Window Watching

I love hummingbirds!  After moving to ourPSX_20161116_082753 house a little over a year ago we found that we had hummingbirds buzzing about.  You may remember this post.  Well we have learned we have  these lovely little birds year round and I have taken it upon myself to be their nectar provider.  My Dad gifted me these great hummingbird feeders that use quart jars.  I have one on each side of my kitchen windows, double
the birds!  I hoist little Mr. up on the counter and together we PSX_20161116_081606gleefully watch them sit and drink.  It’s such fun for my little boy, and I really enjoy it too.  I love looking out my window at any given moment to see a little hummingbird perched getting a drink, it makes washing dishes a little more enjoyable.  It brings me joy and as we get into these sometimes cloudy gray days of winter it helps to have these little moments of pure joy and wonder. I mean hummingbirds are so amazing right?  Anyway, here is what I stumbled upon on a rainy day as I looked out my window.  Augh!  Amazing!

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Fair People

5We aren’t the kind of people who typically go to fairs, I mean after watching the old movie “State Fair” growing up I figured people might be singing “it’s a grand night for singing the stars are bright above.”  Not one person, yep not one.  I mean that’s kinda disappointing after you watch that show :).  But that aside we thought it still would be pretty fun to take little Mr. to see all the animals and have a little treat!  We saw fowls of all kinds; these amazing pheasants were full of color, and since I love to3 wear color these were the birds for me.  Then we checked out the bunnies, a sweet little gal even opened up her cage and let little Mr. pet her hare. He had the longest ears I’d ever seen. (sorry no photos I just wanted to make sure that little Mr didn’t love the bunny too much.)  Then we went and saw cows, and sheep, sweet little piggies only 7 days old, so sweet.  I can now do a very realistic sheep baaaa, My Mr. was really impressed by my impression.  Ahh that’s love, if you can still love your wife after about 5+ minutes of her baaing like a sheep and complimenting her on it, you know this is the real deal ladies and gents.  Anyway I’m sure the skill will come in handy one 2day.  

Oh on to these goats I just fell for.  I call them bunny goats (Nubian Goats) because they have long bunny like ears, one even let me pet him, he kept eyeing me over the rail and I just had to give him a love.  I’m a sucker for animals, yes this video sent me into fits of desire to hug a cow, My Mr. says, having grown up with cows, that they are not real huggers.  But this gosh it looks so lovely!  Speaking of cows we then we went over and had our first ever purple cow.  And what luck the bell chimed and the lovely gentlemen with the cow, comfortably on his head announced that our purple cow (grape soda and huckleberry ice cream) was on the house!  What luck!  We4 had to take a photo with him.  Little Mr. indulged in an ice cream cone, face first!  He loved it and I loved cleaning him up after :(.   We popped into a few more places, there was soooo much to do and see we couldn’t get to it all before we had to head home.  Something to look forward too for next year!  Hmmmm, maybe we are fair people!  So I leave you with another lyric from one of my favorite “state fair” songs.  I love old movies;

1“I’m as restless as a willow in a windstorm. I’m as jumpy as a puppet on a string.  I’d say that I have spring fever, but I know it isn’t spring.  I’m starry eyed and vaguely discontented like a nightingale without a song to sing.  Oh why should I have spring fever, when it isn’t even spring.”

Watch it for a fun, old fashioned time.

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Quiet in the Crazy

As a mom of a crazy toddler boy you seek solitude, quiet in the crazy.  Btu it’s also frightening, right?  You know what I’m talking about.  The minute the crazy stops  your know your in trouble.  So on one such occasion I went looking for my trouble.  To my delight I found him calmly lying in the guest room quietly jabbering to himself.  He did make a mess of the pillows on the bed but honestly who doesn’t love falling into pillows.  It was sweet I didn’t capture the moment in time but I did get his first look at me.  Gosh I love this little boy!


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Crabbing Extravaganza


(To me this photo is Happiness. watching my sweet son running ahead in a place that is so special to me, getting the opportunity to share this with him makes it more meaningful)

