Corky Christmas Advent

Ok, so if you haven’t heard about this amazing Advent I just have to give it a little plug.  25 Days of Christ is a really beautiful and AdobePhotoshopExpress_ef21cfe0f6f0467e8dd36342db6834a0well put together Christ centered advent with a devotional guide and scripture references, video suggestions I mean the works!  I was lucky enough to know about this because the gal who created it is in my church congregation.  Though they are sold out for this year they will restock next year, so keep it in the back of your mind, the website is here.  I got the unfinished set and loved painting and creating the ornaments with my own style.  It was a fun craft night for Mommy!  With my ornaments done I couldn’t figure what I would hang them on.  I wanted this to hang in our family hallway to be a constant reminder.  Between a rather destructive two year old and limited hallway space constraints I came up with my cork Christmas tree.  A Walmart bought cork board, with a white molding added to make a frame.  I painted a modern type tree on the cork and voila!!  We were set, clear push pins acted as our hangers.  It is now incorporated into our bed time scripture routine and my little Mr loves pushing in the pins and hanging the ornaments every night!  Along with being a fun reminder of the reason for the season, it is a beautiful addition to our hallway.  Thanks 25 days for making another meaningful Christmas tradition!

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My Mr. and I recently participated in one of the most amazing experiences.  I was a little nervous going in, not for the physical aspect but the spiritual.  I wanted this experience to be a strengthening one for the youth we were in charge of. 


I prepared every needful thing, I was stocked.  And like a diver jumping off a high dive I took a final breath and left it to the Lord.  TREK was an incredible experience, one that I could spend days detailing out the significant moments of. 


The tremendous pride I took in the youth of the church, and the strength We gained as a couple and Trek Family, we love those kids deeply.  But my earthy descriptions would cheapen the meaningfulness of this tremendous event.  I can share the sight of our family and the photographers who joined us to document this priceless time. 


And yet the photos cannot capture the memories made from the spirit.  I am so grateful for this experience, and all moments that bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  I will never forget this. 

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Our Girls “Get in the Game”

The theme at years Evening of Excellence one was “Get in the Game!”  With football being the sport in the current season we got pom poms and mini foam fingers, a football field, bleachers and the score board marking each Young Women’s accomplishments.  Each of the girls caught there own mini foot ball, presented on their achievement and then ran the field for a touchdown.  Our Ref, Bishop Stewart, stood that the end and declared each touch down complete!  We also took time to honor our Graduating Seniors, giving a bit of time to our “seniors night.”
Not just the girls and leaders took part in the cheering the parents got into it too!  I was pretty surprised to see the girls fathers really connect with their inner cheer leader!  So neat to see the Fathers and Mothers get so involved!  Below is a video of the choreographed half time show the girls put on!
One of my primary duties was the hugely important “concession stand.”  Boy did I have fun with this!  We had M&M, and candy bars, power drinks, popcorn (of course) red vines,  and the health nut in me said there has to be something healthy, so we had oranges.  Then the coolest find was the mini corn dogs!  They were pretzel dough wrapped so they tasted pretty good I have to say.  Perfect night with the girls!


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Excellent Evening

We had our Young Women Evening of Excellence! Read about what that ishere. Our theme was “Stretching Ourselves to Reach our Eternal Finish Line.” Each of the girls in our ward did such a great job sharing so many achievements from all year! I was amazed to see all the things they are involved in and accomplishing. And it was just fun! We decorated the place with pennants and a finish line to go along with our theme.  Perfect for many of our girls since so many are involved in athletic leadership.  Can’t wait to see what they will do next year!

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