Nothing says Thanksgiving like animals!  With our friends Nikki and Tania in town for a visit we thought this was a perfect excuse to go to the Olympic Game Farm.  My Mr and I have been trying to find an excuse to get out there.  So with the Gals in town and Spencer with the whole week off of work we headed across the Sound to the farm.  Now this place is like a petting zoo on steroids.
We arrived to the view of 3 beautiful peacocks waiting at the gate.  They had some lovely coloring!  Though none of them were too keen to show us their feather in full fan they were fine with us feeding them.  Park rules are that you are only allowed to feed the animals wheat bread.  It’s like a special treat for them on top of their regular daily meals.  You can find out how the park got started here.  We paid and followed the map up the hill to the overlook and then down into the park.  I caught a glimpse of a lama galloping down the road and I thought “how pretty” I have never seen one run!  What I didn’t realize was that the Llama was running towards us up the curve of the road!  He was there in a flash followed by a few of his equally frisky friends.  This was our intro to the park and they weren’t shy about showing us how this works.  Ducking their heads right into the car for our bread.  I was so shocked that I could hardly work my camera in the madness.  Luckily everyone else what taking photos too.  Here is Nikki with our frisky friend.  Around the bend the Yaks came with equal friendliness,  at one point I had 2 in my window at once.  My Mr and I could hear the clunk of their huge horns against the car, not a comforting sound.
Then it was on the the “waving bears.”  These bears have been trained to wave, check here for why.  We caught them just waking up in the morning, all groggy and tired from a deep sleep.  But we did get them to wave for us and who wouldn’t love that!  We gave them some wheat bread in return and watched as they pawed it into their mouths.  They were amazing creatures!

We continued our way through the park viewing a few of the more ferocious animals like tigers, lions, cougars, wolves and all those other carnivorous animals.  (safely in large enclosures)  It was on to what I been looking forward too the most, the buffalo area.  We entered and nearest the gate where cow elk, which were huge and hungry too, waited.  We took a minute to give them a treat.  Next were the European Fallow Deer, with their beautiful full antlers.  They were so colorful, in browns, cream and greys flocking to the car and warding off the younger deer from the car.  We did manage to get some bread to the young ones.
Finally it was on to what I had been waiting for!  I love Buffalow and you can read here and here of my admiration for these HUGE beasts!  It has been all I could do to stay away from them at yellowstone because they are “dangerous” or something.  Well here I was about to get to fulfill my fantasy of touching and feeding them.  This turned out to be a little overwhelming of an experience than I had expect, but I was in complete awe.  Forgive the constant “Oh My Gosh’es” in the video I was truly in shock about how big they actually were and how eager they were to get in my window.

In the end it was an incredible experience and one that I could check off my bucket list with, I finally touched and fed a buffalo.  Only down side was the clean up, our car was covered in bread crumbs, animal slobber and guck!  But well worth the fun! Wow what an experience!

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  1. This was the most bestest blog I have ever read. It was exciting, the people were super duper hip and gorgeous, and one of the buffalo looked like me 2 weeks ago.

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