Our annual crabbing, camping trip went off without a hitch.  We were prepared and ready to A__9F27eat until we were sick.  Getting together with this group of amazing people is something we look forward to every year and since last year My Mr. mistakenly planned his Alaska fishing trip (he’s still trying to make up for that) during the same week as this I really look forward to this so as you canCollage_Fotor2 imagine he was on my naughty list for a little while.  Little Mr. is an amazing camper, he runs through the forest like a mountain man, and sleeps like a bear during hibernation at night.  Yep he’s a born camper, which couldn’t make his father more happy!  We couldn’t wait to take him out in the canoe!  He had a brief trip earlier this year but he has never helped pull of the crab pots and see the crab.  This was such a fun experience.  As we rowed out he was cautious but by the time we reached the 1st pot he had his Collage_Fotor3hands gliding through the top of the water and me holding on to his life jacket while I rowed, I won’t tell you how I was able to do that but it’s a mom thing I guess.  The first pot was empty to our disappointment, as we discarded the bait, which was a new mixture then what we typically use, the seagulls began to circle hovering over the water to grab the floating bits.  As our friends canoe, piloted by Landon, joined us to convene on the catch (or lack of) we made no notice of the birds darting about us.  The next thing we knew a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed some of the discarded bait!  It was amazing, it was like 10 ft away.  But that wasn’t it, it continued to hover and dive the bay for theCollage_Fotor next 10 minutes.  Then it silently swooped onto a branch overlooking the bay.  We then caught eye of another one that came in to land in another tree just above the other.  It was majestic and I forgot my telephoto lens to capture all this, ahhhhhhhh!  It was majestic, I mean that’s the only way I can describe it.  Every time we go to this location we have one of these “eagle experiences.”  They always amaze me, I never tire of seeing the enormity of their wingspan flying over head.  Even after that incredible animal planet moment, yes we Collage_Fotor4caught some  crab and had enough to take home and enjoy for the next few days.  Little Mr. loved watching as Dad and Mom pulled the crabs from the pot and he even helped release one that was too small back to it’s watery home.  So how would I rate that trip?  Even with a few tantrums, and rainy patches?  Perfection.



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Winter Time Mini Vacay


In January we needed to escape, we needed to get out.  So we did a quickCollage_Fotor2 VRBO booking and we were off to the coast for a little overnight trip.  We rode the ferry across the sound, Little Mr. first time.  The loved watching the water even in the chilly breeze.  Pax preferred to stay away from the rail at all costs and put up quite a fight when we pulled him a little closer so we could see.  Then it  was on to the driving.  You think it shouldn’t take that long but with the twists and turns of the peninsula we didn’t get to our little place WP_20160131_08_17_09_Pro_LIuntil dark.  Got some shut eye and the lovely people we stayed at left some carrots for little Mr. to feed their horses.  He was timid at first but soon was handing out carrots as quick as he could, and the horses didn’t seem to mind!  Side note: I love the fog as you come through the hills and valleys of the pacific northwest.Collage_Fotor  I love how it gathers in streaks across the roads, yeah probably dangerous at times but geesh there is something beautiful about the way it plays with our view.

We then headed for the beach located on “wolf territory” for all you twilighters.  The WP_20160131_12_33_29_Prowinter seas and storms had filled the beach with massive tree longs, I had to sit on one to show the gravity of this incredible sight.  There are moments where I get to remember that I’m a photographer, or at least I use to be.  My Mr, bless him, likes to remind me and get Collage_Fotor3me to bring out my old SLR and look for the shot, watch for the light, the instant, the memory.  The hike along the beach was amazing and though we probably pushed our little Mr. to the brink of his hiking capabilities and had a breakdown we did it and regardless made a memory and had a good time!  It was quick but you gotta take those moments right?  Especially when you live in a place as beautiful as we do.


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Summer Memories


Collage_FotorI have been reminiscing about the summer as this year it seems to be delayed.  Don’t get me wrong I love our rainy northwest weather but don’t we all just look forward to summer a little bit?  Upon reflection I remembered a year ago when we had My Mr’s brother and his family up.  Their fun kids are all so grown up, and it’s crazyCollage_Fotor2
to me to think how big they are.  We were excited to take them crabbing and while it was the only trip on record that we caught no keepers it was still a blast to spend time with them and let our little Mr. enjoy his fun cousins.  He was pretty in love with them and when they went home he IMG_9659wasn’t too pleased with how boring Mom and Dad are.  The boys posed on the rocks making a few attempts to mimic the karate kid crane move, pretty good right?  They indulged us and helped us pick blueberries to freeze; ok we ate a fewCollage_Fotor3 fresh too but we still made a haul with their help and made quick work of it.  Going back to our place and making blueberry shakes, yummy!  There is nothing like family and we simply loved having them, hope they will come up again and we will make up for that terrible crabbing fiasco!

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Snow a Go

WP_20151231_10_58_05_ProWith Christmas break in full swing we sought a bit of the snowccf 2015 we grew up with as kids.  The idea of seeing our little Mr frolicking in the snow just made us giddy!  So with a great tip we headed up the mountains for a little snow day.  As we got higher and higher the scenery got more spectacular.  Trees draped in thick layers of snow, the mountains capped in snow slipping in and out of wispy clouds.  I am constantly in awe 130961815324643452of this beautiful place we live.  Arriving to knee high snow, we pretty much jumped in!  Well we jumped in and little Mr. crawled.  He was a little short to plowArtile-01Jan16-190219 through the snow on his own though he gave his best effort to walk, chest high snow is really heavy.  We eventually showed
him how to throw it in the air which delighted him.  But the big hit was when we AdobePhotoshopExpress_f484e8608a224414942f1ac789713649showed him he could eat it!  Yeah that may be a little gross but you know you all have done it and who better to learn from than Mom & Dad.  He was gracious enough to share a couple handfuls with us, so nice right?!  Mmmmmm nothing like the taste of mountain snow, it always has a hint of dirt.  Next up was snow angels which he enjoyed laying on Dad and watching Mom.  We had a blast!  He didn’tAdobePhotoshopExpress_058794299f034a78988880d38a0c6e7e want to stop, but soaking wet pants made us put a stop to the fun.  We ate a quick picnic lunch in the car and started back.  Nothing better than cozy feet on the dash, My Mr. by my side, a sleepy, happy boy in the back and beautiful mountains ahead.  Perfection!


