It was a fantastic weekend!  As all General Conferences tend to be.  We were edified by the words of our Apostles and Prophet.  The video of our home state made me realize that we don’t live there anymore.

Image (20)I have adapted to my new Washington home with ease, which is something I have to admit I was a little worried about.  And yes I do continue to love all the new and different things that this amazing place has to offer.  I can’t get over all the diversity and unique things the state has.  Green hills for miles, ocean beach fronts pebbled with sand and rocks.  Off in the distance towers Mt. Rainier seeming to stick out of nowhere!    We have fallen in love with this new place.  Upon my reflection of this new home of ours I often think of my home state of Utah.  Now in growing up there I think I always loved it, yes but I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I do now.  Utah too is incredibly diverse in it’s regions.  From literally the best snow on earth, and you can that that to the bank because it is just fact, nothing is like Utah powder!  To the red rocks of Zions National Park, Lake Powell’s majestic waters or MOAB with the deep red sandstone that kisses the clear blue skies is a truly amazing sight of nature’s colors. I recently read an interview with Robert Redford, a Utah import who settled in the beautiful Timpanogos canyon area.  He too fell in love with Utah and his words to the articles author regarding this place resonated deep in me.

 “I know,” says Redford when I get to Sundance and try to describe what the drive felt like. “It’s almost biblical.”

I mean, it’s foggy the whole way — it could be Los Angeles….esq-redford-3-lg

“Or Beijing. When we get in an inversion, which is the hot air keeping the cold air down, then all the fumes from traffic, all the pollution just sits there — and then you rise above it. It’s a wonderful feeling.

“We’re in Redford’s office at the Sundance Resort; the festival films show in Park City, about thirty miles north. The five-thousand-acre resort, packed with Saturday skiers, sits on the slopes of Mount Timpanogos. Redford’s office, a creaking one-floor affair hung with icicles, is a far cry from Santa Monica.

Redford has homes in Napa Valley and Santa Fe, but here is where, long ago, he fell in love hard with Timpanogos.”Before I got kicked out of college, I would drive from Colorado home to Los Angeles, and I always loved taking different routes. There was a canyon road, a little shortcut. I looked up and, Whoa — I saw the back of this mountain. It reminded me of the Jungfrau in Switzerland. Its strength and its gruffness are masculine, but it also has an embracing shape to it. If you sit at the base of it, you’re going into the womb of this mountain.”Robert Redford Interview – Esquire Magazine April 2013

 I grew up at the base of the mountains he describes.  Watching the sun crest over their tall craggy tops and escaping into the night by disappearing behind their canyon creases like a blanket tucking it in for the night.  It was an incredible place to grow up. 

My Mr. and I have often discussed our conflicting feeling for our 2 states.  Almost like we have to throw out the qualities that we loved so much about one to fully adopt the other.  And is just isn’t so.  These two places make us appreciate the other more for the unique differences they each offer to us.  We feel lucky to get to have both places to call ours. 

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