Way for a Day


I spent the weekend at a lovely ladies get away.  It was so beautiful, and the company was even better.  I am amazed by the wonderful Relief Society sisters I have.  They inspire me and are wonderful examples of womanhood in all its varieties.  I feel so blessed to be a part of that organization.  As all holidays they have to come to an end, and I returned home to my boys, who had cleaned the house and done the shopping while I was away, yes My Mr. is superman!  Leaving me time to spend with our little man, there is nothing quite like snuggling with my little Mr. 


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Adoption Doesn’t end 



A special thanks to all who have kept us in there minds during the last few years and helped get our name out there to adopt.  We are hugely blessed to have our beautiful little boy. 

Adoption doesn’t end here!  Our little Mr. is going to need a sibling in the future and so we are still in need of your thoughts and support.  It took 4 years to find this special addition to our family.  Adoptions are at an all time low, it is getting increasingly hard to expand a family through adoption.  So your lovely references and thoughts can be a huge help to us.  Little Mr.’s incredible birthmother was referred to us by a family friend.  You may think that the agencies find adoption opportunities to create our family, but it just isn’t so anymore.  Adoptions are more often done just as ours was through referrals.  Which I really believe to be the most divine way of helping adoptive families expand.  It increases the love and helps reassure families and birth mothers that this is God’s plan for them, and your assistance can help increase that testimony.  So please don’t forget about us!  We love and appreciate all you have done, your prayers have been felt and we have shed many tears in realizing how much we are loved.  Thank you!  

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Finally Forever

IMG_5554 layers

It’s official and final.  With thepicFrame (5) finalization decree from the state it was official the our adoption of our little Mr. was official.  Which meant we got to go to the temple and participate in the sealing of our family.  We believe that families are forever and that they extend into the eternities.  And since little Mr. came to us in a different way other they by my giving birth to him we have the opportunity to go to our temple and be sealed as if he were born to us.  This was the final portion of this adoption and the poignant part for me that it was all complete.
Not many get this amazing opportunity to go to the Temple and be sealed again, it made the first time even more meaningful as we have continued to live in a way that allows us to have this sacred blessing with our son.  An IMG_5581experience that is beyond my scope of emotion to describe.  The long wait has been worth it in so many ways, someday I will share it in detail but for now I will be grateful enough to have this day forever in my memory.

He has felt like my son from the moment he was born, and now everything is official in Heaven and on Earth.  I’m so blessed.

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New Birthday Wishes

A quiet Sunday Birthday with the men in my life, Perfection.

WP_20140330_19_41_15_Smart (1)


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A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes


 8 years ago I made a birthday wish to have by my big 30ths birthday, and secretly since with each candle blown out I wished again and again.  So with my birthday looming this weekend I reflect on how this wish has finally come true.  My little Mr. arrived a few months early and just in time to make this birthday my most indescribable.  Now I begin my 30th year with the greatest gift and the greatest joy.

(I share a few images of me and our little love.  I treasure these special images)


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Man-Cation Pt 2; Alaska Edition

So you might remember My Mr.s “pre Man-cation” earlier this year (here).  That is the typical man-cation with the occasional elongated backpacking trip at the beginning or end.  My Mr’s Man-cantion compadre Ben has had a massive crush on Alaska for a year, My Mr. said it escalated to a full blown obsession after he and his fantastic wife took a trip there last year.   So it was pretty much a given that Ben was going to do whatever it took to get back there.  My Mr. coyly asked what would I think if He and Ben did a trip there together this summer and without hesitation I told him; “Go it’s an experience of a life time!”  So they planned, and planned, and planned and . . . well to get the idea, these guys like to plan.  Now I turn it over to My Mr, an abridged version as the original write up was way too long to post. 


Day 1 – Arrival in AK

I purposefully got a window seat on the flight up so I could see what this place was all about.  Majestic is the best word I can think of.  Seattle has rivers, ocean, and forests.  Utah and Colorado have mountains.  Alaska has it all but in Texas-sized portions.  Giant mountains that reach ritght to the edge of the sea, giant glaciers that look like massive riversIMG_37032_Fotor_Collage frozen in time, the place is just amazing.  Jack London had good reason for staying as long as he did.  It truly is the last frontier even still!

