So the actual state bird is actually this lovely bird.  But if you were to come to Washington and look around your going to think that the Crow is the state bird.  These things are everywhere!  Here they are they adorning the temple grounds.  They seem to come in packs.  Like the seagull is to Utah the Crow is to Washington, though I’m not sure if these feathered rats, as I have heard them called here, ever leave.  I don’t tend to think they migrate so they are probably a contant fixture of the landscape.

Did you all get to watch General Conference this weekend, I’m filling completely rejuvenated and more motivated to give all that I have to the Gospel and my Savior.  Here’s to another 6 months to see if I can improve!  If you missed any, or just want a reminder you can see if all here.

Last side note, my Halloween house is finally up!  Found some one new idea I had to do this year!  Photos to come soon, if I ever can get a good time to take some!

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