I am blessed to have some of the greatest cousins.  And besides their coolness, we are pretty close.  We can go months without talking and then get together and it’s like no time has passed!  This was one such occasion!  My cousin Shaun organized an end of summer “Cousin-cation” (yes I came up with the title!).  We brought some of the old folks with us for a little help with meals and baby/puppy sitting (Thanks to Mom and Dad, Aunt Colleen & Uncle Drue).  Whitewater rafting was the vacation of choice we camped out and then the next day boarded the bus and headed to our adventure!  We were a loud, distracted and fun group as our guide Tug eventually figured out.  Besides slamming into a rock face and loosing a member of our crew for a bit it went pretty smoothly.  I like to think that it was due to Kristine who helped to keep the boys from getting distracted by yelling the commands for our quiet guide.  I kept thinking this boat is full of various educational degrees from, business to nursing, engineers and chemists and yet we can’t remember to row through rapids, I mean really!!  A couple of my cousins commented “we paid to get forced to exercise”, that just made me laugh!  It was a blast!  As you can see from the photos we looked pretty awesome, yes My Mr posed like a Grecian Warrior on purpose!  We were wet, chilled and tired after our 2+ hour boat ride and headed back to came for some grub.  Before I knew our “Cousin-cation” was over and we were having to say goodbye, I miss them already.  But we already planned the next cousin vacation, stay tuned in future years for the next big one.

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