Day 2 – Jim’s Creek and Montana Creek

After off-roading a bit we found the spot on the beach at Jim’s creek where all the other cars were.  We fished there for a few hours, but didn’t have any bites.  The closest I got was I actually felt a salmon smack into my leg as it was swimming upstream!  We saw a huge eagle and the vistas were just unbelievable.  Not a bad place to be even if the fish aren’t biting.

In one very large hole I hooked into a pretty nice rainbow trout, it was a beauty and gave a really good fight pulling it in.  While we couldn’t target the kings, and didn’t see a lot of rainbow action, just watching those huge salmon swim in the river was an awesome sight to see.

 Pretty soon most of the river was empty except for us and a few diehards.  We fished until 8PMand finally decided we’d better head back.

WP_20130729_0101_Fotor_CollageDay 3 – Kenai

We drove down the Turnagain arm towards the Kenai peninsula.  Some of the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen.  Huge mountains pushing straight into the sea, and the giant deadly glacial delta.  All of these glacial rivers drain out to the sea in the turn again arm.  When the tide is out, the sand stretches for miles, but you’re not supposed to walk on it.  The glacial silt goes thousands of miles down, if you walk out you’ll sink, get stuck, and the tide will come back in.

Day 4 – Kenai & Trout Fishing

We got up early and got down to the dock just in time to meet our guide.  He was a bit of a character, and once we started joking he joked right along with us, giving Ben the nickname “Benni-san” and Dwanye that of “Johnny High Stick”.  The trout fishing was poor.  We each hooked a few, but nothing to write home about.  We got done with the float and decided to head to the cabin we’d be staying at.

We headed to the confluence of the Russian with the Kenai and I got my first taste of combat fishing!  The fish were definitely in more up there, and I hooked in and landed my first sockeye!  I hooked another one right after, I probably should have kept it but I decided to release it.  We finally headed home well after dark (which means about 2AM in Alaska).

Day 5 – Sunday WP_20130729_0105_Fotor_Collage

We were so exhausted that we didn’t wake up until 10:30!  We decided to try another hole on the Kenai.  It wasn’t as busy, and we hooked into quite a few, but only Dwayne was able to land one.  We headed back to the cabin and fished from the cabin in the late afternoon.  Ben and I both finally pulled in another sockeye each, and we tried our hands at fileting.

Day 6 – Halibut!

Monday morning (is it really Monday? The days were all a blur by now) we headed down to Ninilchik to go halibut fishing.  We met up at the beach and got in the boat.  At both of the beaches they don’t have a dock.  You pull up your trailer and drop it off with the boat still on it.  A big tractor comes up, hooks up to you, and drags your boat out into the water!  We got into the water and headed out in some pretty choppy seas.

 As soon as we stopped, however, Kevin started “chumming the water”.  Our captain got three lines baited and into the water, and before he could start on a fourth we had a fish on!  We never got more than five poles into the water, even though there were six of us fishing, because it was so fast!  I pulled in the biggest halibut at 69lbs! It was fast, FUN fishing, and we filled the hold and each of us limited out.  We got back to shore and had WP_20130729_0109_Fotor_Collagethe fish processed at the guide shop.  The kid doing the fileting was a bit redneck, but definitely good at what he did.  I videoed (watch it here) it because it was amazing to watch how fast he could filet a huge halibut!  We got back to the cabin and spent the rest of the night processing the ~400lbs of halibut meat that we brought back off the boat.  Awesome haul!!!

Day 7 – Kenai & Anchorage

Tuesday we packed up and cleaned up around the cabin, and stopped at the confluence on our way back to Anchorage.  I got another nice sized sockeye.  I had at least four more on, but they all got off before we could net them.  We finally packed up at the last possible minute and drove back to Anchorage.

