fotor_WP_20130518_001_jpgNo I’m not talking about that video game that everyone has the app for.  We had an actual run to our local temple.  It’s amazing to me that I live closer to a temple here in Washington then I did in Utah.  Our Relief society planned a fun and inspirational activity for us.  We met at a ward members house and then run,  walk or drive to the temple.  Be taught about the Temples meaning and return for a lite breakfast!  I was lucky to get to run with Kaylene and talk as we made our way.  I have been trying to learn to like running, and though I can admit its not my favorite thing yet, I have been able to feel inspired while doing it.  When I run I typically listen to conference talks.  On a recent run I was listening to a talk by Elder Eyring   His words touched mefotor_WP_20130518_008_jpg more on my run then when I heard them in conference.  I think the fact that my body was tired and focused helped me to be humble myself to his words.  This physical activity drew my spirit upward and opened my mind and spirit to be receptive.  So though I haven’t learn to love it yet, I have learned that there is inspiration and meditation that can come during a good run.  

fotor__jpgNow back to our Temple run.  We made our way up the Temple Hill side and found our way to the sign.  Once there we were greeted with water and cheers.  Once everyone made it we began our brief lesson on the symbolism of the exterior of the Temple.  It was so interesting to see the amount of thought that is put in not only the beautiful interiors of the building, but the exteriors as well.  The detailing on the fence has meaning, the fountain has meaning, the landscaping overall layout has meaning.  I was really touch how every location we visited really made you reflect on the Saviors example and his desire to come until him.  I learned so much and my appreciation and testimony of this holy place increased.  I left the activity with resolve to try to make the Temple a more regular part of my life.  It was a wonderful experience!

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