WP_20130709_007Other than a basic sewing class and personal instruction from my dear mother in the art of sewing my skills are limited.  In fact the button down shirt I was suppose to complete in high school didn’t exactly turn out the way I had hoped, or really at all (if you need one of those just buy it, it’s well worth the money I tell you!)  Anyway My Mr. are prepping for a TREK adventure this summer as we have the opportunity to act as Ma & Pa to 12+ kids for a few days!  Yes they are very brave to trust them with us, but we are really looking forward to it.  After scouring the rack at goodwill and not finding a single long skirt I resolved to make my own.  So that’s what I did!  Along with 2 aprons and after all that and some left over fabric I really wanted to try and make bonnet!  Which turned out betterWP_20130709_004 than I thought!  I figured if I’m going to do this I’m going to try and make everything but the shirts.  I’m pretty happy with the out come and I love the colors.  I have been reading and watching church movies based in this time period and I like to think that the ladies of this time dressed in a beautiful periwinkle blue on occasion!  I’m looking forward to this amazing experience!

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