Spiders are a bit of an unwelcome staple here in Washington.  I think I have killed more here in the few months we have been here than I ever killed at our old place!  I am trying to learn to except there constant presence in every single size imaginable and the many, many colors but I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m still really creeped out and can’t help but check under the bed sheets each night!  I was pruning the roses in the front yard when I caught the glimmer of this spider’s intricate web between the limbs of a bush. It was beautiful and for the first time I marveled at those creepy crawly things.  Went inside and got my camera to capture the beautiful evenings rainbow like sunset captured through the web.  Keeping a safe distance mind you!  I had never seen, or honestly wanted to see a web this size up close.  The spider sat perched in the center waiting for his next meal!  I don’t like to think about that part and I didn’t want to stick around to watch.  But it was a beautiful creation.  I decided I was fine with him keeping his web as long as he stayed out of my house.



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