WP_20130927_001_Fotor_CollageWe decided to break from tradition and try a new sushi place.  We kinda love the conveyer belt style most often so we hit this one up to see how it compares to our favorite place.  Now I realize I might be a little bias, but I really didn’t think there would be a big difference but for us there was.

The atmosphere is A LOT swankier, very modern with large  like photos on the walls.  Along with a moving photo screen playing video scenes from Japan.  I loved the circular window lights with Japanese locations named in each center.  I was really impressed it was a huge place.  But lets be honest we were there for the sushi!  The menu was basic touting mainly things that were ordered separately from the conveyer.  We waited a bit surveying the choices that went by, this sushi place had bacon stuffed sushi, that was a little odd to us as bacon doesn’t really scream sushi but heck why not I guess.  WeWP_20130927_001_Fotor_Collage2 finally tried a Veggie Tempura which was really good!  The rest of our selections however left a lot to be desired, may were held together with Mayo, which again doesn’t seem really sushi like to us.  Finally we really just wanted to have another Veggie and some of my favorite Eil!  But neither were coming around so we push our fancy order button and waited.  Soon a guy came and we told him what we wanted.  He was nice and said sure and off he went never to be seen again.  20 minutes later, no sushi came, we didn’t know what was going on.  Was he going to bring it to us or where the chefs going to deliver or what?  At our favorite place to order from the chef or waiter and then they deliver your desired item to you.  This is apparently not the WP_20130927_001_Fotor_Collage4case at Blue.  Eventually we saw some Eil on the belt and snatched it, the Veggie never came and we didn’t want to wait anymore.  We asked for our check and that was that.

Overall it’s an Ok place, very good for those who want really Americanized Sushi experience, bacon bits and all.  I wasn’t a fan of the service.   It was a little confusing, If you take an order your should either tell your customers how it works, or you should bring them their item sitting and wondering what is going on doesn’t really help.  All in all it wasn’t a terrible place fun modern atmosphere we did find some things we liked, but the food isn’t as great as our regular sushi bar, I think we’ll stick with that for now!

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