With Blue berry season on here in the Northwest, yes I am now a resident here, and it’s still sinking in.  We thought what a great FHE; berry field and family, perfect!  We  invited our friends and next door neighbors the Skeams to join us.  So when Monday came around we piled in the car and headed over to Mercer Slough not far from the house.   The picking began and I helped 2 year old Samuel see what the right color was to pick, we wondered how long the picking would last with him before the eating began.  It wasn’t long and his mom Rose when over not eating the green ones or he would get a tummy ache.  He was so cute!  Of course we brought Pax along to enjoy the outdoor experience too.  We were almost to the end of the rows when My Mr ducked between 2 bushes and join Pax and me on the other side.  We were talking and then next thing I knew Spencer said “what are all these bugs on me?”  I looked down at hit chest to see winged hornets crawling all over.  Then from the ground sharp yelps from Pax!  I can’t really tell you what happened next because I just kinda went for it.  My Mr said I went into Mama Bear mode and swooped up Pax brushing off the hornets without thinking and took off at a dead run for the other end of the field with the yelping dog in my arms.  Spencer yelled to me that they were on his head and to wait up.  I hurried and brushed his head but I think they were already gone by then.  Poor Pax whined in my arms as I came to the clearing.  With a nasty sting on the ear, head, cheek and paw poor Paxston was not happy and very uncomfortable.  I called the local vets office to see if I needed to bring him in.  They recommended watching him for some signs and it he got worse to come in.  I fed him some treats back at the car, his appetite was not affected at all.  And My Mr carried on with the picking after not getting stung at all and even I didn’t get any, only the poor puppy.  He got a ton of berries out of my bucket and his to enjoy.  Paxston was a baby all through the night and required even more snuggling then usual but he was just fine other than his bumps.  Even though we had a little hitch with the wasps it was still fun up to that point and I’m sure we’ll go again, but just be a little more watchful of Mother Nature’s wrath.

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