Everyone and their dog.  And by that I mean it literally a lot of people have dogs.  (exception is all the people we are friends with here none of them have dogs, odd huh?)  Just walking around the neighborhood during the day is a whole parade of Dogs, lots of people have dogs and lots of stores cater to that.  So with all the dog owners here having locations for our lovely little pups to get together is kind of essential!  Here comes the dog parks!  Washington has an abundance of local dog parks for the pups to enjoy.  We took Pax to a local Robinswood Dog park and boy was it nuts.  There were seven other dogs there in the expansive fenced in area.  They sniffed and played and sniffed and played, and drank and sniffed and you get the idea.  All the owners sit and chat about breads and products we all like for our dogs, it’s a fun social outlet!  The video below shows some of the madness!  There are a bunch of totally chewed on tennis balls about and Pax couldn’t help but go after a couple.  Word of warning to the big dog who tried to go after his ball, he growled at him!  Pax is a little territorial but were working on that, it’s why you go to a dog park!  Getting Pax use to playing with other dogs is important especially with all the dogs around.  These dog parks are just great!

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