My Mr. and I recently participated in one of the most amazing experiences.  I was a little nervous going in, not for the physical aspect but the spiritual.  I wanted this experience to be a strengthening one for the youth we were in charge of. 


I prepared every needful thing, I was stocked.  And like a diver jumping off a high dive I took a final breath and left it to the Lord.  TREK was an incredible experience, one that I could spend days detailing out the significant moments of. 


The tremendous pride I took in the youth of the church, and the strength We gained as a couple and Trek Family, we love those kids deeply.  But my earthy descriptions would cheapen the meaningfulness of this tremendous event.  I can share the sight of our family and the photographers who joined us to document this priceless time. 


And yet the photos cannot capture the memories made from the spirit.  I am so grateful for this experience, and all moments that bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  I will never forget this. 

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