With a bit of warmer weather settling upon us for a couple days My MrImage(48) and I planned a little excursion to a doggie approved beach.  We got there around low tide and watched as dog after dog went into the water after balls.  Swimming the tides with no fear at all.  Our pup on the other hand stood watching safely from the shore content to barley get his paws wet.  He was happy to run after his ball on the sandy beach.  I was in awe as I watched the water lap the shore (I love that sound), the clouds; I love the dark rainy clouds I think they are Image(47)so beautiful with their grays, blues and purple hues.  A flock of geese gliding gracefully over the water.  The nature in the area we live never cease to amaze me.   At the end of our time we got the amazing sight of a bald eagle devouring something he caught.  High up on a wooden pole above the water he sat picturesque and the perfect image of the northwest!  Ok I know that was cheeses but really who can go to; A – a dog park on a beach, and B – see a bald eagle while your there.  I mean really how incredible is that!  Again it just blows me away the beauty of this area.  Oh and Pax had a fun time at the beach too.


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