Alright my blogging laziness is pretty apparent.  I just can’t seem to take the time with all this summer amazement and lists of todo’s to sit down and document the wonderful things that have happened, been seen, or experienced in the last few weeks.  So here I go, trying to catch up!


We are slowly discovering Seattle.  The parking and traffic in that city is a totalWP_20130716_033 nightmare so it is on occasion that we make it in.  This was on such an occasion.  With and invite to join our friends the Vemparalas for some Ethiopian cuisine at Queen Sheba.  Now yes i am a wimp in the spicy department, but I’m trying to increase my range luckily they look out for my tender taste buds.  I didn’t however make it out of this meal unscathed!  With enjoying a delish vegetarian appetizer I took a big bite of what I thought was your garden variety bell pepper.  Only to have my mouth catch fire and find out that it was a chili pepper!  I panicked and grabbed my napkin, spat it out making faces the whole time that caused My Mr. to have a pretty good laugh at my mistake.  Holy Cow that was hot and I could feel the burn on my lips, gums and tongue for half the meal.  When the meal was ordered my sweet friends again looked out for me and got a variety of heat.  And WP_20130716_035I’m proud to say that I even tried some spicy stuff and did pretty well with it!  (apparently I just have to warm up on a chili)   The meal was eaten with our hands, which really is the best way if you ask me!  It was so good and I can admit I was a little nervous.  But I knew I was in good hands and had a delish meal at the Queen of Shebas!  Yes I just wanted to say that I ate at the Queens house, who wouldn’t!

Check out there website here;

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