For an early birthday surprise My Mr. whisked we off to a night ofWP_20130321_0044 Circ De Sole in the park!  It was fun as we got closer the big top tent emerged from the trees getting bigger and bigger.  It was a circus experience for adults!  We checked out the souvenir shop, perusing the merchandise.  We opted to take photos of us sporting the masks than buying them.  Finally we made it to our seats.  I snagged a couple of photos of the interior of the tent before kindly being told I wasn’t allowed, Oops!   Performers began emerging on the stageImage(53) to walk around in the crowd, taunting the audience members.  There was a particular lizard that was really mischievous.  He would steal various attendee’s popcorn bags and after eating a handful throw the rest at them.  He topped it off by climbing a nearby scaffolding and sitting atop where he pulled out 2 large bags of popcorn which he proceeded to eat a couple pieces and dump the rest on to the crowdImage(54) below!  With all the pre-entertainment by the performers the show started in no time.  Show instructions (no photography, video, or calls, etc) were delivered by a very enthusiastic female Spanish clown.  She was so funny and would throughoutWP_20130321_010 copy the show appear between acts, though sometimes I have to admit I got a little annoyed of her and her companion that joined her later.  The first half was amazing and we were blown away.  Intermission came and a seating hostess came up to us and asked us if we would like some better seats?  We were like “Sure!”  She pointed to a row of very expensive seats and said “those are all open.”  We grabbed our stuff and moved down to the 5th row!  The show began again and the theatrics continued with trapeze artists and high flyers to name only a few.  Through the show character would go out into the audience or enter from the side and interact/frighten the WP_20130321_0022-ishpeople.  I sat there thinking “oh good we moved to some seats where our backs are to the main aisle so they won’t be bothering us.”  Minutes after I thought that with My Mr’s arm around my shoulder I thought I felt him stroke me, I turned and looked, as he doesn’t really ever stroke me.  I came face to face with a masked character who was stroking my shoulder with her satin glove!  I let out a shocked squeak!  The rows behind us laughed as I pop straight up in my seat!  The figure smiled and went on to frighten my neighbor’s companion!  I laughed from the sheer shock and yeah adrenalin; I tend to scare easy!    The show came to and end and we were wowed!  It had been a magical, memorable night, quite literally!  A pretty nice surprise by My Mr.!

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