Washington un-Offical State Bird

So the actual state bird is actually this lovely bird.  But if you were to come to Washington and look around your going to think that the Crow is the state bird.  These things are everywhere!  Here they are they adorning the temple grounds.  They seem to come in packs.  Like the seagull is to Utah the Crow is to Washington, though I’m not sure if these feathered rats, as I have heard them called here, ever leave.  I don’t tend to think they migrate so they are probably a contant fixture of the landscape.

Did you all get to watch General Conference this weekend, I’m filling completely rejuvenated and more motivated to give all that I have to the Gospel and my Savior.  Here’s to another 6 months to see if I can improve!  If you missed any, or just want a reminder you can see if all here.

Last side note, my Halloween house is finally up!  Found some one new idea I had to do this year!  Photos to come soon, if I ever can get a good time to take some!

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Moving Tunes

So in our moving transition my Mr needed some tunes to get us through the unpacking and setting up of house.  Fun. Has provided that needed perfectly!  With the deput of radio phenom “We Are Young” we were interested.  Then the rest of the album made us total fans.  With other favorite tracks like; “Some Nights”, “Why am I the One”, and “All Alone.”  This bands use of rhythms and autotune makes for some really neat tracks and things that both My. Mr and I listen to repeatedly.  Pretty profound stuff with full verses and chorus’s and not just a constant repeat of the same words over and over. Speaking of profound My Man Mayer is back! (Read the post here for story behind this)  Yes the man I fell in love with in high school has returned to his roots and his new song “Shadow Days” is perfect from start to finish.  Showcasing what Mr Mayer is the best at!  The vocals are perfect and the guitar; Oh yes, yes he’s back.  Listening to this album I thought “ok grown up from running down the hall of your high school;” yes but the soul is still there with lyrics like “did you know that you could be wrong and swear your right” and “it sucks to be honest, but it hurts to be real.”  I could see myself situated on a blanket at Deer Valley Resort rocking out to my first Mayer concert listening to him!  Perfect return Mr. Mayer, hopefully he come to Seattle, he is a must see.

Thanks to these to artists I have made it through the move!

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Sorry for another video so soon, but this video is so inspiring!  This is an interview with Congress Women Gabrielle Giffords and her recovery after that terrible incident.  Watch this amazing women battle back!  You can’t help but be inspired!

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