I got the gardening bug when we got here I worked my poor Mr into the ground!!  We weeded the whole front yard which filled a garbage can and a half of weeds, thanks to our nice neighbors they let us use their yard waste garbage can! And boy did we fill it!  Then it was on to the backyard the pavers on the side if the house were simply set on the ground and loose so My Mr and I got a crash course in setting pavers and I’d say we rocked it it looks so great!  I became the care taker of e lovely clematis plants. My Mother & Grandmother have some of these plants so I was well aware of what these plants needed!  I added extra wiring to give it a place to grow to and now they are flourishing!  Can’t wait to see it bloom! Along with the clematis I got a slew of rose bushes!  25 to be exact, in various colors!  Rose bushes were my Grandma Harmans favorite, she had so many at her last house that I could go over and pick 6 different colors, these lovely roses remind me so much of her and my mom!  Nice to have something so lovely to remember them by!    They are beautiful and thankfully my Mother is a rose garden genius and has helped me to learn how to maintain them!  So with the yard well on it’s way to being repaired we got our little whiskey barrel garden planted.  This is my first time planting like this so I’m excited to see how it does.  I’m loving our little outdoor space and so is the puppy when he’s not busy freezing!

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