IMG_3880My dear Friend Jessica and I have sent our guys out on many a Man-cation over the years.  Letting them wilderness it up to their hearts content.  So as the first wives of the Man-cation men we thought it was high time for a “Chick Trip!”IMG_3797_Fotor_Collage  We invited friends and decided to keep things a little close to home for our first outing!  And what better place to go than my new home of Seattle Washington.  Tickets were bought, plans were tentatively made (as we learned we don’t plan down to the minute like the boys), and we counted down the days!  I was happy to take a bit of a break and allow Jess to take the lead on the photo documenting, thank you Jess!!  Obviously someone had to take some of Jess, so I shot a bit to, with a few of my scenic’s in-between!  So with all the background behind us let’s get to the details!

Every one arrived on an incredibly sunny Seattle day, it was one of the warmest days of the year and perfect for our Seattle sight seeing day.  We of course headed IMG_3810_Fotor_Collage3to Pike’s market for a little perusing!  We stopped for a little morning nosh at a fun little crumpet shop where Jess educated us on English crumpet etiquette well actually she said they aren’t exactly like English crumpets but close enough for us all to enjoy.  We each tried each other’s and fueled ourselves for the fun to come.  We headed back to the Pikes sign for a photo and then on to the shopping!  Taking in all the market merchants one by one with all their homemadeIMG_3868_Fotor_Collage2 wares.  We perused almost every vendor of every kind.  Making a quick stop at the gum wall to leave a little bit of the gals gum on the I’m a Mormon card nicely attached to the wall already! (Thanks Lindsay for showing the handy work!)  Then in was off the highest point in the city and the icon of Seattle, The Space Needle.


We took a ride to the top, with a sweet old couple that kindly asked us if we would be able to help them if the gentlemen got to scared.  It was so sweet.  The viewIMG_1755_Fotor_Collage10 from the top was amazing!  The Puget Sound on one side and the city on the other!  It was an amazing site!  Finally our time of Seattle seeing was drawing to a close and we headed back to camp to get ready for our crabbing trip.

Guemes Island played host to our next day, with an early dawn placing of pots.  The bay was filled with boats and early morning fog a coastal cloudy day.  Then it was back to our green yurt, for some IMG_3941_Fotor_Collage6breakfast and chit chat while the pots soaked, luring in our nights dinner!  The girls became fascinated by the slugs that perched outside.  Taking photos which I didn’t really get, those little buggers have been eating my cucumber plants all summer!  But to each there own I guess.  We returned to our pots ready to check our bounty!  Thankfully Lindsay was the Crab goddess and got the ball rolling while Jess screamed from the back with each crawling crab!  She was so funny, in the end she too was a pro and grabbing the crab from the pot.  (see the video of their pot-scapades here)  Lindsay manned the pot pulling with all herIMG_4053_Fotor_Collage7 strength and I can tell you that the sun star we pulled out was one heavy beast!!  Andrea got her crabbing on and was the one victim of the crabs claw, holding onIMG_3937_Fotor_Collage12 long enough to get a photo then flicking the crab clean off and into the water.  Special thanks to My Mr. who acted as our crabbing captain and pro showing us the ropes and teaching me some sea kayaking skills!  Then it was a trip back to house to prepare our feast!!  We ate and ate IMG_4108until we hurt, Lindsay and Me the most, stuffing ourselves to the girls!  (hah hah a sea joke!  I don’t think crab have gills though, anyway)

The final day started with edifying our spirits at the Seattle Temple.  Then off toIMG_4131 lunch at Din (here) and then a little souvenir shopping for all their kiddos!  Yes the Washington store carries chocolate slugs (clarification; not real slugs) which you know they had to get after their fascination with them.  We ended with a sunset trip to Alki to watch the sun set over the water and fill our cups a little fuller.

It was an incredibly uplifting and strengthening experience, sharing our lives and our struggles with other wonderful women to seek for light and happiness in their life.  I was inspired by each of them and I am forever grateful for the friendships IMG_4244_Fotor_Collage11made and strengthened by just a few fleeting days.  They will never know what it meant to me to have them here and the strength they have given and taught me to have.  Thank you gals for an indescribable experience, all the little moment between, the quiet chats and fits of laughter gave me more than you will know!  Can’t wait till next year!! 

(A few of the funny moments that stood out; gals share if I have forgotten some; “Is that an Oboe?”  Pocket Chaps, “My Brush with death” “Did you move the poop?” “Oh My Vile” “He’s just out back sharpening his axe!”)


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