Over the past year I have been working on keeping a gratitude journal.  These are just 30 from that very long list.  Yep there were duplicates and completely random thoughts, but I thought I would share a few with you.  Life is full of things to be grateful for even if they are material, silly or spiritual.
1 – My Mr. That’s all I can say.
2 – Education
3 – Star Wars; I just can’t get enough of Star Wars guys.
4 – The Ocean; Having never lived near one the rock scattered beaches here bring me such happiness.
5 – My Puppy; he loves to snuggle with me and I love it.
6 – Tilex and Magic Erasers; It’s one of the best cleaners ever, yes it’s strong but that’s the point.  And those little foam pads are made of something magic . . .literally!
7 – Friends; I think I have been blessed with the best. those who continue to love me through the good and bad times.
8 – Rain and there’s a lot of it here.
9 – Warm Quilts
10 – Relief Society I love being apart of this Sisterhood, learn more here.
11 – Moss Covered Trees
12 – Patience   not an easy virtue but one that makes things a little sweeter.
13 – Cooking I’m trying to increase this talent, or lack there of.
14 – Yellowstone
15 – Music
16 – Hugging, I know super cheesy, but sometimes this is all you really need.
17 – The Book of Mormon
18 – My Camera
19 – Green Lights, when your running late.
20 – Toothpaste – Anything to avoid the dentist.
21 – Gardening
22 – Rain boots
23 – Dog dreams; our dog barks (softly), wags his tail, runs.  This is a guarantee smile and laugh
24 – Homemade Bread on Sundays
25 – Baking Soda; it has so many uses.
26 – Good Heath; For the past year I was completely healthy, which was wonderful.  Only my recent illness ended my streak, but I intend to make it another good year.
27 – Cloud filled sky’s
28 – My Savior a relationship I have learned to nourish and work to emulate his ultimate example in my life.
29 – Family being away from them has really helped me to appreciate them and the closeness that we have, no matter the distance.  I’m very bless with an awesome family.
30 – The Gospel This knowledge of our Heavenly Fathers church a has truly blessed my life and helped me to bring me true happiness.  I can’t describe the meaning that it brings to my life.
Happy Thanksgiving

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