Another My Mr. planned surprise WP_20130329_004was a trip north to Roozen Gaarde (pronounced rosen- gard) which sounds like a castle right out of Lord of the Rings, yes I’m a dork.  But in actuality it is the American Home of the world famous Dutch company that produces Tulips.  You can read and learn more about them here.  So off we went, now you might be thinking, “you’re a little early for tulips.”  Or may be you weren’t but go with me on this!  Yes, it is to early for the bulk of the tulips to be in bloom in their full glory.  I reminded My Mr of this as he announced our destination.  But not Image (15)being deterred he said, “we’re not going for tulips.”  I was a little baffled, as this is the big thing out there.  But as we made our way up and then out of the town to the flower fields, my boredom had set in a bit and I was relying on some digital news to keep my busy.  My Mr. calls out “look Cheryl, daffodils.”  I look up from my mind-melting device to see 2 fields full of blooming daffodils!  You remember this post and my love for these happy and odd,IMG_7989 trumpeted flowers.  I was blown away and an audible Ohhhh escaped my mouth.  We parked in the practically empty lot and walked to the entrance, pausing to take a photo at the legendary sign.  Got out tickets and then without hesitation found our way to the back gate and out to the fields of golden, glorious, flowers!  I could hardly believe that I was standing in this place!  I wanted to lay down in then and just be surrounded!  (like in the movie Big Fish)  But being realistic they are planted in rows and have packed, muddy aisles between that would make it pretty complicated to actually achieve that.  So I guess that will just have to remain a very odd dream.  We wondered the aisles, and the back roads taking it in and snapping some Image (14)photos.  It was an amazing sight and one I really never thought even truly existed.  And as if the majesty wasn’t enough a bald eagle flew over the fields, I mean really, I had to ask where am I?!  As the sun began to go down we figured our trip was done.  As we were exiting the small display garden on the main grounds, with all the un-bloomed tulips, there were these beautiful purple tulips already flush with color.  I fell in love with the full,IMG_7960 and ruffly tulips.  I added them to my someday-garden list and really headed to the car this time.  It was a birthday experience to remember.  My Mr. is amazing at creating experiences that we will have memories of forever.

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