This 4th was a little bit different for 4th past, see one here, Ok REALLY different!  With the low tides the naturalist were out to help educated people at the local beaches of all the amazing sea life that was uncovered with the tides receding.  We got geared up to get out in the water, were still a little wimpy with the weather here, even a warm day still requires a jacket.  But to my surprise lots of people were wearing jackets and warm clothing while enjoying the beach!  My Mr had some lovely waders that make it possible for him to even kneel down to take some shots of the sea life.  I had my trusty Target rain boots, which did the trick perfectly!  There were so many fun things to see, at least for us inland folk who live miles and miles and miles away from any ocean views. Sea Stars, anemones that would suck water in and randomly spit it back out on you, barnacles and shells!  I got quite a collection of HUGE oyster shells.  I found 2 crab shells that were so cool, but sadly one was already inhabited by a tenant, so I returned him to his watery home.  Took some time to talk to the naturalists who shared interesting info on the sea life.   Then we dried off on the sunny beach, taking a seat on the large logs of drift wood, dining on grapes and crackers.  Then it was home for the traditional Barbecue, OK maybe not so traditional . . . .

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