Fall is coming folks!  Hasn’t it been a crazy summer?!  It’s been so busy with fun tripsIMG_1039_Fotor_Collage and events I can’t believe it’s coming to an end, but let’s not give up on the summer days quite yet.   We took to picking our side of our neighbors plum tree.  He kindly said anything that was on our side of the fence was ours to claim!  We took him at his word and picked it clean the past few weeks.  Now you really can only eat so many plums before your just sick of the thought of them.  So My Mr. investigated IMG_1039_Fotor_Collage2and we began the jam process!  I like plums but there not my favorite fruit and the idea of it as a jam well . . . I was on the fence; our side of course (I totally didn’t mean to write that pun but it works!).  Anyway we went to work prepping, cooking, bottling and sealing.  I didn’t really intend on eating any but I finally conceded and gave some a try I mean if your going to have it in your pantry you better try it.  It was fantastic!  I think I like it moreIMG_1095 as a jam then as a fruit!  It’s great on a sandwich, toast, in our homemade yogurt, really anything I’ve had it on it’s pretty delish.  So here’s to another confection concocted and we enjoy! 

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