Partying in Pink


What a weekend, I don’t think I slept much with all there was to do.  But it was all such a blast how can I say no.  I kicked off the Saturday with a baby celebration for our dear friend Carrie.  My friend Rose invited me to help WP_20131116_006_Fotor_Collageher in throwing this beautiful baby shower.  I couldn’t believe how well it turned out!  With all the lovely pink and white accents it was a beautiful pink inspired morning.  We feasted on lovely mini quiches, fruit, tapioca pudding with raspberries and mint, 4 different varieties of muffins, strawberry infused water, and of course orange juice.  I made some delish sugar cookies, with pink strawberry frosting for the Thank you gift, they were so yummy!  A game with questions about Carries childhood was so fun and neat to hear about what she was little as a little girl.  She hasn’tWP_20131116_013 quite decided on a name so a line of paper baby onesie’s was hung on the door with everyone sharing their girl name ideas for her little one.  Diaper were set on the table for each of us to share our inspiring thoughts with her so when she’s doing an early morning changing she’ll have some encouragement from her friends and family.  It was a lovely little get together and so fun to see all our friend come out to support her in this exciting time.  Perfectly Pink celebration for our friend!

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My Mr’s River

WP_20130820_007_Fotor_CollageSo incase you missed My Mr’s posting on facebook here’s my photos of my surprise for him on his birthday.  I wanted him to walk into his office with decorations but not your average streamers.  I wanted to bring the river he loves so much to him!  So I took strips of paper.  Which I cut and cut my thumb pretty bad using the paper cutter atWP_20130815_004 work, you really have to watch your thumbs when using that giant slicer, I should have learned from my Dads loss of half his thumb but I was a little careless at points.  So with the help of a little superglue on the cut I was back to work!  Blood, sweat and a few tears from the thumb pain went into this project, literally!  Anyway I read up on the DIY’s for the mobiles, you can get multiple online.  And then sewed them together in different color sequences.  I spent the past few WP_20130820_007_Fotor_Collage2weeks learning to fold origami trout, added some eyes and speckles to complete the effect and strung up some of those to hang amongst the mobiles.  It took me a little over an hour to get it all up and spinning, thanks to the AC vent in his office.  And it looked great!  Sprinkled the remaining trout around the office and DONE!  I brought the river to My Mr.  Pretty fun birthday project! 


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So I don’t really mind doing WP_20130709_009laundry, the sorting and washing that is.  But when they emerge from the dryer or drying rack the animosity begins to grow.  I am lucky that My Mr. happily shares in the scourge of folding which quickens the process.  Laundry however an inevitable evil.  The pain really is shirts, now I admit I cause this because of the way I organize our drawers but there has to be structure in the drawers or you end up with a wrinkled mess!  In wanting to help my tiresome attitude My Mr. sent me the video below teaching me a quick folding technique!  And it works, my goodness it works!!  Now my example above is great, and yea wrinkled but that is mostly due to leaving it in the dryer, oppps!  But I have become a convert to this folding technique so fast!  So if your want to try something new and add some excitement to you folding give it a try!

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WP_20130709_007Other than a basic sewing class and personal instruction from my dear mother in the art of sewing my skills are limited.  In fact the button down shirt I was suppose to complete in high school didn’t exactly turn out the way I had hoped, or really at all (if you need one of those just buy it, it’s well worth the money I tell you!)  Anyway My Mr. are prepping for a TREK adventure this summer as we have the opportunity to act as Ma & Pa to 12+ kids for a few days!  Yes they are very brave to trust them with us, but we are really looking forward to it.  After scouring the rack at goodwill and not finding a single long skirt I resolved to make my own.  So that’s what I did!  Along with 2 aprons and after all that and some left over fabric I really wanted to try and make bonnet!  Which turned out betterWP_20130709_004 than I thought!  I figured if I’m going to do this I’m going to try and make everything but the shirts.  I’m pretty happy with the out come and I love the colors.  I have been reading and watching church movies based in this time period and I like to think that the ladies of this time dressed in a beautiful periwinkle blue on occasion!  I’m looking forward to this amazing experience!

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Gardening Tip


For those of you gardening lovers out there here is a little tip for you.  Did anyone else grow up with sugar snap peas in their garden?IMG_9355  My parents grew them every year when I was a kid.  We would go out and pick them, eat them right then and there, so yummy!  Even our dog, Gigi, would go up to the vine, find one and rip it off chewing it to pieces and leaving it on the lawn.  My family is pretty organized when it comes to gardening and the peas were no exception.  We would hammer in stakes and either end of the rows of peas and then wrap them with chicken wire.  This then makes two trellises like walls for the pea sprouts to grow up the wire and make it easy for picking.  This is how we grew them all growing up so this year we decided to try it out in our garden.  So far it’s working like a charm!  If only they would grow faster to that we could get to the picking part. 

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Image (27)

Our young women’s group has had an opportunity to learn some Chinese art Image (25)forms from a student in our area.  For one of our classes we did leaf art.  Where you create intricate designs and scenes on leafs.  You can do this by creating a design on the back of the leaf and then taking an exacto knife and carefully cutting out you design.  Which is much harder then it looks!  Our young women made some incredibleImage (26) designs on their first try’s!  From geometric designs, symbols, and a little BYU pride – Go Cougars!  Some created tree like outlines, an owl on a branch, or a bird.  I mean it was so cool to see the creative things they can up with.  Some of these I felt should be framed and put up as art.  I’m thinking this summer I may have to find some big leafs and make some to put in frames around my house.  A fun DIY Project!

