130209960870985226Now don’t get me wrong I’m as intrigued as everyone else about “Duck Dynasty”. Its redneck appeal seams to speak to all people.  But while shopping at the local WalMart I came upon this sight. Really Duck Dynasty school supplies?  I just didn’t see little kids being able to sit through that entire show, but maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe there are kids out there that want nothing more than a duck dynasty notebook with matching folder and binder.  Or for those teenage fans they have a cameo clad Gnome your can proud fully perch in your locker.  Or to further130209961381412919 show  your pride, a bandana with the whole family on it and a lanyard for your keys.  I mean WOW!  They really thought of everything a kid going back to school would need.  Except there is one thing I found to be a little out of place among the merchandise.  A canned drink cozy, or sleeve, sweat guard thingy . . . whatever.   Kinda weird for the clientele they are going for.  Now who can blame Duck Dynasty fans from indulging in these lovely items, and so reasonably priced, how great that they have been so price conscious when bringing their wares to their adoring public.  Though I can’t say that I will be sporting a bandana with Si’s face on it of a dynasty can cozy.  I may on occasion indulge in an episode or two and I may just regret passing up on some of these fantastically odd finds!

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