Day 8 – Have we fished enough yet? IMG_3773_Fotor_Collage

Wednesday Ben and I headed out to get some last minute finishing in before our flights that night.  We headed down again and tried our hands at California creek.  We got the creek and the fish were shoulder to shoulder in the water.  It was hard to pull the lure across the stream and not hook into a humpy.  Fun, fast fishing.  There was a grizzly higher up on the stream from where we were that kept moving down towards us.  Finally some crazy Russian fisherman chased it off and started fishing above us.  We moved upstream and fished for a while.  I decided to cross to the other side, got halfway across the river and heard Ben yelling at me.  I turned around to see him pointing at the grizzly that was now standing right where I was before I started crossing!  It was close quarters with a juvenile bear, awesome! (watch it here)  Finally we had to head back to pack and head home.  We boxed up all our fish with dry ice, packed our bags, headed to the airport, and said goodbye to an awesome adventure in America’s last frontier!

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IMG_1548_Fotor_CollageOur crabbing trip was a total success and so fulfilling in pretty much every way.  I just love living near water, the access to the Puget sound and the coast is so fantastic there is something so fresh about it, I can’t seem to get enough.  Anyway we have a growing list of equipment we want to buy to better enjoy the outdoors in our new home and a canoe came to the top of the list as my love of sea food can be satiated by a couple of crab pots!  So we took to investigating and saving a up a little money.  Then came the pouring over craigslist postingsIMG_1548_Fotor_Collage3  until we found a great deal and great canoe.  Settling on our lovely vintage orange canoe, which came with everything we needed to hit the water right away, which is just what we did.  We bought our canoe from a really nice guy and then hit lake Washington for a quick test run.  We loaded the boat with our gear and the pup of course and launched.  The pup was so nervous, quickly grabbing on to my legs and hoisting himself onto a side position on my seat and lap.  We headed out to the calm lily filled bay, the early morning sun to so beautiful on the lily pads and flowers.  Ducks swam right up to the boat making Pax crazy.  We paddled out a bit further and with each stroke Pax got more and more comfortable.  Eventually he was patrolling the boat with ease front to back by himself, spending most of his time positioned at the front like the look out in the crows nest.  We glided around under IMG_1548_Fotor_Collage2the 520 bridge and arboretum area bridges paddling through some small waterways leading out to the great expanse of the lake.  It was amazing, and a upper body workout as my arms and shoulders ached the next day.  It was so worth it though!  We had a quick picnic out on the water and headed back to load up the boat.  My Mr.’s engineering skills were put to use again to create hanging storage for it in our carport, by the evening it was carefully stored away, he’s kind of amazing like that!  We can’t wait to use it in the coming weeks!

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Fall Flowers


I received the nicest thank you gift for a sweet friend in our ward.  I can’t tell you how incredibly nice this was of her to think of me.  She didn’t need toWP_20130903_005 go to that trouble but how nice is that, I was so touched!  I made Pax take a seat next to it to show how big and lovely these yellow mums are.  Won’t they look great with orange pumpkins below?  I can’t wait!  Until then I love coming home to this fun flowery surprise sitting at my door step.

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WP_20130810_006We have taken on another doggie lodger!  With “Nut Nut’s” return home we have been back down to have Pax solo again and it was high time we had another visitor.  Enter Mr Jones, or “Jonesy” or “MJ”; I tend to always make nicknames up for the animals.  He is a lovely greyhound and the size of a pony but sweet as a bunny!  Except when he gets excited and that pony turns into a full scale horse asWP_20130810_004 he rears up on his back legs and goes all wild springing like a kangaroo at times!  But with a few firm commands he calms down and waits for you to give the OK.  He’s pretty lazy for the most part laying down and relaxing, wanting a belly rub or just a little loving attention.  But on one night with Pax, of course, leading the way these two dogs were perched on my loveseat for an hour!  It just so happens that 2 wild bunnies hopped on to our lawn.  WP_20130810_006_Fotor_CollageThese two sight hounds were entranced by every move those bunnies made.  Pax of course whining and growling, while Mr. Jones calmly sat never taking his eyes off the small intruders.  The trace was only broken when a crow spooked the rabbits across the lawn and both dogs jumped up as if to take off through the glass after them.  Thank heavens they resisted of that would have been a very expensive repair.WP_20130818_003  They get along well, and Mr Jones endures Pax’s occasional desire to play, but only when Jonesy is laying down and Pax knows he has a fighting chance!  It’s been a blast having him and just like “Nut Nut’ it was sad when he had to go back to his place.

