WP_20130626_005I love the glass ceiling of one of the buildings I work in.  The view of the sky that it gives is fantastic.  I have seen it with clear blue skies, cloudy, rain filled and partly as the clouds come in and out.  Clouds are my favorite weather feature as they enhance a scene so much by creating dimension in the sky  It is an amazing display piece of nature and with the weather here being a little on the unpredictable side this is a perfect way to see the displays of nature while being protecting from their sudden outbursts.  Another day as the rain pounded down the ceiling became our own private water show as it hit and then and ran down the pains of glass creating a dancing, colorful effect!  I can’t help but marvel at this incredible architecture design, a perfect fit for Washington.  It’s become my favorite place to retreat to while I take my breaks.

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