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Humming Sound

IMG_9522A quite simple moment, snuggled up on a warm summer’s evening in our hammock, intently staring at our lovely hummingbird feeder. (special housewarming gift from my parents)  You see all my childhood my grandparents had hummingbird feeders out their kitchen window.  Soon there were two and we would sit and look out waiting for a glimpse of these beautiful, tiny, spirited birds.  In my adulthood my parents too have hummingbird feeders hung outside their window.  Now as I wash dishes, or sit in my kitchen at dinner I look out my windows and watch for these birds.  Amazing the memories caused by such a simple thing.  The gentle hum of their wings is soCollage-16 soothing to me, and they buzz quickly by and hovering for an instant perch on the ledge of the feeder.  They take a few seconds at first but now that the feeder has been there a few days they now sit for a minute or so, IMG_9562popping up and down, sipping and listening for a fellow hummingbirds approach.  I amazed by the beautiful colors these littleIMG_9513 birds have, one is green and black and the other a red, orange color enhanced by the setting sun, it’s lovely.  They both have these black and white stripes around their necks giving the look of  colored shirt to there colorful tuxes.  I love our new little visitors, I hope they stay all summer they add such fun to our windows.  A perfect quiet moment, only the click of my shutter and the fluttering of wings.  Oh the summer!

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Splish Splash


IMG_9468With My Mr. And myself not being the strongest swimmers we made the commitment that when we had kids swim lessons from a young age would be required, we don’t want pass on our water deficiencies.  So little Mr. began his first swimming lessons and some lovely photo of me in a required swim cap which I think really captures the full beauty of my noggin.   But enough with my vanity.  He learned the first rule of swimming class.  Sitting patient at the edge of the pool until mom says he can get in, he did it flawlessly!  Once in the water he was a little tentative but eventually he treated it like a massive bath tub! (which he loves)  He would even try to get me to release him to be on his own, quicklyIMG_9460 learning that it was much deeper than his tub and letting mom help him was probably for the best.  Now we are a few weeks in and little Mr is a complete pro!  He loves the water and can go under water with ease.  He’s so tough!  He’s now our little fish and I’m sure he will be wanting to continue his swimming lessons from here on, I’m going to be a very tired, and happy Mommy with my busy little Mr!

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A Life Back in A little Life


So a little life is a little empty as of late.  Can I just tell you that from the minute we got back from our Christmas vacation, which actually ended up being a Christmas of illness, so really no vacation.  We have been in hyperdrive.  Things haven’t stopped.  We’ve come and gone, we’ve packed and unpacked, little Mr. has grown and then grown again.  It all seems like a flash and it’s 6 months later.  Wow!  And poor little life blog has sat here waiting and thinking if it would ever get to be used again.  But I didn’t forget and I’m going to try my best to post some current and past events that I have recorded.  I know I have forgotten many, but that’s the beauty of our memories right?  Something will spark a memory and we get to remember and relive it for a second even if it’s not documented we at least lived it.  So here’s a little of our life. Me, My Mr, and my little Mr and never forgetting our sweet companion and .5 member Pax.  Who makes us an even better family by giving us that 3.5 to make us feel a little bigger!  So be prepared for a little more life back on our blog!

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My Last Grandma

WP_20140628_13_46_05_ProThis July my Grandmother passed away.  She had lived a long life living practically until she turn 90.  She was the matriarch of our family; a talented healer, incredibly strong willed, and an amazing craftsmen of handwork.  I was grateful she shared her love of embroidery with me, among other talents, I was able to learn from the best.   It is the closing of another chapter for me but I am thankful that the month before she passed I got to have some quite moments with her and My son.  It was special and some happy tears were shed and kisses given to our sweet little boy, one of her newest great-grand children.  We shot a photo of the 4 generations, My Father, Myself, My Son and My Grandmother.  A lovely memory.  Our last day together was a beautiful summer afternoon, as she lovingly held little Mr for the last time.  I say a temporary farewell to her and thank her for the wonderful memories we have shared for the past 30 years.  

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Another Year!

IMG_6572Celebrated My Mr.s birthday!  He asked for cheesecake, I bought him 3 different kinds, but he went with the tuxedo flavor for the sparkling candles.  Aren’t they fun!  With the Little Mr. on his lap, and a song sung we enjoyed the sparklers to the last light, Little Mr. was entranced, the stillest I have seen him in a while.  No need forIMG_6580 birthday wishes this year, he had our wish for many birthdays happily cuddling with him on his day.  A happy birthday to My Mr. an amazing man, with countless talents and an astounding ability to give.  Grateful to have you by my side this past year . . . . . . on to the next!

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