gentlemen who received it.  A co-worker shared this funny little preview with me from our office.  Luckily he listened to is and got the correct message, but he was a little startled by this preview in his mailbox.  Just a bit of office funnies for you!

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Trekie Family

You all know of my feeling towards the stick people or emblems on the back of cars these days, right?  If not read here.  I recently saw these and the inner geek in me had to laugh because I know exactly what those things are.  This family is geeky and proud!

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Future Fashion Friday Funny

The video speaks for itself.  Look and see how we should be dressing by now!

It’s not actually not all that far off, just a little over the top!  Take a watch!

Happy Friday!

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Siku, cute

Søren Koch/Hilmer & Koch Naturephotography

So while perusing the news I found and article, here, that told about the cute little polar bear cub in Denmark that they are raising named Siku.  He is so cute and cuddly, huh!  Anyway they have a webcam that people can watch him on and I was totally intrigued so I checked it out.  Now remember Denmark, where this little guy is at it’s around 6-8 hours ahead of those of us in the US.  I went to the site around 8am (MST) and the little guy was out and playing a bit with some of the rescue people and just wandering around.  I have included a few screen shots for you to see.  No it’s not something that your going to sit and watch all day but getting to see this little guy in action is pretty fun for a few minutes.  With polar bears struggling to survive in the past few years this little guy is a bit of a miracle.  So if you have a chance take a little look here at the website, it’s just kinda fun to see! 

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For all Dog owners and baby owners.  This made me & My Mr laugh out loud!!

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PEZ Presidents

Nothing says Presidents Day like making some of our greatest Presidents into PEZ figurines. 

I saw this at a local store and snapped a quick shot, couldn’t help laughing at this!

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Car Music . . . . Literally

They have done it again.  This is literally insane the way they made music while driving this car, I’m blown away.  Their videos are always crazy productions and this is no exception!  Check it out and be amazed.

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Talking Anti-Vending Machine . . . . Creepy!

Ok, so on the radio I heard a commercial touting the cool thing about this vending machine to teach kids about unhealthy snacks and combat childhood obesity.  Now this machine actually talks to you, it doesn’t accept money but when you select something it tell you something that is suppose to be funny and make you think about the snack you would be choosing.  Now I’m all for fighting childhood obesity but this vending machine seems . . . . well  . . . . a little dumb.  This might work great for elementary school, but are there even vending machines in elementary schools?  I think these would be geared for Middle and High School age kids.  And I have to tell you I highly doubt that a high school student is going to listen to this machine, I think they will just mock and that look at it as a joke.  But hey that is just my opinion, take a look for yourself here and try a digital version of the machine for yourself and tell me what you think!

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Groundhog Day

Happy Ground Hog Day people.  Did you tune it and see what the weather will bring according to good Ol’ Phil?  You can check out his prediction here, they might even have the video up by then so you can watch his exciting prediction! (yes I’m over stating this as the animal doesn’t talk)  But heck it’s a weird holiday but we all know I love weird holidays!

If your interested in checking out Utah’s own groundhog, Sunset Sam check here and see what he had to say.  Other then that let’s hope for spring!!

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Angry Birds Taking Over the World

I saw these at the grocery store and thought to myself, well it’s official Angry Birds are taking over the world!  What will they make next?

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