IMG_1158With summer drawing to an end we try to cram every last little adventure we can in!  So we made a quick overnight trip with some amazing friends tocrab Deception Pass for a crabbing trip!  As you may know I have a bit of a thing for crab so I had no problem with the purpose of this trip my biggest concern was would we catch enough?  That worry was soon dispelled when I arrived to hear that 13 had already been caught and the crab pots were still out luring more in.  We quickly got to the eating!  I can’t tell you now much I ate I just kept cracking and eating, my tummy monitor was totally shut off and my boating outtaste buds were under control, a dangerous switch.  Eventually My Mr and our host Ron reminded me that we needed to go out and check the pots before dusk.  I looked up at them hands coated in crab, mouth still chew and firmly engaged in ripping the innards our of a leg.  I must have looked like a lion hovering over her prey.  They kindly pulled me away from the crab with the promise that here would be more!  We headed down to the dock, the guysIMG_1269 unloaded the boat and we hopped in.  I was taken aback by the beauty of the early sunset.  We came to the first buoy and My Mr pulled the hefty pod up.  We few meager crab where there, only 1 or 2 keepers.  We loved on catching a glimpse of a seal trolling the surface then disappearing below.  The next pot was plentiful and the crabs grabbed to the pod potsunrelentingly.  We tried and tried to get them loose while protecting our hands from there claws and sharp pointed legs, they can be a little mean for some reason!  My Mr emptied the pots after several successful scuffles!  I on the other hand was caught up in the sunset and the light across the water.  My life is inspired by light both in a spiritual and physical sense.  I couldn’t help but think of the scripture “light cleaveth light” (D&C 88:40) as I looked out over the water.  As the darkness fringes on the edges of our lives the light is magnified.  And so it is in my life.  IMG_1368-1

We returned to the dock with a full heavy bucket of crab and I watched IMG_1419as the sun continued to create the most amazing colors in the sky, wanting to capture every last second.  I was again reminded that unless we wanted to spend the night on the dock we needed to head back to camp.  Back at camp a fun group waited for some yummy cobbler and conversation.  Sam gently played his violin and the music echoed through trees.  WeIMG_1475 star gazed on the dock of the Cranberry lake, and then headed back to camp for bed.  I was sad to go to sleep realizing that this quick day trip would be over in a few short hours.  It was an amazing trip and one that we have to repeat again and again!

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