130201882159326679Now we all love organic and locally grown, yes, yes.  I will admit that can be difficult at times but that is another topic for another day.  But this fun store we came upon is all about that.  Now I wish I could say that the name of the store drew me in, but that would be a lie.  That huge topiary cow did!  I love him, I thought he was so creative and fun.  But that’s what  got me in the door to check out this fun shop.  With all local ingredients130201878089680919 they also  make frozen dinners for people on the go, also desserts desserts to top it off.  They have a jam, and preserves section that would do our Mormon Moms proud.  We sampled some yummy food from there really nice sales guy and of course I had to have a cookie.  The all natural/organic looking interior really adds to the place and makes it interesting; if anything a fun place to look around and get lost in.  I even got a few meal ideas!  Fun little discovery on the Seattle streets!

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