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Stress Tip


Did you know that your hands and feet can carry a lot of stress?  I was totally unaware of this fact until recently.  And was given this cheap tip for relieving it.  This also helps if you get cramps in your feet.  Take a tennis ball and roll it around on your hand, or feet.  My Mr who is prone to foot cramps has a couple of tennis balls at his office and while he works he will use on his feet.  It has really helped reduce the cramping.  Honestly it just feels good too.   So there is a little stress relief tip!

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Sushi Me


Image(36)With our cousin Aaron in town for a job interview, lets hope we have lured him up here to the northwest to join us, he decided to take in some local Sushi at our favorite conveyer belt sushi bar, Sushi Me We walked in and settled into our seats along the belt,  the chefs were working up their magic making all kinds of sushi concoctions for us to try.  Each plate is a different colorImage(35) depending on price of the item.  So you take a look at the menu then the plate color and decided if your willing to give it a go!  I like your basic rolls of any kind really, while Aaron and My Mr. were a little more adventurous trying squid balls, and all manner of odd-looking items.  The Lion King rolls were my favorite (sorry no photo I devoured them before I thought to take a photo) this time followed by these rolls topped the dried sweet potatoes shreds giving it a little crunch.  Edamame (pea Image(37)pods) were scrumptious, and they even had these cute little individual servings of calamari, in there own box! (I had to try those for my Dad he loves calamari)  As the little conveyer belt went around and we got fuller and fuller the choices continued to come, they make specialty items as well as whats on the menu depending on what the chefs are feeling like creating.  So you might get something they won’t make again unless you ask what it was and can request it.  Oh it was so good and coming off of my flu it was a nice meal to enjoy.  Here’s hoping Aaron and his wife Annie will be future residents!

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Long Sleeve Solution

So Paxton’s sweatshirt was getting a little old and tattered, it had several holes and tares.  So I finally broke down and “made” him a new one.  Long sleeve dog sweaters are hard to find, they just don’t make them, I don’t know why.  My Long legged dog needs the extra coverage.  So as I did last time I went to target and the baby section.  Bought a 12 month old baby hoodie, they had more colors and patterns this time.  Now if you have a girl dog who squats you might not have to make changes to it. But with a male dog you really have to think this through as they end up peeing right into the hoodie without the necessary adjustments.  Sadly I learned that the hard way with the first hoodie 2 years ago.
Then simply unpick the zipper from the sweatshirt and put it on inside out on your dog.  Get it well fitted around their waist, remember the fabric stretches so it won’t hurt them.  Pin it back, for me I made it looser around his shoulders so I didn’t end up taking it in much at the neck.  In the end I angled it so that I kinda tapered in up by the neck and leaving plenty of space for him to be able to walk in comfort.  And taking it in more around the waist.  Once it was pinned I sewed the zipper back on and it fit him perfectly!  Side Note; you can pre-shrink/wash it before sewing to ensure no shrinking later.   A definite upgrade from the plain black, ultra tight one.  Pax of course doesn’t care for it at all surprise, surprise.  But once he has it on he is grateful and only walks like zombie until we hit the door to leave then he all of sudden forgets it’s on.  Anyway there’s my long sleeve solution for the pup! (Yes, he hated posing for the photos)

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Sorting Sliver

Do this is a little tip I got from my Aunt a few years back. You know when unloading the dishwasher what a chore sorting all the silverware is, right?!  So time consuming!  Well what if you pre- sort it?  My Mr and I have been doing this for years and it is so handy I am telling you!!  You just put all you spoons in one slot and your forks in another and so on and so on. This makes emptying the dishwasher take just a little less time!  Now I know your thinking seriously Cheryl, are you that anal about organizing!  But no, it’s such a time saver and it’s an easy thing to do once you get the hang of it. Give it a try and get you kids involved, they might like it too!  There’s your organizing tip for the week!

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Car Sleek Sunshade Disguise

OK I have an on going battle with our car’s sunshade thing, you know that thingy you put in the windshield to help with the sun?  You know what I mean.  The thing is unruly and really so disorganized!  It has a measly little elastic to keep it together and I’m telling you it’s not sufficient for all the extra fabric this thing has.  Am I unleashing the neat freak for all to see?  Yes and sorry but it was really bothering me.  So I set about making it a handy little zip-able cover just to help keep it all contained and make it easier to pull out when it’s needed.
All I basically did was get some left over fabric, trace a circle but then extend it so it has a flat side.  On the flat side I added a heavy duty zipper and viola!  It works perfectly and it keep the car looking a little better too.  OK really I’m not that crazy, but who doesn’t like a spot for everything!

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Yoga Mat Strap

While getting back on my fitness kick I felt the need to spruce up my yoga mat.  I mean who doesn’t love a new accessory to help get you motivated to hit they gym?  I sure do!  So I got to working on this lovely little mat strap.  I had some of this fun red striped fabric I was going to use for a banner or something and never did.  I think I got it hat Hobby Lobby!  By the way there are only 2 Hobby Lobby’s here in Washington and the closest is like 20-30 minutes away, Grrr.  Anyway.  I got the basic pattern from ones that I had seen in stores and just kinda went with it.  I did add fusible interfacing to toughen it up a bit and help keep the form.  I only had the sticky velcro, which really causes a problem during the sewing process, but I just dealt with it!  The finished product looks better than I thought and I just love my carrying strap, it’s useful and fun!  I’m sure I’ll get bored with this design eventually and make a new one, but for now I’m really loving how it turned out!

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