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Deception’s Light

IMG_1158With summer drawing to an end we try to cram every last little adventure we can in!  So we made a quick overnight trip with some amazing friends tocrab Deception Pass for a crabbing trip!  As you may know I have a bit of a thing for crab so I had no problem with the purpose of this trip my biggest concern was would we catch enough?  That worry was soon dispelled when I arrived to hear that 13 had already been caught and the crab pots were still out luring more in.  We quickly got to the eating!  I can’t tell you now much I ate I just kept cracking and eating, my tummy monitor was totally shut off and my boating outtaste buds were under control, a dangerous switch.  Eventually My Mr and our host Ron reminded me that we needed to go out and check the pots before dusk.  I looked up at them hands coated in crab, mouth still chew and firmly engaged in ripping the innards our of a leg.  I must have looked like a lion hovering over her prey.  They kindly pulled me away from the crab with the promise that here would be more!  We headed down to the dock, the guysIMG_1269 unloaded the boat and we hopped in.  I was taken aback by the beauty of the early sunset.  We came to the first buoy and My Mr pulled the hefty pod up.  We few meager crab where there, only 1 or 2 keepers.  We loved on catching a glimpse of a seal trolling the surface then disappearing below.  The next pot was plentiful and the crabs grabbed to the pod potsunrelentingly.  We tried and tried to get them loose while protecting our hands from there claws and sharp pointed legs, they can be a little mean for some reason!  My Mr emptied the pots after several successful scuffles!  I on the other hand was caught up in the sunset and the light across the water.  My life is inspired by light both in a spiritual and physical sense.  I couldn’t help but think of the scripture “light cleaveth light” (D&C 88:40) as I looked out over the water.  As the darkness fringes on the edges of our lives the light is magnified.  And so it is in my life.  IMG_1368-1

We returned to the dock with a full heavy bucket of crab and I watched IMG_1419as the sun continued to create the most amazing colors in the sky, wanting to capture every last second.  I was again reminded that unless we wanted to spend the night on the dock we needed to head back to camp.  Back at camp a fun group waited for some yummy cobbler and conversation.  Sam gently played his violin and the music echoed through trees.  WeIMG_1475 star gazed on the dock of the Cranberry lake, and then headed back to camp for bed.  I was sad to go to sleep realizing that this quick day trip would be over in a few short hours.  It was an amazing trip and one that we have to repeat again and again!

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To My Mr. on Your Day


I love this Man in my life and today is his birthday.  Happy Birthday My Mr!  Each year with you is a blessing.  Thanks for being an amazing man in so many ways.

I surprised him with a little office decoration, photos tomorrow as I want it to be a surprise!  Fishing and water themed!! 

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Mom and Me; for a week

 Yep, I’m a grown woman and I WP_20130727_009_Fotor_Collage2still love to get a visit from my Mom!  She came up to stay with me while Mr Mr. took off for the whiles of Alaska for a fishing trip.  We dined out at some favorite places I had to have her try, her first sushi bar was a really fun experience; she was fearless and was willing to try anything!  The a play in the park, Mom has always been a fan of Shakespeare, introducing me to it at a young age and often quoting lines from his plays to me.  WP_20130727_009_Fotor_CollageShe really wanted to see this place, that we journeyed to a few weeks ago.  She loved the photos from the ridge and wanted to see it for herself.  So we took Pax and headed for the lookout.  I worried I totally exhausted her with all the hiking but she did it with no problem and took in the amazing view from both the bottom and the top!  And of course she and Pax had to have some snuggle time.  She helpedWP_20130725_001 me with some sewing projects and just weeding the yard while I toiled away at work.  What can I say my Mother is amazing and on top of that an incredible friend.  It was a wonderful week with her round!  I was sad to drop her at the airport, with only the comfort that it wouldn’t be long before I get to see her again!

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