WP_20130705_001We returned to the blue berry patch, you might remember last years berry-gate here.  We didn’t intend to repeat that this year and decided to leave Pax at home.  But for some reason with the way the day feel and the hurry we found ourselves in Pax ended up having to come.  As I began to pick My Mr. and Pax  joined me a little later and I have never seen him hate a place so much.  With every step further down the row of bushes we were having to pull Pax.  It was like the vets office, like heWP_20130705_010a remembered last year.  It was the funniest thing to watch as he clung to our sides, he wouldn’t go anywhere near the big bushes.  But with the patch getting ready to close we hurriedly picked.  Even with the short time we had we ended up with 6 pounds of berries.  We got home and spread them on a cookie sheet to freeze and re-bag for delicious treats later!  We can’t wait to make some homemade blueberry muffins!

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