While down in the area for the Cousin-Cation we couldn’t help staying away.  We made a quick day trip to Yellowstone.  Above we are getting a traditional photo of us at the Tetons!  (it was really windy!)  We hit Good Ole’ Faithful and then headed out to my favorite spot, You can see more photos another post about it here.  This is one of my favorite places in the world, The Grand Prismatic Spring.   The colors of this place and the sheer amazement of the size I don’t know it’s literally spectacular to me.  I love it from every angle and I have seen it from most, though I have yet to see it from the sky wish list I guess!  We went out on a particularly windy day, with the warm almost suffocating steam catching the air and warming us, and then a quick change of the wind and it was chilly again.  My Mr turned and asked “So is this what menopause feels like?” I laughed and said “how am I suppose to know?!”  I shot some video of the steam blowing off the gigantic spring, to give you an idea of what I am talking about, it was incredible how it clouded our vision.  It was so cool!  I took some black and white shots from a new angle, the seam and clouds on that day were perfect!  2 of the things I love most about Yellowstone, warm (smelly) steam, and clouds!  Back on the road and I worried that due to the time of year we had missed all the wildlife, since they tend to be out more in the spring early summer.  I was particularly concerned that I wouldn’t see any bison, they’re my favorite.  But just as we were reaching the edge of the park one literally crossed our path and I got to see it up close, and snap a few shots.  For a little mini trip is was great and gave me my Yellowstone fix for the year.

(turn down you audio, the wind is really noisy!)

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