My Mr’s. Man-cation kicked off with the IMG_3454atraditional My Mr’s. Mancation kicked off with the traditional trip to the Gunnison Gorge.  This year the usual old-timers were unable to work out a time to go.  My Mr. and his co-founder Mr. Carney were unwavering in their desire to keep this tradition going.  So they added some IMG_3507new gents to the roster, planned it out and made it happen.  The trip was a total success with some of the best eats they have ever had on this trip, a steak dinner with IMG_3450the trimmings included.  This year in addition to the regular rafting boat they added a little addition, an pack raft which is like an inflatable kayak of sorts.  My Mr. took it down some rapid in the video, he had a blast!  So I guess beyond the food and the rafting equipment I should probably mention the whole purpose of this trip, IMG_3539the salmon fly hatch which provides some awesome fly fishing for the guys.  They caught some huge fish and hit a few more waves before the trip came to an end.  Another successful Man-cation completed.  And most importantly to me they all came home safe and sound!

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