We returned to our favorite park tradition of the summer, Shakespeare in the park.  This time to see Henry V.  It was really good and I am always amazed that they get these fantastic actors to come out every year and perform for free.  We packed a delish Thai dinner and ate as we waited for it to begin.  I was really looking forward to this after last years awesome showing, which we went to twice!  I was amazed that so many people brought their kids.  I thought that was fantastic, introducing them not only the some of the greatest writing offotor_WP_20130801_004(1) all time but theater.  There is something about going to a live show that can’t be replicated on a movie screen.  Whenever I first get to a Shakespeare play I think, “why did I do this . . . again?  I can’t understand it?” But I read and article recently that says it takes your brain about 15 minutes to switch over and fully understand Shakespeare’s language.  So for those of you out there that think you won’t be able to understand the dialogue go anyway and be patient with your brain!  See how it in will unravel the language for you and before you know it you’ll be totally engrossed in the story.  Sadly, this years the plays in the park have come to an end.  But no worries in sure they’ll be back next year!!

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