With my health finally on the mend what better way to celebrate than setting up for Halloween!!  First while sitting in the Dr’s office I saw this new idea by Martha of course. You can see info on hers here.  But she basically got a branch and hung it in front of a window then strung paper bats from it, I loved this idea.  But I couldn’t find the right branch, yes even with all the trees in our area I couldn’t find one up to my crazy standards!   I did walk through a cob web though and found a very creepy one, it was perfect but not for the window for the squiggly light fixture in the middle of our main room.  My Mr, who every year reminds me that I told him last year that I wouldn’t do anything crazy, kindly and patiently helped me to string it up.  And it looks fantastic, I don’t think the photos really do it justice your just going to have to trust me that is looks very cool, if I do say so myself!  Even My Mr liked it and he’s not such s fan of Halloween. I like it so much I might keep it up for the next couple holidays and hang different things from it.  So there’s you little taste of my Halloween decor.  The rest coming tomorrow!!

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