IMG_8056Easter this year really snuck up on me, honestly I think I was more focused on the fact that my birthday, this past weekend, signified the last year of my 20’s.   Yes that is crazy to me.  So there were no real eggs preps that you have maybe seen in previous years.  I was actually partying it up the past week, which I will be most happy to recap for you! 

But back to Easter.  I had to show some phot’s of my and My Mr. all dolled, and dashed up in our Easter Sunday outfits.  I kinda felt like an Easter egg, with all my colors, but in a good way.  We went to our church services which were filled with remembrances of our Savior and His resurrection from the grave.  But also His Atoning sacrifice.  It was humbling and the speakers and lessons all seemed to remind us of this.  I have often thought of the Atonement in gratitude that the Savior canIMG_8058 understand my pain.  And I continue to be grateful for that.  But I had a moment of sorrow when I thought of the pain our Savior felt on another’s behalf in times when I might have wounded others.  I’m not perfect, I make mistakes and have hurt others feelings and I feel sad about that.  But it made me sorrowful to think that in hurting that person, which was bad enough, I was also hurting my Savior.  It made me really re-consider the way we treat others weather they are family, friends, or just the stranger in the checkout line.  The new perspective was acute and I hope that it will be something that I will recall in times where my patience may ware thin.  I can’t help but be grateful for this season of remembrance and each year what it gives to me.   

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