“I think they could be a little bit more well groomed-—if you know what well groomed is, you just take a look in the mirror. Their hair doesn’t look neat, they look like they are all messed up. I don’t think messy is pretty, I think they should study themselves a little more and not wear something that’s in fashion because it’s in fashion. And you see some enormous young women wearing the skimpiest clothing and it really looks dreadful.” – Iris Apfels



Agreed!  Irsid Apfels a fashion maven recently made this comment in this article caught my eye while reading online.  Though this 90-year-old Lady, yes she is a lady, is born in a different time I think she is absolutely right!  What’s wrong with dressing up and looking nice and put together?  My Parents are all about this and often, to my dismay, make comments about how that “person looks like they just rolled out of bed for the day.”  Or that “they need a belt because their pants are falling off”, or “Is that a boy or a girl I just can’t tell.”  This is not a judgment on the person’s character or quality.  But we all have to admit that first physical impressions make a difference.  When I hired employees to work for me I saw the whole gamete of people.  I had some in full suits and some come in sweats, yes really sweats!  Can you guess whom I hired?  That being said I had people come in who fit a nice, well kept in-between and I hired them too.  It’s just this messy or skimpy looks that seems to be what so many now days feel is ok is I’m sorry just not.  Recently I have noticed these shorts that barely (barely is the correct word) cover these young gals’ bottoms are completely inappropriate to me!  No I don’t want to see the bottoms of your cheeks, Thank You!  I understand if you have a day where you’re a little under the weather, sure, get feeling better.  But as for Iris and me I think we are going to enjoy dressing it up a bit and enjoying just looking Well Groomed.  Well Said Iris!

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One thought on “Get Groomed

  1. Amen to that! When I taught high school I had a few female students whose skirts were so short they were sitting on their bums, no skirt between their bum and the chair. Ew. There wasn’t much I could do about it either.

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