Well I have taken a bit of a blogging break.  The past few weeks have been busy with everyday live endeavors that just fell the time and don’t allow for writing, or really thinking any clear thought.  My mind recently has felt 1like it was in a blender, but in the back of my mind my little cyberspace was quietly calling to me to get back on the wagon.  So here I am again with some more thoughts, event and little life moments to share. 

With our Seattle weather finally heating up and providing us with some of the most amazing weather.  When it gets warm here it’s not typically like the dry heat, the sun comes out and long with it a nice cool breeze keeping it perfect for out door events.  So of course we headed up the road to local hiking area.  Cell reception is spotty and we took the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with 2each other and our spirits.  We came to a bridge and as we walked across I went to set my hand down on the rail and something orange caught my eye.  There were a ton of these little caterpillars crawling around.  As I started shooting them and my flash would go off they all of a sudden switched directions and headed towards me, leaning over the edge and and reaching out.  Which I have to admit gave me the creeps, I like looking that them, not having them crawl all over me.  It was a cool and creepy sight to see.  With the sun retreating we headed home.  Another weekend gone, really where do all the days go?

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